Through the Stargate


A Grammy nominated album that has been called 'the most important New Age recording of all time'..."this colorful electronic excursion sparkles on disc with a clean and vibrant sound. There is a spatial, stream of consciousness feeling to this music that takes you out of the realm of everyday experience. A modern sacred work, and a powerful, emotive, uplifting symphony capable of moving the heart and soul, Novus Magnificat sets exceptionally high standards for the artistic use of electronics, space, and classical elements in contemporary music." - Digital Audio

"Demby's groundbreaking Novus Magnificat ....a benediction of cascading starlight and its sacred avalanche of massed choir and orchestra." Carol Wright - NAR

"One of the greatest musical works of our time." - Pathways


Tracks Listen

1. Part One - 26:18

2. Part Two - 28:22


"The Mozart Requiem of the New Age exciting and powerful musical experience." - Audio Amateur
"A landmark recording in the New Age genre." - Digital Audio
"One of the finest pieces of contemporary sacred spacemusic we know." - NA Media
"The first New Age album to give this writer
goosebumps. Don't miss it. " - Lee Underwood - Pulse! Magazine

"One of the great works which will take us into the 21st century with power and grace."- New Dimensions

"There is no other recording in the electronic genre rooted in the harmonies of Bach and the romantics that is so heartfelt, so will be moved "- USA Today

Awesome passages, majestic melodies, vibrant chorales - this is cosmic space music at its very best."- Common Ground
"The standard for the use of electronics against which future New Age albums should be judged. " - New Sounds (Harper & Row)

"Editor's Choice" - Third Annual Digital Audio

VOTED --" Top 50 definitive CD New Age Library" - CD Review

VOTED -- "One of the 10 best albums of the decade. " - New Age Category, Pulse! Magazine
VOTED -- "
One of the 25 best gateway New Age albums" - NAR

Top 15 Electronic New Age Albums List
"A masterpiece that
will be listened to hundreds of years from now & still take people's breath away. An angelic mix of electronic strings, voices & keyboards. Music to enter Heaven by."

"...Compels your attention, demands your participation with it. Demby delivers a genuinely moving performance. " - Magical Blend Magazine

"A powerful, emotive, uplifting symphony capable of moving the heart and soul... Novus Magnificat sets exceptionally high standards for the artistic use of electronics, space, and classical elements in contemporary music. " - Digital Audio

"Monumental...symphonic space music at its best... the orchestra of the century, the choir of the millennium. It's a Bach's organ toccata and a series of massive orchestral expressions worthy of Mahler..." Carol Wright, New Age Retailer
"When we played [Novus] on our radio show,
more people responded with appreciation than for any other music we have ever played " - Enlightenments

"That we might really be traveling "through the stargate" is an extraordinary thing to accomplish with sound alone . It never fails to move and excite me." - The Absolute Sound - # 124

"ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ALBUMS EVER! This CD belongs right up there as one of the great inspirational and spiritual compositions of all time!" -Jim Brenholts -"TRACKS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: A CHRONOLOGY OF AMBIENT AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC"


"....Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, and Puccini, stand aside. And at the very pinnacle, Beethoven himself must share some space with you." - Schmidt Memorial Institute

"The final movements of Mahler's 8th Symphony, or Debussy's Afternoon of a Faun come close to comparison..." - Gerry Gryzb

"There is no other recording in the electronic genre rooted in the harmonies of Bach and the romantics that is so heartfelt, so will be moved "- USA Today

"This listener was a times reminded of Palestrina, Debussy or Ravel, and even at one point of Copland. The opening passage is a tribute to Bach's monumental organ works..."- D. Johnson, Sunday Post

"....The sheer scale, richness and depth of the piece is truly MAGNIFICENT. The first side brings to mind Brahams at the level of the divine, and the second, Bach-Handel-Mozart and the rest of the classicists in heaven." - D. Hallock

"... belongs right up there with Beethoven's "Ninth,"Handel's "Messiah," Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and Mozart's "Requiem" - -Jim Brenholts -"TRACKS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: A CHRONOLOGY OF AMBIENT AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC"

"Bach-like organ crescendos, Vivaldi-like string passages...." - Lee Underwood, Pulse Mag

"The Mozart Requiem of the New Age exciting and powerful musical experience." - Audio Amateur

massive orchestral expressions worthy of
Mahler..."- Carol Wright, New Age Retailer

