Serpent engulf me
  In blood and fire
Serpent rebirth me
 With renewed desire
 I emerge from the Serpent's maw
 Ever resurgent am I
 New featherdown sticky and wet
 H'yum K'ine shines down
Upon my fledgeling form
Drying my down as I stretch
 In the dewy morn
In a crispy crackling of renewal
I spread wings tentatively
On mouth's-edge
The rainbow rippling below me
 Pe of Samekh throw me
 Up into seven heavens
With seven powers renewed
In the dawning hours
 On new wings rising
 With H'Yum K'ine, Hru Sire
Fledged with feathers of Kukulcan
I open painted fan
 And launch into the morningfire

  -Orryelle 23/3/000

  Birthday Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl Characith BloodRite,
                  March 22nd 2000
               Chichen Itza, Mexico.

 I awoke early on the morning of the 22nd in full
sunlight (I don't know how long I had been frying my
brains there before that) on the lawn of the Pyramide
Inn campground at Chichen Itza, grumpy as hell.
  I wanted to perform some kind of intense personal
transformatory rite for my birthday but knew that I
had to finish my friend Pyramid's tattoo first (never
leave a tattoo unfinished while travelling is a lesson
I learnt a few years ago!), and she wasn't up yet...
  I felt a bit better after a cafe con leche and
greasy Mexican breakfast (I usually start the day with
fruit but felt like being indulgent on my birthday)
and set about preparing the equipment.
  The problem was that the guy whose car battery we
had used to power the gun the day before (Pyramid's
birthday) was about to leave town, so I had to find
another option. By this time she was up, so as there
were no other people at the campground with cars
available, we headed up the street in the hot morning
Mexican spring sun in search of a battery. We headed
for the Mechanics right up the other end of town,
hoping to hire a battery from them cheap.
  After some talking to (mostly by Pyramid, since she
speaks better Spanish and is sexier) the mechanics
agreed to let us use one of their batteries, but only
on their premises, which is probably a good thing as
it was a large truck battery and we were hardly about
to lug the damn heavy thing all the way back down the

  So we sat there on old truck tyres amidst an
assortment of car bits and pieces thick with pasty
black grease and finished the tattoo. What a stark
contrast to the setting of the last tattoo I did, the
vision serpent on Spencer's back executed in the thick
of the jungle at Palenque!
  After about an hour the tattoo was complete. The
work (two Kukulcan
serpents with Celtic-Mayan knotwork bodies on either
side of a Merkaba -see EquiNox EquiLux Rite report)
turned out fine and we both very happy that it was
  Thanking the mechanics profusely (they found the
whole scenario as amusing as we did and didn't charge
us anything) we set off back to the campground to
clean up before heading for the Mayan ruins.
  Pyramid decided to stay there as she was leaving
that night and wanted to finish the moccasins she was
making me in exchange for the tattoo.

