GreenPages: Vol. 5 Issue 1, Winter/Spring 2001
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Green Victories in Fall 2000
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Greens in the 2000 Elections
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Nader Campaign
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Campus Greens
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Political Process
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Snapshots of 2000
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Voter Registration
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Into the Future
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Green Party Enjoys Record Growth & Success in 2000, from Local Elections to the Presidency

2000 WAS A YEAR of spectacular growth for the Green Party in the United States.

Greens ran more candidates, received more votes, elected more people, registered more Green voters, and achieved ballot status in more states than ever before.

The Green Party's growth was also about more than just numbers. Public consciousness about the Greens increased many fold - from the boardrooms of the New York Times and Washington Post, to the classrooms of high schools and universities across the nation. In just a few short years, the Green Party has become a meaningful part of the nation's political lexicon. And among the nation's young, Greens are increasingly a preferred choice.

In addition to electoral growth, the Green Party grew organizationally in 2000, enjoying an enormous leap in skills, experience and contacts. This came from within, as internal leadership has developed. It also came from without, as new talent - attracted by the party's values, growth and potential – has joined the party, deciding for themselves that it was finally time to do independent third party politics. Many Greens even earned a living as activists in 2000, and some will not be going back to conventional careers as a result.

Nader Supporters
Nader fans march to show their support

Much more than in 1996, Greens also worked together nationally on a common electoral project, building increased cohesiveness and professionalism in their grassroots structure. This proved to be an invaluable, maturing experience for the growing movement.

On the presidential level, the Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke campaign helped make history – not only by accelerating the growth of the Green Party - but also by helping create one of the most narrow and controversial presidential elections in U.S. history. The closeness of that election - and the controversy it generated - has unexpectedly opened a door for potentially historic electoral reform. Everything from voting machines to voting systems is now on the table for consideration, including Green goals of Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) and proportional representation.

In sum, the Greens' mixed strategy - of an emphasis on municipal races, combined with selected state and federal races, along with pursuing proportional representation and IRV – is succeeding. The party continues to grow on all levels. With the nation a generational/demographic shift away from a very different electorate – one without deep historical ties to the traditional major parties – the Greens' prospects only continue to look better with time.


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