A Brief History of Amadeus

Amadeus is a name synonymous with the archetypal prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Similarly Amadeus Rockefeller was indeed a childhood genius who excelled, not in music, but in the written word. 

Throughout his childhood he spent several hours every day drafting short stories and novels, sketching and water painting, while also learning the piano and violin. In his early teens Amadeus was captured by the medium of film and began to focus his skills on screen writing. At 14 he completed in 4 months his first full-length feature titled Legend Blade and then a succession of highly visual and exciting work from there on. Until now all of his collective works have been shrouded by family idiosyncrasies and  as a writer has remained generally unknown.

A quiet yet enthusiastic philanthropist Amadeus writes all his screenplays neither for fame nor wealth but in hope that the message of the human spirit they contain will enlighten the lives of many. However 2 of his 20 or so works are now being released low key into the mainstream market and have caused considerable delight amongst production executives in Australia. A growing group of filmmakers now believe that within the next  few years Amadeus Rockefeller will carve a path into the motion picture history books.

A.I.R: Personal Profile

Rockefeller corporate profile picture


  • Name: Amadeus Indiana Rockefeller

  • Marital Status: Single
  • Title: Chief Executive Officer
  • Company: Rockefeller Global Communications
  • Corporate Number: ACN 009 323 933
  • Projected Resource Base: RGC has a resource base of 14.90 million ounces, of which 10.53 million is attributable.
  • Personal Interests: Screenwriting, film production, investment, offshore exploration, philanthropy
  • Cultural Interests: Native American culture and artifacts