  This time I arrived at the ruins while the seven
triangles of sunlight spectacle was still present on
the side of the great pyramid of
Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl, which was fortunate as this was
apparently the last day on which the equinox phenomena
was still visible.
  As I had little money to spare I entered via the
back road I had used on the night of the equinox,
hoping I wouldn't be kicked back out again upon
arrival in the main area.
  There were many people there and I hid in the crowd
for a while, staring at the serpent pattern on the
pyramid in awe. They were not allowing people to go on
or right up to the structure, apparently so that
people could take pictures of the phenomena without
people crawling everywhere. A film was also being shot
that day for Discovery channel.
  The seven triangles, which must have first appeared
for the day (at about 4pm) just before my arrival,
became progressively more distinct and defined as I
watched. They led straight down the stairway of one
side of the pyramid, forming a daimondback
rattlesnake-like serpent body ofwhich the great stone
head jutted out onto the ground at the base of the
  After looking for a while I decided to take what was
probably my final opportunity to view and feel some of
the other nearby ruins there. I wandered off into the
giant ballcourt behind the bulk of the crowd. The
largest Mayan ballcourt known, where they played with
life and ritual sacrificial death as the stakes, it is
a spectacular arena, resplendent with hieroglyphics
and carved figures of Gods and priests along the high
walls, with the stone ball-rings at their tops. At the
end of the field, high above one of these long walls,
the Temple of the Jaguar loomed impressively.
  I went back out and around a smaller structure
nearby, with more great stone serpent heads jutting
out in four directions, then was approached by a
guard. Sure enough he asked to see my ticket. I began
repeatedly emptying my pockets of assorted interesting
debri, muttering about it being in there somewhere. He
said I had to buy 'another one' or leave, I pleaded
that the place closed in half an hour and it was my
birthday and I had a ticket 'somewhere' anyway and
kept searching. He obviously didn't believe me but
eventually tired of the game after five minutes or so
and, telling me once more that I had to leave,
wandered off towards the main crowd.
  I quickly slipped away and went off to see the
sacred Cenote, a
spectacular large almost-perfectly-round natural well
where the Mayans had mysteriously deposited many
mummified children and various treasures along the
crevices in its stone walls. The water below was a
bottomless black.

 I returned to the pyramid of Kukulcan and, hoping it
was now late enough that they wouldn't bother kicking
me out, and sat in the front row of the mostly-seated
crowd staring at the seven triangles.
 The sunlight serpent looked pretty but I knew there
was something deeper to be felt from the phenomenon,
so I meditated upon it. I stared at each triangle
consecutively while doing my 13-breath meditations on
each corresponding chakra within my own body. Rather
than performing this ascending the spine, I began at
the crown of my head and the apex of the pyramid and
worked down towards the Muladhara and the stone
serpent head on the ground. This felt incredible, I
felt totally charged with the serpent energy and yet
completely grounded. I remembered that the Mayan
syllable 'Ku' -as used in Kukulcan and Hunab Ku (the
galactic core at the centre of the Milky Way) and
K'ulthanlilni, their word for sacred breath- means
both God/dess and Pyramid, as they considered such a
form representative of the ascent of divine spirit
into matter...

  Then I realized a remarkable crosscultural
correspondence. On the previous dark and nu moon I had
invoked the Yeziddi Blue God Melek Taus or Shaitan,
the peacock angel and 'Lord of the Painted Fan'. I had
realized then how he corresponded with
Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl in terms of the seven
powers,chakras and colour spectrum, but it only just
clicked now that both were associated with the planet
Venus, which the Mayans called the 'morningstar'.
  One of Lucifer (who relates to Shaitan)'s names is
'Morningstar', and the Peacock is the birdmask of Maat
for the sephiroth Netzach, the sphere of Venus. And
both Kukulcan and the peacock angel are represented as
both snake (on the Tree of Knowledge) and bird.
  Staring at the serpent's head on the ground, it all
made sense: the
descent of spirit into matter, not as a bad thing in
the perverted Christian version where Shaitan/Lucifer
is the Devil, but in the sense of the splitting of the
white limitless light of the Ain (or the black light
of the Abyss) into the colour spectrum, the beautiful
forms and patterns of the manifest world!
  Also associated are the Greek Hermes and Iris (also
a rider of rainbows), 'Messengers of the Gods' and
thus intermediaries betweem spirit and matter. Hermes'
caduceus wand is also feathered and entwined with
serpents, and like Quetzalcoatl he is associated with
the wind.

