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Royal Crown Racing
The #86 Royal Crown Cola Dodge Ram is among the most competitive on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series circuit. Stay tuned for more information.

Little League
As the official soft drink of Little League, RC Cola and RC bottlers support the youth of America and our national pastime. RC and Little League are truly the Great American Team.

RC Edge Maximum Power Cola
Power up with RC Edge, the great-tasting maximum power cola-and the most important liquid in the universe!
RC Since 1905, the famous crisp clean taste of RC has been a favorite of cola drinkers everywhere. RC comes in three refreshing flavors: Royal Crown Cola, Diet RC and Cherry RC.

Royal Crown was relaunched in the U. S. last year with a dynamic new logo, new packaging graphics and new television and print ads with the tagline, "Be Free, Drink RC." With a NASCAR sponsorship and cameo appearances on "ER," "The Simpsons," and "Everybody Loves Raymond," Royal Crown Cola is winning new fans each and every day.

In 1998 Diet RC became the first carbonated soft-drink to be sweetened with Splenda — a non-aspartame sweetener.

Edge RC Edge - New!
New for '99, RC introduces RC Edge, the first and only maximum-power cola from a company known for great-tasting soft drinks! This new cola has a synergistic blend of ingredients-Indian Ginseng, Taurine and Caffeine-bringing unmatched strength and energy. Available only in distinctive blue 20-oz. bottles, RC Edge is sure to be a hit with those who want to push the limits further than ever before!
Kick Kick
The caffeinated citrus category continues to be one of the hottest categories in soft-drinks and shows no signs of slowing. Kick is a dynamite, great-tasting citrus offering a great change of pace from the same 'ol thing.
Diet Rite Diet Rite Cola and Flavors
Diet Rite is the only national brand of diet soft drinks completely free of sodium, caffeine and calories — yet it's loaded with delicious, refreshing taste. Made with filtered water to eliminate any traces of sodium, more and more health-conscious consumers are craving the "tasteful" alternative that Diet Rite's line of flavors offers.
Nehi Nehi
Nehi Flavors are instant nostalgia for those who enjoyed a cold Grape Nehi on a hot summer day as a child. In 1998, Nehi broke new ground with a line of Nehi Originals, a tasty selection of non-traditional soft drink flavors such as Piña Colada and Mango Melon.

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