This is Jennifer. She is a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Guatemala. Jenn recently sent us some photos from her site, and they are shown below.

Most of the following pictures were taken in Amatitlan, Guatemala. Amatitlan is near a lake and also, I believe, near a live volcano. There are a few pictures taken with another Peace Corps Volunteer (David), as well as with several of the people they met who are natives of the country.

There is also a photo of some special people who have been so kind to Jennifer while she's been down there. Peace Corps Volunteers live with a host family while they are in training, and Jenn's really took her under their wing. They are a wonderfully warm, caring, and delightful family and have been of great help to Jennifer. We look forward to meeting them during our visit to Guatemala this December.

This is a view of the lake from a location that is reached by cable car.

Jennifer and David visiting in Panahachel, Guatemala. They are both Peace Corps Volunteers - David's site is 10 hours from Jennifer's

Another view of the lake

Her host family. Jenn now has her own apartment, but still visits with her "mom" Mirta, her "dad" Edgar and "brother" Alex frequently.

Some friends

This is one of the beautiful images made with sawdust and colored chalk. During Easter week, there are parades and these images are drawn on the streets the parade goes through. The people in the parade walk right through the sawdust drawings, destroying them.