OWASP Project Committee
The Project Committee is responsible for the organisation of OWASP including running this web site, funding, setting up the OWASP foundation. It also organizes speaking opportunities on behalf of the project and deals with press and publishing.
Mark Curphey
Charles Schwab
Dennis Groves
Vice Chair
Kevin Jeong
Site Manager

OWASP Technical Steering Committee
The Technical Committee is made up of renowned application security experts who ensure that the work and ideas are technically sound. These people have a wealth of experience and knowledge and will be guiding much of the direction of the work in various areas. As well as participating on the mailing list the technical committee has a monthly conference call to discuss progress. They are the OWASP technical think tank!
Greg Hoglund

Elias Levy

John Viega
Secure Software

Chris Wysopal

OWASP User Committee
The User Committee was created to solicit feedback from the end users and developers of web applications and web systems. We have received lots of ideas on what work people feel is needed or where knowledge is lacking and the user committee gives us the ability to formally capture that feedback from the people that own and build these systems. This also ensures that the technical correct work is useful in the real world. The committee is run by Robert Rodger of the Bank of Bermuda.
Robert "Bob" Rodger
Bank of Bermuda

John Blumenthal

OWASP Active Contributors
Jeremiah Grossman
White Hat Security

Izhar By-Gad

David Endler

Martin Eizner

Bill Hau

Sverre Huseby

Bill Penington

Tim Smith
Dimension Data

Nigel Tranter

David Zimmer

David Wong


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