Listener Response:

"You must know how words can utterly fail you when something unspeakably beautiful touches your senses: Novus was an utterly mind-boggling work that left me breathless." - D. Vencill

haunting, scary, beautiful, terrifying, awesome, intimate, spectacular; the way it makes me feel, the things I think about, the times I remember, the things I look forward to. Is this music real? It is the most incredible piece of music I have ever heard." - S. Lazur

"Astonishing genius:

Constance has given me the means to connect with my Source, again and again. The first time this happened, the power of this memory of Home
shook me to the core. Staggering intensity and uncompromising kindness. I have found through repeated listening that there is an encoded depth potential which might be infinite here. I mean that I have gone deeper and deeper over time, and have exposed others to this magical alchemy and observed many profound effects in them as well. What genius. Clearly Constance has been to where she has so eloquenlty led any of us who stop to seriously listen. What a true Godsend. Thank you Constance." -Steven Toth

"I have never before heard any music that activates and energizes each meridian and energy center like Novus does. As the meridieans are energized the energy centers of the body vibrate at a level that is truly out of this world. Constance Demby has achieved musical brilliance, by tapping into the future and giving us a piece of musical history. " - Steve Davis, ChiGong Master

The closest thing to a religious experience that I have ever experienced! This was my first Demby album. I now most all of her recordings but I believe Novus Magnificat is still my favorite."-A music fan WICHITA, KS

"The sheer scale, richness and depth of the piece is truly MAGNIFICENT. The first side brings to mind Brahms at the level of the divine, and the second, Bach-Handel-Mozart and the rest of the classicists in heaven. The piece is
powerful, heartfelt, touching and tough. I admire Constance for her willingess to depart from the emotional safety of the paradisical into the almost threateningly awesome. Her genius is to hold to the compassion and inspiration through those places so that the portrayal of divine power is always imbued with a quality of redemption and purification. That is a feat which requires direct experience of the truth of the matter. A truth which very few composers have known or have the skill to portray. " - D. Hallock

"Your music-- in general, but more specifically, "Novus Magnificat" has had an impact on my life beyond any ability to express in words. As I struggle to stay out of the hospital & make it through surgery after surgery, there are times when this work was, and is more affective than any "drug", shrink or otherwise could have been. An argument could be made that I am alive and successful today, writing this due to the kindling of inner strength which this work fosters. I am not used to writing fan letters & in fact never have until now so I will leave this at that." - Dan Hayman

Long hair in a short hair world
Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat is truly a neo-classical masterpiece. One might think that the New Age classification would deem this just another Yanni type electro-symphonic piece.
Novus Magnificat is far too complex and symphonic to be New Age. Constance has employed strings via sampling and structured the composition whereby it sounds as if it were written alongside of the greats such as Beethoven or Bach. This CD will probably be more appealing to the classical music enthusiast than the New Ager. Got to give her a high ranking just for the technology she employed back in the 80's to come up with something that remains this fresh and original so many years later." -Rich Abrams - , Weleetka, OK

Sometimes I think this music is magic. I played NOVUS MAGNIFICAT a few weeks ago on WUWF , and got a tremendous response. One gruff sounding gentleman called to tell me that even though he thought of himself as "a macho sort of guy," Contance Demby's music brought tears to his eyes." - L. Kohanov

A completely mind blowing and awe inspiring piece of music.,
From the very first note that engulfs you from this cd you are wisked away on a magical journey to your inner self. It needs to be played at a good volume to get the full effects of the stunning variance in the range of pitch it throws at you. An ideal tape to meditate with it really opens you up where you need it most.
This has got to be the best piece of music I have ever listened to. Thank you to the author for writing or possibly channelling such a wonderful piece." - a fan from Guernsey, Channel Islands, U.K.,

"Beautiful music, Beau-oootiful music" my friend murmured listening to your work, as he lay in a hospital bed, blinded by the AIDS that soon thereafter claimed his body. He listened to it again and again that afternoon, and I know it was a profoundly comforting experience for him. I've never before owned any recorded music that so entered the fabric of my life. " - J. Parker