  Still sitting there in half-lotus asana staring at
the pyramid after my chakra meditations and these
realizations, I had a strong urge to go back up the
chakras, chanting their vocal tones from base to
crown. I knew the guards would come and complain, but
as they were about to close anyway I figured this was
my last opportunity to do so and had nothing to lose
  Sure enough, the guard who had asked me to leave
earlier came right over not far into my chanting and
demanded my rapid exit. I stopped and requested a mere
'sinco (five) minutos' to complete my ceremony, and
pointed to the seven triangles on the pyramid, then at
the seven chakra points on my body in way of
explanation. He just kept demanding I leave, while
some touristvbehind me asked them why they were
hassling me; so I stopped trying to explain and just
proceeded with the next tone. This was the Manipura
one, which after the relatively-mellow and inwards
nature of the first two is thefirst really loud, outer
and potentially-aggressive 'solar power' sound. I
blasted the guard with it full force, and he stepped
back, somewhat stunned, and after a bit more mumbling
retreated. I think once it became obvious that I
wasn't going to leave on request, they decided it was
better not to make a display of dragging me out in
front of all the yuppy tourists, some of whom seemed
to be enjoying my performance.
  So I completed the tones uninterrupted, and
afterwards felt thoroughly charged and rather
victorious. As I slowly rose to leave, bowing my
thanks to Kukulcan in the direction of the temple then
H'yum Kin in the opposite direction of the now-sinking
sun, a new-agey looking middleaged woman in white
rushed up to me and said thank you, and annointed my
wrists (one ofwhich is tattooed with the feathered
serpent caduceus staff, the other with the swordqyl of
Thoth and Maat) with a very potent and
delicious-smelling frankincense oil. (In aeonic magick
frankincense is
associated with Horus, the air/wind aspect of the YHVH
  I wandered off as the seven triangles on the pyramid
began to fade with the setting sun. As I exited the
site and headed off down the road, totally recharged
now after my slow and annoyed start to the day, I
began to skip and dance. I could feel Kukulcan
tingling in my spine...

  I got back to the Pyramide Inn to find almost
everyone had suddenly left, most of my friends on
their way back to Palenque. Various precious little
notes and presents had been left with my pile of scant
belongings, including the not-quite-finished moccasins
from Pyramid (who had to catch her lift when it left)
with thread and leather needles. Wish I could've done
the same with her tattoo, left her a needle and a
small bottle of ink and told her to finish it herself!
(Just kidding)...

  I checked my plane ticket from Mexico city to New
Orleans and discovered it was actually on the day
after I thought, and realized I could fit in a brief
visit to the nearby ruins of Uxmal the next day before
heading off to Mexico city. So I would not need to
catch a bus out of Chichen Itza til morning. Instead,
I had a light dinner in the restaurant, packed up all
my stuff and left it with a friend (the only one still
there!) outside her tent to pick up at dawn, heading
back to the ruins with just an Incan blanket and a
small shoulderbag of ritual tools. It looked like I
would be able to perform some kind of conclusive
birthday rite at Chichen Itza after all, as well as
explore the remaining temples. I wanted to do
something with the energy from my dusk meditations...
...little did i suspect what trouble I would get
myself into, delaying and almost preventing my
departure from Mexico...

  I had wanted to perform some kind of blood rite on
either equinoXuliuqe or my birthday. The Mayans passed
barbed ropes or thorns through their tongues and/or
penises to see the visions serpent, and I had toyed
with the idea of doing this. In cusco, Peru I had
picked up a beautiful little swordfish nose, a
straight bone with little spikes along each side. This
seemed an appropriate tool, although as its actual tip
had broken off and was blunt I was unsure how I would
actually start the piercing process.
  I had looked at the bone speculatively earlier that
day, and laughed at how much like a little laughing
horned face the end of it looks. With the ridges
protruding like ribs along either side of the 'spine',
the whole thing has the appearance of a bizzarre
little snake skeleton with a semihuman face -an
appropriate implement to activate the 'vision serpent'
atop the pyramid of Kukulcan, most surely!
   I stashed my things in the bushes near the smaller
Kukulcan pyramid again, and went off to check out the
large temple I had seen on Equinox night looming
behind the Observatory.
  It was spectacular: Many large dark musty rooms and
labyrinthine tunnels to feel my way through, until
eventually emerging on the other side into the
moonlight, which illuminated the much-decorated far
wall, probably actually the entrance, with a stone
relief of Kukulcan in semihuman form about the great
door. A side structure was plastered with intricate
glyph-work and more curly-nosed stone visages.

