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I think you should seriously read your bible. You need some serouis help. Coneing only works for a body not a soul or who the living Jesus is. Wake up!!!!

Sounds rather blasphemous to me. Sign of the times I suppose. In todays society all we do is make fun to avoid the real stresses of life and the real second coming. I'll say a prayer for ya'll. Ya'll say one for me.

Great graphics, guys! It's very impressive! To bad you are all freaks! Are you out of your mind? Just to clone someone doesn't mean that they will automatically know and be able to do what the original could. God sent Jesus. You can't make another one!

I am apalled at your lack of knowledge of the personal Jesus Christ. These is only one and will only ever be one Jesus Christ and cloning will never change that! I don't know where you think you could get his neccessary tissue sample in the first place, and even if you did, you would only be cloning his physical body, not his essence or his person. Only through God will the second coming occur and not even if you could somehow clone Jesus's body. You sound as though you may be being sarcastic on your page, but if you are, I hope you are ready to face the consequences attached to blasphemy and using the Bible in an unappropriate way, I only hope you can someday find the real Jesus and accept him into your life! Remember, God love you and you can be forgiven!

I think you're crazy and that Christ will come when He feels the time is right, not when we creat him!

Dear person, I am just writing in response to your little web site that you have about cloning. I found it in doing research for an Essay I am writing for a course here at college. You are one of the most ignorant peopls I think I have ever seen on the internet. I don't mean to be rude or anything of the sort but what you had on that site made me sick. I dont care if it was out of humor, or if you were serious. You want to clone Jesus huh? Well, first of all you would have to have cells from Jesus' body in order to clone him. If you knew anything about the bible or Chrisianity you would know we just celebrated Easter. Easter is when Christ was resurected. His body is no longer on this earth, so there goes that opption. I guess we dont have any cells to clone him from now do we? Second, why do you need to have "your own Jesus"? He is there for all of us the same. You dont need to have your own. I dont know why I even bothered to waste time writing to you. You really do need to learn more before you make such vain statements. You know nothing about Science or Religion. What religion are you anyways?

Not only is this impossible because there are no living or dead cells of Jesus, but even if their were you would only get a person that looks like Jesus. Not the soul, or the mind of Jesus. It wasn't Jesus' body that made him a great Christian prophet and leader, it was his soul. And there is nothing that science can do to bring that back. This website is inpractical and sac religous. This is an insult to all christians.

what on earth are you people doing here? i have never, in all my years of life, heard of a more stupid thing. it makes you think about why most non-believers consider christians to be stupid and juvienile in all matters of science and culture. if you were smart you would stop waisting your time with this insane idea and use your energy for something usefull (like witnessing or something). now please understand i admire that you care for the world and all of it's problems, i do to, but there are a lot easier ways to deal with the sin of our planet. this idea of yours will never work, you cannot clone a God. please get rid of this website before someone else happens on it and re-thinks his salvation.

I personally think that if you cloned Jesus you'd be playing God. His father took him away from us for a reason, So we could see what the world is like with him. What your doing is wrong. And could cause Heartbreak to some who dopesn't have the money!

It is wrong to clone people. Now you are talking about cloning Jesus? It is not in mans hands to give life. This is for God alone. There can only be one Messiah, not a thousand of them.

To whom this may concern, I have read your article on cloning of Jesus and I think that you people are like totally messed up. That is so absurd to think that the cloning of Jesus should even be considered. Where did you people come up with this bullshit from anyways? Are you like in a cult or something because normal people dont come up with crap like that. And even worse you are supporting your claim with statements from the Bible. I may not be a true Christians but I know enough that what you perceive your views of the passages that you quoted from the Bible dont correspond with the unethical idea of cloning human beings much less the cloning of Christ himself. I think that you ought to go and research what the true meaning of what is said in the Bible, (just ask a True Christian.) They know what they are talking about and they will bash you for making such claims. People like you is what the Bible warns about in the last days. Well I hope I made my point clear and I want to hear what you think of on what I have to say. Sincerely, XXXXXX

I responded-Hello XXXXXX how are you? Well as a true christian i asked myself about the biblical meaning of the passege.I was told that i was right all along!God wants us to clone and so we must.You mock God by calling his true disciples a "cult".If you know what is good for you , you will listen to God and do his biding.I pray you get your own Jesus. Brian Murphy


What ever happened to worshiping only one God. Please notice that I capitalized the G in God. There is only one, and he will return for us when he and only he is ready. ANd why should you have to go through a preacher to talk to God. Last thing I heard was that I could talk to him whenever I wanted. !!HMM!! By the way, God is not a human. He is much greater. Signed, concerned with your beliefs

"Christians" who want to clone Jesus, I stumbled upon this website while doning research for a paper on cloning. I was absolutely stunned. This is simply ridiculus. I cannot believe that anyone who calls themselves a Christian would even want to clone Jesus. First of all, that would be like trying to play God and taking eternity in to your own hands. We are told that no one know the time at which Jesus will return except the Father Himself. Second, even if technology did make it possible to produce a person with the same DNA as Christ, it would not nearly be the same. What made Jesus so special was that he was one with God and that He was sent to fulfill the prophecy; Jesus saved us from our sins. Even identical twins develop different personalities. There is no way that it would be anywhere near the same. You stated that cloning Jesus would give each person who wanted their own personal God. You are overlooking something very critical here: anyone who wants can already have their own personal God. After all, God is not only universal, but is personal as well.

