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Treat yourself to a 333 or 400MHz ZIF upgrade for your Apple G3

1/27/99 Read Rick LePage's fabulous review on MacinTouch.

Over the past two years, MacCPU has sold 39 different variations of CPU cards from the 120MHz 604 to the new King of Speed, the 400MHz (Copper-based) G3 ZIF upgrade. A few of the upgrades we sold were real dogs and we dropped them in a hurry. But the MacCPU 333MHz and 400MHz ZIF upgrades open a whole new world of opportunity for Apple G3 users with a need for speed.

Comparing the 400MHz ZIF to the 1-yr-old 266/512k machine from Apple shows a 118% improvement in a Photoshop Rotate, 60% speed increase in a Photoshop Sharpen, 52% in a Gaussian Blur and Virtual PC smokes! Now that's speed.

We test every product we sell before it goes on the shelf. In most cases, we have installed the CPUs in machines here or at a customer's site so we know the problems you can expect. The ZIF upgrade for the Apple G3 233, 266 and 300MHz machines is a snap to install, taking maybe 10 minutes if you have never seen the inside of a machine and is rock-solid. The ZIF upgrades use less power, and run faster and much cooler than previous CPUs.

Unlike the far slower 233 and 266MHz ZIF CPUs from Apple with only 512k of backside cache, the MacCPU ZIF upgrades come with a full 1MB of backside cache. The 333MHz runs a backside cache speed of 222MHz, the 400MHz runs a backside cache speed of 266MHz.

ZIF upgrades from MacCPU require no special tweaking and testing for compatible and stable operation. We wouldn't consider overclocking for the best reason in the world. Can you really afford the stability problems and possible data loss associated with overclocking? Remember, you only know you have overclocked when your machine stops working. Plug your MacCPU ZIF upgrade in and go to work. Our tests show no compatibility problems with any software or hardware.

Why buy a new machine to get more speed when all you need is a faster processor? And you still have your SCSI!

You want speed now and we have it. .Buy here.

1/26/99 Read Rick LePage's fabulous review on MacinTouch.

MacCPU, Miami USA

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