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Some where in a small part of London, a group of friends made a decision to set up a radio station. 28 November 1991 Kool FM London was born. Kool FM London were setting the standard for the underground by being the very first pirate station ever to play Hardcore Jungle on the frequency of 94.5 FM.  

KOOL FM in the Midlands all started in January 1996 on a frequency of 105.6 FM based in Birmingham. KOOL FM attracted DJ's and MC's from all over the Midlands and further up north. The first ever tune to hit the KOOL FM decks was "This is how it should be done"

The first year that KOOL FM broadcasted was a difficult year. Many clubs closed down around the time of the opening of KOOL FM, and some shops closed down too. People on the station and behind the station found it very difficult, but we all worked through it. Our main 'drive' was the listener, their constant phone calls, people driving past were playing KOOL FM and local shops had KOOL on.

After the first year KOOL FM had established itself to the people of the Midlands. This was due to a massive team effort by everyone involved. The technical team made sure that KOOL FM broadcast over 40 miles to areas that other unlicensed stations could only dream about. Listeners rang into the studios and told us that it was the first time that they had ever listened to Drum and Bass. People spreaded the word right across the borders.

Now, KOOL FM has adverts from both shops and clubs alike, and a new Drum and Bass scene is forming. New people are listening to the station and loving the music. A Midlands explosion has now happened. With new record labels appearing all the time, even a Drum and Bass label from UB40. Also there are regular nights happening all the time. In fact Bryan G was at a event called Music First and said "I haven't been to anything this good since 93" and MC Moose said "Its been a long time since we have heard a crowd roar like that"

  To say that KOOL FM is now an established institution is no exaggeration. For a group to achieve what KOOL FM have without a huge injection of finances or a PR company behind them helping every step of the way, it just goes to prove that this music is worthy of the highest accolade possible.

Now Kool FM can still stand proud and say that it is...
"The Best Drum and Bass Station in the World"

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