The Great Susanna Hoffs Discography/Singleography


1. When Your A Boy

Released: February 1991
Label: Columbia Records
Producer: David Kahne

Track Listing:

1. My Side of The Bed - (S. Hoffs/ B. Stienberg/T. Kelly)
2. No Kind Of Love - (S. Hoffs/ D. Kahne/S. Cultler/ R. Rice)
3. Wishing On Telstar - ( R. Lane/ J. Cipolla)
4. That's Why Girls Cry - ( D. Kahne/ J. Hatfield/ S. Hoffs)
5. Unconditional Love - ( C. Lauper/ B. Stienberg/ T. Kelly)
6. Something New - ( J, Hanes/C. Sheldon/S. Hoffs/D. Kahne)
7. So Much For Love - ( J. Hanes/P.E. Gates/ P. Dunne/ H.Hanes)
8. This Time - (S. Summers)
9. Only Love - (S. Hoffs/ D. Warren)
10. It's Lonely Out Here - (S.Hoffs/ B. Stienberg/ T. Kelly)
11. Made of Stone - (J. Condos/ S.Hoffs/ D. Kahne)
12. Boys Keep Swinging - (D. Bowie/ B. Eno)

2. 1994 Columbia Album

Producer: Matt Wallace
Label: Columbia Records
Never Released.

Track Listing:

1. Enormous Wings - (M Linkous/S.Hoffs)
2. Darling One - (S.Hoffs/ M. Linkous/D.Lowery/ D. Faragher - Original recording..faster tempo and different instrumentation.)
3. Sunshine - (J Edwards)
4. Happy Place - (M. Linkous/ D.Lowery - Original Lyrics.)
5. Right By You - (K.Rogers)
6. Catch The Wind - (D. Leitch)
7. Without You- (S.Hoffs/M. Wilson-Piper)
8. Go - (D. Johnson)
9. Sleep - (M. Linkous/S.Hoffs)
10. Ghost - (M.Linkous)
11. Turning Over - (S. Hoffs/ K. Hunter/D. Faragher)

3A. Susanna Hoffs (The Rough Mix Album)

Producers: Dave Baerwald, Susanna Hoffs, David Kitay
Mixed by: Dave Baerwald, David Kitay, and Michael Letho.
Never Released: Original rough mix outline. (1995??)

Special note: This album, henseforth refered to as the original version of the Susanna Hoffs album, bascially contained more or less the same tracks we find on the formal "Susanna Hoffs"album. The difference is in the overall mix and tempo of the songs, which is decribed by David Baerwald and Sue's former manager Tim Anctil as "more mellow" or "spontanious and witty" than the final product. There was at least one more track, though it is unclear if it was "Sensitive Guy" or "Now & Then." (Which was released on the Now & Then movie soundtrack instead.) This album also contained a drastically different version of "All I Want."

As it happened, when this original rough mix was reviewed by all the parties involved, it was decided that further work on the record was warrented. Susanna decided to finish working on the album with Jack Joseph Puig. Some songs were re-recorded and what material wasn't was remixed into the version that London Records finally released.

3B Susanna Hoffs (Final Released version)

Producers: Dave Baerwald, Susanna Hoffs, Dave Kitay, Jack Joseph Puig, Matt Wallace.*
Label : London Records
Released: September 1996

Track Listing:

1. Beekeeper's Blues - ( S. Hoffs/ D. Baerwald/ D.Kitay)
2. All I Want - (I. Broudie/P Coyle)
3. Enormous Wings * - (M. Linkous/ S.Hoffs)
4. Falling - (S.Hoffs/C. Caffey/ R. Manning)
5. Darling One - (S.Hoffs/ M. Linkous/D.Lowery/ D. Faragher)
6. King of Tragedy - (S.Hoffs/ D. Baerwald/J Keltner/ G Leisz/D. Kitay)
7.Eyes of A Baby - (S.Hoffs/ D. Baerwald/J Keltner/ G Leisz/D. Kitay)
8. Grand Adventure - (S.Hoffs/ D Baerwald/ G. Leisz/ D. Kitay)
9. Happy Place - (M. Linkous/ D. Lowery)
10.These Days Are Over - ( S. Hoffs/ D. Baerwald/ D.Kitay)
11. Weak With Love - ( J Keltner/ S.Hoffs/ D Baerwald/ L. Klein/D. Schwartz)

Bonus Tracks:

12. To Sir With Love
13. Stuck In The Middle

* The Japanese version contains all the tracks above plus:

*Turning Over - (S. Hoffs/ K. Hunter/D. Faragher)
*Catch The Wind - Jack Jospeh Puig Remix.