  I returned to the pyramid and climbed up to the
platform atop, spread out my blanket, sat and
performed my chakra meditations and some kumbukka
pranayama, then recited my Kukulcan invocation, the
verse of which is at the start of this report.
  I took out the swordfish bone and looked at it. Its
little face grinned up at me rather mischeiviously.
 I fiddled around with various possibilities, with it
probing first the centre then the tip of my tongue. I
realized it was going to be impossible to get it
through the centre of my tongue. Perhaps I could saw
with its ridges from the front, splitting the front of
my tongue as I had considered doing for a while now.
Then again, this would take some time and speech
impediment to heal and probably be inappropriate for
the last leg of my world travels. I tried sawing from
the tip, made a slight indentation but realized it
would be a very long and laborious, if not impossible
  I sawed at the web underneath my tongue, which is
there is little left of anyway as I have been
gradually wearing it away with semi-regular practise
of the Bes-Kali AHA mudra-mantra. The negation of this
web increases the effectiveness of kechari, a yogic
energy-circulation technique involving the insertion
of the tongue down the back of the throat.
  I made the web a little smaller with my sawing, but
it is a very tough muscle and thus slow progress.
  I took out my penis and inserted the ridged bone
into my urethra. As I have already stretched this
passage quite considerably this didn't hurt. The
symbolism suddenly struck me: due to my recent work
with the Merkaba on Equinox, I had been thinking about
the Chariot ATU a bit. Merkaba means Chariot in Hebrew
(as well as spirit-light-body in Egyptian), and that
path/card relates much to the equinox/equilux,
concerning the union of the sun and the moon in
relation to motion. And I had thus been reminded also
of the nightside tunnel corresponding to the Chariot
path, that of Characith. Characith being the 'spine of
the serpent' related obviously to Kukulcan and
kundalini. Characith also concerns the chalice of
blood, and the Chalice has been a focus for me lately
with all my Svadisthana lunar work.

 Even before I began to stretch my urethra, I
consecrated this passage as the microcosmic vagina of
my anima, and as thus the 'Chalice within the Staff',
an inversion of the traditional 'staff within the
  So here I suddenly realized I had a symbolic
'serpent spine' within my chalice, which was about to
be filled with blood -Characith, the nightside EquiNOX
shadow of my EquiLUX work with the Chariot of light on
the 19th. I suppose I should warn readers that the
next few paragraphs may make some feel strange in the
stomach, but it was for me a pleasurable, though
rather intense, meditation.

  I began to saw away from the inside of my urethra.
It was painful but the flesh gave way quite easily to
the back and forth motion of the little ridges, and
soon blood began to pour out. I stopped for a rest and
decided to smoke a little lump of dried peyote brujo
Spencer had left me. It had served me well as the
travel token forwhich it was intended, but I didn't
fancy taking it through US customs, so to smoke it now
seemed an appropriate farewell to Mexico.
  I had a small pipe, as yet unused, also made from a
(larger) sawfish nose with a coconut-shell-carved bowl
affixed. Seemed like a most appropriate vessel for
this rite!
  I lit a candle (having been previously working in
the near-full moonlight due to guard-paranoia) then
with it lit the pipe, and sucked in several big
lungfuls of sweet brujo smoke. I put down the spiny
pipe. The effect was mild but pleasant, a slight
visual gloss on my surroundings.
  I resumed my work. I wanted the tail end of the bone
to come out just under the head of my penis, so I
could leave it in there, with the little horned head
of the serpent-spine sticking out of my eye. But I
unfortunately did not have the technology to execute
this, I soon discovered. The tail of the bone was too
blunt. I tried cutting away at the outer layers of
skin with my Mayan knife, but still could not get the
bone through. So I took it out and pierced just below
the head (from the inside) with one of those
oldfashioned large safety pins, which hurt like hell;
then put the bone back in and began sawing again on a
diagonal angle. There was blood pouring out
everywhere, all over my ankles and the blanket, and I
began to really trance out, seeing some nice if vague
swirls and zigzag patterns.
 I took out some paper and let some of the blood run
onto it.
 The bone then bent -the blood had softened it it
seemed; the skin underneath was now quite swollen from
the puncture and it soon became obvious that I was not
going to be able to get the now-bending spine through.
Realizing this, I just sawed away on less of a
diagonal angle instead, deciding to just widen my
urethra more. I almost sawed the bottom of the head in
half, from the inside. I was starting to get really
dizzy from bloodloss so I stopped, sitting there for a
while in deep trance.
  I smoked the rest of the peyote then rose and moved
slowly, giddily towards the great stone serpent heads
at the front of the top of the temple, chanting
softly, rhythmically, 'Kukulcan, Kukulcan,
  At the time I didn't realize how out there I was, on
the verge of  posession, but when I think about it now
it seems like some surreal dream.
 I don't think I consciously decided to paint the
snakeheads with my blood, I just did it. Winding back
from their agape mouths large stone spirals, as if of
breath or prana, were engraved. Dipping my finger in
the blood pooled on the page, I traced these with my
fingertip. The red and grey spirals looked beautiful
in the moonlight.
 Then I went and lay down with a tingly back and a
fuzzy head, and sank slowly into sleep.

