2012 is a phase,a rebirth,a transition.
We'll travel true a tunnel who looks like a navel-string.
As a spiral which we form by melting together,we'll come
out in a totally different world in a FLITS.
You could say a collective transcedence.....
a transition from ourselves to the NEW world.
Only the new world is here and now...
we only need restructuring to become multidimensional...
we'll not blow areself sky high... 




Transition to a multidimensional world




An this by midle of ether,the fifth element,our conductor of Light(information).
Ether is the vibration we feel when we are full of love(Bjork)...everything can stream unconditional,
here we are all in the 5th dimension.In this ether we can surrender ourselves,the mind and the body,
it is the new medium for us.









St Germain about  2012 an Time




The year 2012 is a gate,an entry,it's a energetic movement to a different Time-Space-Continuum.But it's
a smootly movement.It's the begining of a different cycli.
Better then living in any kind of future,of any timeline or prophecy,we strongly succest to life in this moment.
So,when you're full of excitement about what's gonna happens in 2012 you are not here.You are there... 
You don't operate no langer inside the enternal Now,were your Father and Mother is.
Discover a new area were there are no time bonderies anymore and you'll discover a new Freedom,a new subjectivity,
a new way of understanding.
2012 is as a "timeframe",but it can unvould every moment when you reached this consciouness.
On a moment that nobody knows,even not the Son,only the Father knows.This means that this Moment could be
the next moment or not.
This is the most important aspect,special in these days where the cycli reach his high point,the manifestion and
wonder of Profetie.
You don't have to give up your sovereignty en become slave from the cycli of a higher order.
By acting this way you give up your MASTERschip.Right here,Right now this is the place of action.




Here the complete vision about time














The Maya's an there calender



The Maya calender speaks about the last cycli which runs from 3112 bChr to 2012 aChr.
"At the End of the Fifth world we'll be behind our technology like we know it and behind Time and money." 


At preciously 21/12/2012 the calendar stops.
Many cycle are ended on this precious moment:
a cycle of 26.000 years,one of 104.000 years and one of 225.000.000 years.
Now we are sitting in a 12 years galactical cycle and the last nine months
of this 12 years galactical cycle we'll past a new cycli in nine months,
the cycle of the UNIVERSAL consciousness.



More about the calendar







The starry sky at that day



There's a alignement with the Miliway which knows a cycli from 26.000 years.
This alignement takes care for the synchronization of Earth and our Solar system
with our Universum. 
At 21/12/2012 sun-moon-earth-pleiaden-serpent and the Galaxy(miliway) are at one line...



There are two sunnareclipse in 2012 which each point to the forelegs of the Sphinx:
the first is the sun-moon line in conjuction with the Pleiaden,
the second is the sun-moon in conjuction with the Serpent,
both are focused at the forelegs of the Sphinx....the Opening of the Hall of Records?



More about the starry sky Opening Hall of Records 2012






The Shumann Resonance



Scientists discovered that since 1980 the heartbeat from Mother earth 
sudenly begun to rise.(Shumann resonantie)
From a stabil 7,8hz(cycles a/sec) to 12hz which gives us the feeling
from a 16 hour day now instead of a 24 hour day.
When the heartbeat achieve 13 cycles,we get the time zero
through which the magnetic field will be raised.



More about the Schumann Resonance






The Photonbelt



The photonbelt is a quantum(smallest particle) from a electromagnetic energie with
zero-mass en no electric charge,and an endless timelife.
The photonbelt was discovered for the first time in 1961 by satelite.
Every 26.000 years earth travels two times through this higher frequencybelt,
which has influence on our consciouness.
In 1987 went back again through this belt and every year we move in and out the belt,
every year longer because our solar system moves through this specific part of the galaxy
In december 2012,sun and earth will find themselves totaly between this belt.
In december 1998 our sun went for the first time in this belt,and she started to raise her frequency,
and all that happens outside,also happens inside,like we are adapt to our inside molecules,
through the changes outside from our solar system and also earth.
In december 2012 sun and earth will be totally in this photonbelt,which means a higher frequency
and this brings a new state,a Higher Being,a new Heaven and Earth.



the discover of the photonbelt download photon-zone!






Time Wave Zero



Terrence Mc Kenna put the ITjing into a computer in Fractal equations were all possible human
experience are processed.
The ITjing has a 64 parts structure like our Dna,an is used since ages as a oracle 
to take a look in the future or to see sombody's position in the plan. 
The fractals calculated 2012 as the periode where history an time ends like we used to known.




The changes 21 december 2012 will bring is the cause of  an expotentional rise 
of  levels from planetary Novelty.
McKenna suceeded to make the fluctation from the Novilty visible at a timegraphic
an put them in a historic perspective.  
In The Archaic Revival he explains how he distillated a graphic which he placed
on Novilty/Timeaxle.
As endpoint he takes the endpoint of the Maya calendar on 21 december 2012.
The only reason that he gives to conect the end's of Novilty and Maya is the
revelation he had in a vision a couple years ago. 
And what seems...the ups and downs of the graphic have a similarity
with the ups and downs of  Historical significant moments.
From the collapse between earth and a "Mars sized object",crucifixion and even the 
presidential election in 1996.



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