Got Questions?
From time to time even the most die hard internet user has a question or two that has not been answered by a web site. We have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) in an effort to give you the 
answers you are looking for. If for some reason your question still isn't answered, feel free to contact us.

Q: I am in a band/My friend is in a band/I know this really cool band. Where do I send the demo?
A: We are not currently accepting any demos. All unsolicited recorded material will be returned to sender.

Q: How do I book one of Essential's bands?
A: All contact information for our bands is located on the "artist" page.

Q: Can I email my favorite band?
A: You can email or snail mail most of our artists. Just check out their contact info on the "artist" page.

Q: What happened to All Star United and Plumb?
A: All Star United and Plumb are still together and touring the world. You can find more information on these guys at or Keep your eyes peeled for the "Essential Old School" feature coming soon with some of your favorite Essential artists from years past.

Q: How can I secure the right to use your music for my school project, 
church, demo, etc. ?

A: Please contact Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing  with your request.

Q: What happened to SubLime Records?
A: The original Christian modern rock label has headed back underground.  Keep your eyes (and especially your ears) peeled for SubLime to never know when or where you might spot the 'lime.

Q: How can I work for Essential?

A: If you are currently enrolled in college, we have an incredible internship program year round. Please send your resume and cover letter to: 

Essential Internships 
741 Cool Springs Blvd. 
Franklin, TN 37067 

and someone will contact you soon. If you are interested in full or part time employment, you can call the Provident Music Group job line at 615-261-6551 or read postings on their website, . Essential Records does not accept unsolicited resumes for employment.

Q: Can I visit Essential?
A: Sure! We'd love to show your group our humble abode (and it really is humble). But you must send your request in writing to: 

Visit Essential
741 Cool Springs Blvd. 
Franklin, TN 37067 

at least a month in advance of your scheduled visit so we can arrange a time. As a courtesy, please do not 
show up un-announced.

Q: My question was not answered here. What do I do?
A: Well, since your online, my guess is you have email. So drop us a line at  or snail mail your question to: 

Essential Q&A 
741 Cool Springs Blvd. 
Franklin, TN 37067. 

Some one will answer you soon.