  I awoke as dawn began with a soft pink-orange haze.
I packed my small back, slung it over my shoulder and
headed down and towards the main area of the site,
hoping to catch the dawn sunserpent on the great
pyramid. As soon as I approached it, however, a guard
spotted me and pointed me towards the exit. With a
murmured, 'Beunos Dias' I walked out ahead of him and
continued down the road without a backwards glance.
  I stopped and picked up my backpack and violin at
the Pyramide Inn, where all was quiet, then went to
the bus-station next door. One had just left so,
having to wait an hour for the next bus to the nearby
city of Merida, I went off and had some breakfast.
  Returning to the bus-station, there were a dozen or
so people now waiting there for the imminent bus. A
guy who had been staying at the Pyramide came in and,
thought we had never even talked or anything, gave me
a beautiful
quartz-in-the-process-of-turning-into-amethyst clear
purple chrystal his friend had found, for my birthday.
As I thanked him the bus pulled in, and I was very
excited to be off out of Mexico city, via a brief
daytrip to the Uxmal temples nearby...

 Then a whole squadron of three Inah ruins officials
and three police officers came into the bus station,
surrounding me. One explained that I had been seen in
the ruins that morning, and blood had just been found
painted on the ruins. So I had to accompany them to
the hospital for a blood test to match types...
  I said I had only been in the main area at dawn and
knew nothing about any blood. The official pointed at
my red ankle. 'He's a tattooist,' said the guy next to
me, and I nodded, adding that I had cut my foot. It
seemed feeble but there was now a crowd of gawking
tourists crowded around curiously. I wondered if the
woman in white from the Pyramide Inn who looked at me
with absolute disgust had ever registered that the
ancient culture she venerated even by her presence in
that village practiced such blood rites on a regular
  I showed the officials my bus ticket and even my
conscecutive plane ticket and said I had to go. I
could not handle the idea of being caught up in horrid
legalities now when just about to leave the country.
Their insistence to accompany them prompted me to
demand thay they supply in writing a guarantee that if
the blood wasn't mine they would refund any travel
rescheduling I had to do as a result of their
unnecessary detainments.
 They said they would not, that it was illegal for me
to even be in the ruins that morning and that I thus
didn't have a leg to stand on. I did, but it was red,
and I finally got up and got in their car.

