The current version is 1.00 (as of 04/16/2000 ).


There is a online version of the Documentation for 1.00.

There is also a list of opcodes/functionality which is done, and stuff left to do


Download Lego-RCX-1.00.tar.gz.

Download Win32 patch. To use this just replace the RCX.pm from the distribution with the RCX.pm from the patch. Thanks to Iain M Barker for this one. I haven't had a chance to verify it hasn't broken Unix functionality yet so that is why I am distributing it separately.

I will also try to keep an old version around in case I ever break anything badly.

Download Lego-RCX-0.9.tar.gz.

Download Lego-RCX-0.8.tar.gz.


For 0.9

There is a bug that was reported by Chris Scheller in which it appears if you execute a program with (it appears to be an odd number of commands) then the first command will be missed if it is run again. The solution to this problem is to execute the alive method as your first command after the creation of the LEGO::RCX object. Example:
$rcx = LEGO::RCX->new("$port");
There will be code in the 1.00 release that will fix this problem and eliminate the need for this.

For 1.0

There seem to be a problem with initialization of the serial port. The green lite will go on but the RCX does not respond. The solution is to first use NQC or similar program to send a command to the rcx like nqc -pgm 3. This does a correct initialization of the serial port that seems to be good until you reboot.


There is definatly some missing functionality. Some of the things I would like to do in the future would be See the TODO file for more details.

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