"A gorgeous modern classic that should not be missed
Even after several years have gone by, this still has to be saluted as
a precedent setting, awe inspring work. You may see that it has only two tracks, but they are quite lengthy, done in suite form. I am still amazed every time I listen to this at some of the "Bach-like" keyboard impressions she does here. The music continues to build in sophistication and depth. Bone chilling beauty is evident again and again. Put it to you this way: I am EXTREMELY picky about the music I like and buy. New Age is a very difficult genre to tap into, but once I heard some of Constance Demby's work, I was hooked. Hers is the standard I hold a lot of music to now, especially new age or other electronic forms. Prepare to be taken on an incredible journey. Each of her albums is like a chapter in an ongoing epic. They are all must have treasures that are like fine wine: They only get better with age". - A music fan from Miami, FL

"This is viagra for you soul!,
I have more than 500 new age cd´s but this is the a the top of my list, in fact I belive it is the best new age cd ever. It can make your soul have a
spiritual orgasm!" - A music fan from guadalajara, mexico

"If this recording received the recognition it truly deserved, Ms. Demby would be one of the most celebrated composers of our times. This is music of substance. In some sections the listener is challenged by complicated counterpoint reminiscent of Bach. Other passages remind one of the tender yet emotional music of Rachminoff and Tchaikovsky. Still other parts bring to mind the power and majesty of Mozart. This is not static music. The listener is drawn ever upward in a spiral of motion and emotion to the very gates of heaven. ...For anyone willing to take the journey, "Through the Stargate" is transportation to a higher spiritual plane.... To a dimension where one is both more aware of themselves and at the same time in touch with the universe. Whether Constance Demby takes her place with the classical masters of old is up the providence of the ages but there is something very special about this music. It has that same mystical quality one experiences with the music of the 12th century's Hildegard Von Bingen .... Music that inspires and perhaps, even heals." - Leonard Lakey

"Good marriage of sacred classical and new age instrumentation
As the title suggests, there is a link to the classical and baroque sacred choral works in this "new" Magnificat. The use of modern electronic instrumentation provides coloration and power unavailable to composers of their era. Although definitely of the Space Music genre,
there is an emotional quality to the music that is often missing in this type. I certainly recommend the music to people who have a love of music from the "romantic" era of classical music as well as appreciate the great variety of shading and hues available from modern electronic instruments". - a fan from Orlando, Florida

"I've been enjoying Novus, Aeterna, and your other fine CDs for many years.  
The first time I heard Novus I was basically was totally blown away by it.  The section in the first movement where the piano comes in for the first time with its simple melody is so effective, as well as the later duet with bassoon.   The first time I heard such exotic harmonies I was rooted to the spot, and had to re-listen to that section about 20 times! Now, 15 years later I still listen to Novus on a weekly basis.  It will never lose its power to seduce and thrill." - David DeLucia

"When I first heard Novus Magnificate in 1986, I only heard the last 10 min. or so,but
I was completly overwhelmed! The music reminded me of the kind that heard in my sometimes mystical dreams that I had in my childhood. I know with cell of my being that this music is from GOD! Without religion, creed, or church. Just pure, direct from the heavens, music! No alphabet, word, or language could ever describe my deep reverence and graditude to you for being the channel through which this most sacred music came. It is my goal (being a musician also) to have this music (Novus Magnificate) performed by a full choir and orchestra, before I pass away; At the greatest spritual/metaphysical convention of all time! " -Phillip E Davis

Music that moves through your soul!
This is truely
one of the best CD's I have ever purchased. Constance Demby is not only one of the most talented artist that I have ever heard, but she is also a very nice person. . You will never get tired of this CD. It's as moving today as it was when I bought it when it first came out in 1986 over 14 years ago." -martinkawai Mountain Home, TX

"Dear Hearts of Space,
Constance Demby is the Queen, and NOVUS MAGNIFICAT is the jewel in the crown of the symphonic synthesizer space genre." - P. Becker


"You have brought us to new heights together. We have attained a new vision of the world and a more intense awareness of what is really true and important in this world. Thanks to your exceptional, unique music, we will keep sending positive waves through space for a better world. " - D. and R. Tardif

"Truly the Magnificat is
a power beyond words, and music beyond known realms of music. I have never experienced anything quite like it." - M. Larits

"I tried consciously to connect with my Higher Self during the first listening of NOVUS, and it worked! It was
the most touching, overwhelming, meditational experience I have ever had...! " - Lisa


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