  We drove to the pyramid, not the hospital, and as we
stepped out of the car I said a blood test was
unnecessary anyway, admitting my actions. I explained
quite straight-forwardly that I had performed a sacred
Mayan ceremony there last night, for equinox and my
birthday, and had offered my blood to Kukulcan. I told
them the blood was from my tongue, as I thought the
penis thing would freak them out too much, and they
would be more familiar with the barbs-thru-tongues
Mayan rite. They were indeed, and seemed quite in awe.
They said they respected that I was performing a
ceremony, that it was 'part of my religion', but that
I had nevertheless defaced the ruins.
 I replied calmly that I totally respected the Mayan
ruins and had no intention of damaging them, that it
was only blood and would be gone in a week or so. They
eventually agreed, but said the whole situation still
had to be processed now through their superiors, and
that I would probably have to go to court.
  I accompanied them back to their office. Though
dreading the thought of having to stay in Mexico
longer and deal with more officials and legalities, I
somehow felt calm and confident about it all; some
faith that Kukulcan was just keeping me there a bit
longer for some as-yet-unknown reason...

  The officials were quite amicable, returning my own
friendliness. As I sat in their pokey little office,
wishing I could understand their rapidfire Spanish
telephone conversations with the 'Manager in Merida',
I looked around and up behind me and started: There
was a large mural painted on the office wall my chair
was up against, of Mayan priests performing the
ancient rite of passing barbed ropes through their
  'Look,' I said excitedly, pointing at it, 'That's
the ceremony I performed last night.'
  They nodded and smiled. Shortly a lawyer came in and
asked me lots of questions, mostly about my religious
beliefs and practises. Like the others, he seemed more
curious than official about it, and I answered
everything truthfully and clearly, explaining my
interests in the One Religion behind different
cultural traditions, and my recent explorations of
Hindu-Mayan syncretism in relation to the chakras and
seven powers of Kukulcan.
  They checked out and asked questions about all my
tattoos, taking notes, and one of them kept taking
photos of me, some with the other officials standing
next to me smiling, which also seemed to be mostly
personal rather than official. Weird. They kept asking
me if I ran some kind of 'sect' in Australia.
  Getting bored waiting for hours, and rather tired, I
requested some paper and drew a great picture of a
Mayan figure emerging from the jaws of a great
visionserpent. I have reproduced the essence of this
picture, the original ofwhich I let them keep on their
request, upon the page which caught the blood. (See
  When there were only the two main guys in the
office, I went into a chakra meditation. Noticing my
deep breathing they requested I demonstrate the chakra
tones I had mentioned earlier. I think one of them may
have heard me perform them near the pyramid the day
before. I obliged, discovering that my chakras were
still very open from the rite. They were very
impressed with the harmonics and all.
  We lapsed into friendly discussion (their English
was a bit better than my Spanish). They asked me if I
knew any of the Mayan language. I said yes, a bit, and
spoke some. They told me more, saying they both had a
little Mayan blood. I unfolded the evening prayer to
Hunab Ku (didn't have the daytime one on me) from my
pocket and requested an oration thereof. I had missed
an appointment on my first round of Palenque with some
Mayan who were going to read it for me, so that I
could get all the pronunciations correct.
 They went through it with me several times, for which
I am most grateful. Now that I have the jist of how
Yucatec Mayan flows, I should be able to work out the
correct pronunciation of the daytime prayer and other
passages also.

  After this wonderful sharing, another guard came in
and they snapped back into official mode. The verdict
had finally come through. I was given a bucket of
water and a brush and a whole posse of uniformed
Mexicans accompanied me back to the smaller pyramid. I
was still dizzy from bloodloss and swayed as we
climbed the steps in the searing sun, which made them
laugh. The blood came off the stone spirals very
easily. The two who had heard them wanted me to
perform the chakra tones again for the others, but
they apparently weren't interested and walked off.
  I was told not to do it again (one of them also told
me very seriously  to never smoke drugs, while his
partner ran to some nearby bushes to have a giggling
fit) and was then showed to the exit.

  I was able to change my busticket for a later one
and left town quickly. It was too late now for the
stopover at Uxmal, but I think it was all worth it for
the cultural exchange...

   Adios Mexico!

  -Orryelle Defenestrate  26/03/000

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