4. Susanna Hoffs (Untitled album 2000)

Executive Producer: Bill Bottrell
Produced by Dan Schwartz, Susanna Hoffs
Label: Sire/London Records
Release Date: Remains unfinished.

It appears that work has been halted on this release due to a number of factors, not least in Susanna's exit from Sire/London Records as a solo artist. Despite this, it is possible that some of these songs could see later release, either as a part of the new Bangles album, or perhaps a future Susanna Hoffs solo release. Please note that Sue's manager at the time, Tim Anctil, mentioned that the album would only be 12 tracks long. So as with many albums and artists who write prolifically, not all of these would have made the final cut. (** Special thanks go to Dan Schwartz, the record's producer for the track list.)

1. Under A Cloud - (S. Hoffs/D. Schwartz/B. MacLeod)
2. The Anti-Heartbreak Song (S. Hoffs/D. Schwartz/B. MacLeod)
3. Who Will She Be? - (S. Hoffs/D.Schwartz/B. Bottrell)
4. Grateful (S. Hoffs/D.Schwartz/B. Bottrell)
5. Take What You Take - (S. Hoffs/D.Schwartz/W. Aron)
6. Living Alone With You (S. Hoffs/D. Schwartz/W. Aron)
7. November Sun - (S. Hoffs/D.Schwartz/G. Arreguin)
8. As It Falls Apart - (S. Hoffs/D Schwartz/G. Arreguin)
9. Life On The Inside - (S.Hoffs/C. Caffey/J. Weidlin)
10. Jealous - (C. Caffey/ J. Weidlin)
11. I'll Never Be Through With You - (S. Hoffs/ C. Caffey/?)
12. Something That You Said (Original version) - (C.Caffey/S. Hoffs)
13. Love Doesn't Have To Hurt - (S. Hoffs/ C. Caffey/ ?)
14. Austintatious - (S.Hoffs/C.Caffey)
15. I Don't Know Why - (Shaun Colvin)
16. I Will Take Care of You - (S.Hoffs/D. O'Brian)

***Special notes:

Numbers 9-14 were originally recorded and produced by Charlotte Caffey and Tom Caffey prior to the Dan Schwartz sessions. Most of these were writting in various combinations of Susanna, Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin. (Or all three together.) Tom Caffey, Billy Stienberg and Tom Kelly were also involved in the songwriting as well, in some combination thereof - though more than likely only on the songs with a ? next to the writing credits.


1. My Side of The Bed - Chart Pos. (US #30) (UK #44)
- b/w: Made Of Stone
- Second pressing adds: Circus Girl - (L. Brennius)

2. Unconditional Love - Chart Pos. (US N/C) (UK #65)
- b/w: Circus Girl
- Second pressing adds: It's Lonely Out Here

3. Only Love - Chart Pos. (US N/C) (UK N/C)
- b/w: You Were On My Mind

4. All I Want - Chart Pos. (US #77) (UK #32)
US single release - b/w: These Days Are Over(Remix)
UK single release adds:
Catch The Wind - (D. Leitch) Produced by Matt Wallace.
Anyone Else - (S. Hoffs/C. Caffey/R. Manning) Recorded by Tom Caffey.

5. Beekeeper's Blues - Radio Only release. No Chart data.

Five track promo cd features:

a. If SHe Knew What She Wants (J. Shear) - Live & acoustic
b. Walking On A Wire (Thompson)
c. Beekeepers Blues - Live & Acoustic
d. Eternal Flame - Live & Acoustic

Odds & Ends

1. It is a little known fact that Susanna Hoffs, in her recording sessions for the "Susanna Hoffs" album, worked on a few songs with Dave Stewart(Eurythmics) in the producer's chair. One of these was a duet version of "To Sir With Love," (featuring Dave Stewart on vocals) which was slated to go out as the second single in the UK, and a possible third single in the US. Alas, London Records desided to shelve it instead. (Source: Banglemania fanzine interview).

2. Matt Wallace was not the original producer of the 1994 album. Turns out Susanna started recording with Chuck Plotkin (Phil Collins) but only got as far as recording two songs before she decided to finish the album with Wallace.(Source: Tell Me #2 interview).

3. It turns out that 1994 album WAS supposed to have 13 tracks, not 11 as wildly reported. Susanna was going to add two more songs to the list, "Old Boyfriend" and "Easy Way Out." Both songs were written by Susanna with Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro and both were going to be recorded in the studio, but Sue left Columbia before she could record them. (Special thanks to Dan Navarro for the info!) "Old Boyfriend" has been retitled "Do To Me What You Will" however, and appears on Lowen & Navarro's "Scratch At The Door" album.

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