Why clone Jesus? Every Christian already has Jesus with them. There is no need to clone him. When he died on the cross his spirit was set free the Holy Spirit which is in every one who chooses to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

I responded-Hello XXXX, yes it is kind of silly but God wants to clone Jesus.What can you do?

The reply-Why do you think God wants to clone Jesus! There is only one Jesus and he has already done all the work by dieing on the cross for our sins. God doesn't want more Jesus's he wants us to be servants of him and try to walk as Jesus walked. We aren't perfect no matter how hard we try we can't be Jesus. We can serve God though and thats all he asks of us.

I think YOUR...... ASSHOLES for thinking that U can rise christ from the dead BECAUSE he AINT dead HES ALIVE AND LIVING IN TRUE CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!! I think your a bunch of crap and should just shut the hell UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPp

I responded-Hello XXXXXXX , I dont think true Christians use that kind of language.God doesnt like it.It is very inappropriate.I pray you get your own Jesus. -Brian Murphy

The reply-I know I shouldn't but U think Christ is dead and thats wrong. HE'S ALIVE. So U should stopp saying how he should be risen and just live your life without saying that he's dead.

Why is there a need to clone jesus, each and everyone has jesus at our side. All we have to do is call upon him daily in our walk. While he never said he would all of our problems he certainly be with us to help us endure the evils and trials of this world. jesus never promised us a rose garden or a wonderful, happy, rich life without us making a concerted effort. I am sure that God, the almighty, have a word or two to say about the cloning of his only begotten son!!!

Whoever did the article on this page is insane. I am a christian and am very into the bible. If you are truely christian, then you should know that cloning millions of Jesus's would be against the word of god.

You must be out of your mind, don't you? You should stop being so stupid, and find a job. Your problem is lack of work. Don't play with serious issues, or you will burn in hell.

I responded - Dear XXXXX, I am by no means playing. I work for the Lord and He wants me to spread the word. God demands cloning,and so it shall be done. I have a feeling you won't be so upset when you get your own Jesus. -Brian Murphy

We think you are incredibly misinformed!Have you not been reading your Bible?There is absolutly no way of cloning Jesus because there is no form of Him here or anywhere but heaven itself!In,Luke 24:50,it talks about how Jesus assended into heaven to be with our Heavenly Father. "When he had led them out of the vicinity of Bethany,he lifted up his hands and blessed them.While he was blessing them,he lifted them and was taken up into heaven." Yes,Jesus did die,but He also rose again and then assended into heaven.If this is some kind of joke,then joke,but please don't fool yourselves (and others that will read this) forever because you will end up paying for it in ETERNAL hell!If you don't understand what this is all about,please read Luke 23:26-24:53,it tells the whole story.We seriously hope and pray that you will reconsider your outlook on this.We are praying for you!!!!!

I Think you are crazy!!!!!!!!!!! God will give us his son when he is ready to. It would be totally wrong to try to clone any person let alone our lord and master. Even if someone managed to bring Jesus back, Idiots like you would just kill him again!!!!!

Cloneing Human Beings is NOT Christian! And to clone JESUS makes me very worried for the whole, misguided human race. THIS is blaspheme my friend. May God forgive you for you know not what you do.

I do not think the cloning of the lord Jesus Christ will a good idea at all some muslim will come a shoot him with som AK-47. First, if your going to clone the lord, give him a bullet proof west Then hide him see ya dummass

Hey how about visiting a doctor? Can't afford? Aspiring, fresh air plus communication with sane people could be solutiong for you then. I think you're either have got unlimited sense of humor (which is probably isn't case here) or need to visit a Doc. I mean I like all of kinds of science fiction but it looks you have nothing sacred. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to offend you just think there must be some reason in your brains. Though what others would do without such queers?..

I think you people are crazy. The cloning of Jesus is immoral and unholylike. What you are dealing with here is a power that you cannot understand. You are playing God. Jesus is not an item that someone can order so that they can be the first one on the block to get a Jesus. You people make me sick.

you are exploiting God! Do you think hHe wants 10000000 of Himself in the world? Ithink if He did He would have done it a long time ago!

The shroud is a fake. Just give a Catholic communion, give it some time to transubstantiate, and pump their stomach. You could get all the Jesus DNA you need.

