CashWars, Inc. Fails to Complete Deal with PCS, Ltd.


AMHERST, MA - December 6, 2001 - CashWars Inc has been unable to close a deal with  Progressive Computing Solutions Ltd for the sale of CashWars assets and has withdrawn from further negotiations.

No agreement has been reached with PCS Ltd since the original Letter of Intent which expired on August 8, 2001.  At no time were any assets transferred to PCS Ltd.  Likewise no payment was received for any assets by CashWars Inc. and no contracts were signed regarding future asset transfer or payment.

After the excitement for the potential return of fan-owned CashWars, CashWars Inc regrets that this will not happen.  We are very grateful for the support and encouragement we have received.  We wish all those who were involved with CashWars the best on their future adventures. As always, thanks for playing.

About Cashwars:

CashWars, Inc is a Delaware Corporation based in Amherst, MA. With over 340,000 registered members, was an addictive online game where users could steal real money from other users, ally with friends, build an empire and win prizes. Every day approximately 3,500,000 moves were made in the battle for riches.

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