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My Sacco Grandparents
Vincenza Santangelo and Calogero Sacco
********My Grandparents*********
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First a little about myself. I was born at Unity Hospital in Brooklyn, NY and lived most of the early part of my life in South Ozone Park and Rosedale, Queens, NY. I moved to the San Francisco, California (Petaluma) area in 1970, where I have lived since. My mother, Calogera "Lillian" Sacco, was 100% Sicilian. My father, James William Burton, was primarily of English background. I attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, Queens NY. I have five brothers and one sister -- I am the youngest. Most of my family still resides in New York or Pennsylvania.

I have worked for the US Postal Service since 1968, and currently work in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco (Marina Station) on Route 2305 since 1980. Throughout my career, I have been active in the National Association of Letter Carriers at various levels of their structure. I have been a Full-Time Local President (Golden Gate Branch 214, San Francisco) and the Director of Education for the California State Association of Letter Carriers. As a National Representative, I had one of the best records for advocacy at Arbitration Hearings. In addition, I have edited our local union newspaper THE VOICE.

My wife, Catherine Balestrieri Burton, and I enjoy our travels throughout Europe, and usually visit our Sicilian Relatives at least once every three (3) years. Her family comes primarily from Sant'Elia near Palermo, and from Sant'Agata in Messina Province. If you "click" on her name, you will go to her Home Page! Use the "Back" button on your browser to return here!

I became interested, and then engrossed, in genealogy after my cousin Dolores Gillen started doing some serious digging into our Sacco family tree. Much of the information that is currently in my files (on Sacco) are the results of her efforts. I have been using a little known but GREAT genealogy program called FAMILY TREASURES for several years now. As a "spin-off" to the genealogical research, I started a Sacco Family Newsletter, that is currently mailed to virtually all known direct relatives in the USA.

My computer interest started with an Apple II. I currently use (as of July 8, 1999) a "custom" Micro Pro  system with a Pentium III 500, 256 megs, ATI All-in-Wonder 128 video, DVD, V95 Optiquest 19" Monitor, etc. My back-up and second system is my old Quantex Pentium 100 computer system. I also use a Mustek 8000SP flatbed color scanner, and a Lexmark 4029 laser printer for most of my work. I also have an HP 693c Color Inkjet, and a Cambridge SoundWorks' "MICROWORKS" speaker system (it sounds better than my Home Stereo system!). I have published various other newsletters, Menus, publications etc. over the years, while expanding the computer equipment at my disposal. I am currently the Webmaster for the California State Association of Letter Carriers (CSALC) and Golden Gate Branch 214 (NALC). In addition, I am also the Webmaster for the Sonoma County Genealogical Society.

The "Western Labor Press Association" awarded me their Second Place Award "For outstanding achievement in the field of labor journalism in the category of 'Best Series... for calendar year 1996'." The award was for my first three articles on "Computers and the NALC" I have also been awarded their Third Place Award for 1997!
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While there are many excellent Home Pages around the NET on genealogy, I hope to provide you with a comprehensive list of sites and sources for your research! This will be a continual "work in progress."

General Genealogical Links,my SCGS link page!

I have updated  my Genealogical Database (May 31, 1999).
CLICK HERE to view/search my entire Family Tree!

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My Sicilian Family

Click on the "Photo Button" to view a painting of the "Piazza del Popolo" in Sciacca!
Most of my family are from Sciacca and Santa Margherita di Belice in Agrigento Province

To search/view my Family Tree Online!

Primary names being researched:
Sacco, Santangelo, Indelicato DiLorenzo, (Di) Silvestro, Todaro.
Secondary names:
Barbera, Benfari, Caparo, Casandra, Colmone, Craparo, Gallo, Gaimo, Interrante, Mustacchia, Principato, Sabella, Scoma, Turturica.

Surnames in my wife Cathy's Sicilian Tree:
(Most of her family are from Sant'Elia and Sant Agata  in Palermo/Messina Provinces)
Alioto, Balestrieri, Bellante(i), Busalachi, Machi, Messina, Salvo

Sicilian and Italian Genealogy Related LINKS

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The Burton Family

Unknown origins. USA origins are mainly from Luzerne and Berks Counties in Pennsylvania

To search/view my Family Tree Online!

Primary names: Burton, Spence, Cunius, Cunnius
Secondary names: Griesemer, Parsons, Shafer

Pennsylvannia & Burton LINKS

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Travel & Culture

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I am currently a member of the following organizations:

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