For the 'Net's complete compendium of GL guitar transcriptions, check out OLGA's Gordon Lightfoot Directory.

Here's the main index for songs that have been transcribed in one form or another.

I have started with the songs I've done (that are lying on my hard drive). I'll add more as I acquire them from archives and submissions, and convert them to an acceptable HTML format.


I have formatted these and checked them with Netscape's Navigator (and checked 'em with NCSA Mosaic, too). I've checked them carefully and they seem to work but...

Your browser may mess 'em up anyway; if so, save them as text and view them with a monospaced font

If you do have problems, please let me know what they were and what WEB browser you are using.

Currently Available:

Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Don Quixote
If You Could Read My Mind
Not Supposed To Care
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Also see FAQ Part IV-B for the chords to the songs in Waiting For You

More to come...

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