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Awards Received

The Rock Bear, Sweden For Best International Newcomer
Popcorn, Greece For Best International Band
Smash Hits, UK For Best Band, Best Album, Best Cover, Best Haircut
TMF, Holland For Best Single, Best Album, Best International Group
MTV, Europe The MTV Select Award
The Brits, UK For Best Pop Act (2000)
Music Exitos, Mexico For Best New Group, Best Song, Best International Group
TV Hits Awards, 2000 Best Single - We Will Rock You

Platinum Albums Received (Debut Album)
Argentina Australia x3 Belgium
Canada Denmark Indonesia x3
Ireland x5 Italy x2 Malaysia x2
Mexico New Zealand x4 Philippines
Sweden x2 Spain Taiwan
Thailand UK X2 USA

Gold Albums Received (Debut Album)
Chile Holland Israel
Korea Singapore Spain

Internatonal Sales
Slam Dunk Da Funk 500,000 singles
When the Lights go Out 500,000 singles
Got the Feelin' 1,110,000 singles
Everybody Get Up 600,000 singles
Until The Time Is Through 450,000 singles
If Ya Gettin' Down 450,000 singles
Keep On Movin' 900,000 singles
Don't Wanna Let You Go 710,000 singles

5IVE 3,320,000 copies
Invincible 2,500,000 copies

Chart Positions (UK Charts)
Slam Dunk Da Funk December 1997 No. #10
When The Lights Go Out March 1998 No. #4
Got The Feelin' June 1998 No. #3
Everybody Get Up September 1998 No. #2
Until The Time Is Through November 1998 No. #2
If Ya Gettin' Down July 1999 No. #2
Keep On Movin' October 1999 No. #1
Don't Wanna Let You Go March 2000 No. #9
We Will Rock You July 2000 No. #1
Let's Dance August 2001 No. #1

5IVE June 1998 No. #1
Invincible November 1999 No. #4
Invincible (Special Edition) July 2000 No. #14
Kingsize August 2001 No. #3

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