I was told in my lifetime that I would meet some really stupid people but you men and women take the cake. Not only is the cloning of a human unethical on every level, you can't make an EXACT clone of Jesus Christ, nobody can. You see, Jesus is the most original man ever to have lived, you can't make an exact clone of him and expect him to be Jesus. Why? Because he will not be growing up 1,997 years ago. Every woman could have Jesus as a child? You idiots, if the woman lives in N.Y.C. it's going to be an identical clone of Jesus genetically, but social wise- he will grow up a N.Y.C. street lifestyle. He will talk different, act different, and think different. You are morally wrong. Most arguements of this type of bio-ethics have either the nature side or the nurture side hold water. Your page has neither. You are an ignorant fool if you want to CLONE Jesus, and I pity you. Even Ian Wilmut said "These suggested misunderstandings that actually depend on bringing a person back- you just CAN'T DO THAT. I am sorry if we added extra distress to those people who have either lost, or are losing a child." laughing, be patient! the lord will come someday and both of us will hear his whistle

I think the idea of cloning Jesus is blasphemous. In Genesis when it states to multiply and replenish the earth, they mean it by natural causes, not by scientific causes. I believe that it would be Satanic to clone Jesus and make the Second Coming whenever you feel like it. It is a horrible thought and anyone who believes that cloning Jesus is not a true Christian.

You people are absolutely wrong. It's people like you that oppress the rest of us. We are the "them". We are the antichrist. Your time has come and gone. Now it is our turn.

You have no idea what you are doing. You are the ones doing blasphemy here. I can't believe you are actually saying this. It's ridiculous and to me you sound like nothing more than NEW AGE. And that comes directly from the devil. It is awful the way you make all of this sound so wonderful, so the peple who aren't really firm in their faith don't recognize that this is nothing but the devil's work. God is wonderful, and you are really hurting and degrading Him by doing this. And remember that for all that you do in your life time you WILL be judged! If this is a joke, take it off of the internet, because it could really cause a lot of harm to those who are not real sure of what they believe. May God really change your way of thinking.

To whoever created this web site: I personally believe that you are a little bit crazy, if you are serious about cloning Jesus. Do you realize that this Jesus, even if you did clone him, would not act like Jesus did. Are you really that ignorant? Do you stare at the wall and think you see God? Do you hear voices, telling you to do strange things? Maybe you are one of those people who have arguements with themselves, and then lose? Who ever you are... GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldapple, I'm aware of your web site which so untruthfully claims that we Christians are trying to clone the Saviour. I feel that your claim could get you into a lot of serious trouble here and would like to advise you to remove it at once. This is a very religious subject you're touching on right now and it's pretty obvious that by doing what you did,you're not a Christian the least bit. Please,remove that web site so as to prevent it from polluting the minds of other people. Your effort will be very much appreciated. Yours Truly, XXXX

I responded - Hello XXXX , I am sorry you misinterpreted the web site. It was not meant that all Christians want to clone Jesus , only true Christians. Those of us who have a good relationship with God understand that mans actions are a part of Gods plans. Cloning is Gods way of bringing Jesus back. Who are we to question God ? Let Jesus into your heart and into your house. I pray you get your own Jesus. sincerly , Brian Murphy

I think you need to reread your Bible pal. Jesus will return when he is ready. Not when we are. Read Mark 13: 32-37. You are very misled, my friend. My suggestion to you is to destroy this webpage immediately and repent, or you will surely come under God's wrath. You may be leading other weakminded people astray also.

You can't clone the Son of God dipshits. It is a matter of containing the esscence of God in the form of man. God made man in his image, not man made God. You absolutely cannot disprove this fact. Good Luck. I'll see you in Hell.

I looked at your page and was pretty disturbed. A clone of the DNA found in the Shroud of Turin would most likely result in the creation of the antichrist himself. Please remove this page from the web. Weak minds may read it and join your quest.

Cloning Jesus? Get real!! If you even know how to read, then I would suggest you pick up a Bible. Humans are not meant to clone. If you think we should clone just because we can, then why can we murder and rape and rob just because we can. Knowledge is power and you need to get some. I would be more then happy to teach you about the Bible if you want to know the one true God. If you don't then I should pray for you. I hope you find the truth. God Bless You

I think your page was merely a bunch of crap! If the lord wants us to "clone" him dont you think he would come back himself?! Also when Dolly the sheep was getting a "hug" it looked and awfully lot like it was getting choked. I belive that cloning animals is mean ans sensless. It gets us nowhere...why would you want two of your self..its silly...childish. I belive the whole idea is a discrace to God himself. I was upset at the whole idea...If your wondering why i eve ncame to your little page...its because i'm donig a report on clonig and abortion...not becasue i wanted to come here.

Your group is a group of blasphamers. There is no reason that God would want us to clone his son. He wasn't even a real human in the first place. he was the spirit of God in the flesh. You people are wrong and the real Christians are embarrased by this act of Satan. God didn't want every woman to conceive his son, he chose Mary because he felt she was worthy of the cause, we are not. You need to do more in depth Bible study and provide more than 1 verse of scripture to impact true Christians with your nonsense!!