Last news - Mat Marriott banned from the CNN Board "Kennedy tragedy" -

On July 22, at 11.30 P.M. EST, Mat Marriott posted the last message, immediately deleted by CNN Staff. A few minutes later all the other 13 messages (on the puzzling questions, see below) posted during the previous 24 hours were also deleted.

Please keep in mind that

  • CNN stands also (totally justified) for Clinton News Network
  • CNN has been tolerating that a few handles keep posting on the board insulting the Kennedy family and the memory of JFK. Jr.. Jeffrey Warren posted a few messages alerting CNN for this, with no effect. Some posts were deleted, but only after they were no more in the current (last) page. What Jeffrey Warren does not know : these are the same people who keep posting in the Kosovo board over and over the same Clinton propaganda (for instance G. Brougham).
  • the question about the "the forces of evil" (see below), posted several times (starting with message #106), remained unanswered !!!
  • Want to make a test ? Sign to CNN and put a link to this page. You'll see how you'll immediately be kicked out.

    Puzzling questions about the death of JFK Jr. - the plane crash

  • Why were a tiny prescription bottle and a small piece of luggage (both PERSONALIZED with Lauren Bassette's and Carolyn Kennedy's name) immediately found ?
  • Why would someone have their luggage tagged with their name when there was only three in the plane ?
  • Why can't the US best searching vessels find in the Atlantic Ocean, after four days, a PLANE or any significant part of the plane ?
  • Why would a beginning pilot not file a flight plan?
  • What is a high profile person doing taking such risks and where was his security ?
  • Why is it there was no survival equipment on board?
  • How did the coastguard know this?
  • Why, when the plane initially disappeared off the radar screens, was no emergency or rescue procedure immediately launched ?
  • Why was it that these steps where only taken once concerned friends and family called for assistance?
  • Puzzling questions about the death of JFK Jr. - the political person

  • the last lines of John Kennedy Jr.'s last editorial in "George" were about "the fight against the forces of evil this summer". What forces of evil did he mean ? Please can somebody give me a link to ANY media commenting on this editorial (it seems "George" is only available for AOL users) ? By the way, the fact that it has been so difficult for me to get more on this subject, shows how the amount of time media spends covering an event has no corelation with the amount of information you get on the real issues related to that event.
  • why isn't the media reporting on the intentions J.F.K. Jr. had to candidate to the Senate against Hillary Clinton ?
  • why had Hilary Clinton refused to be interviewed by JFK,Jr., but, had agreed to be interviewed by Mr. Anthony, "George" magazine's Contributing Editor ?
  • why did her husband, Clinton, say on World-wide Television, two days after the crash, that his family was very close to JFK, Jr.?

  • The grief over the loss of a loved one

    Jeffrey Warren - Tuesday, 07/20/99, 10:55:55am (#118 from CNN Message Board "Kennedy tragedy" )

    John F. Kennedy Jr. was much more than just another American citizen, or a privileged socialite.
    He was the living legacy of a president who, on a very personal level, meant a great deal to a whole lot of people. As long as JFK Jr. was alive there was some sense that his father's spirit was alive, too.
    His death represents the loss of a treasured piece of our past as well as a hopeful promise for our future.

    He could have very easily been elected as a senator or governor - he had the name and the charisma to go with it, which is all that Jeb and George W. Bush needed. And once JFK Jr. achieved his first office, who knows? He could have been a presidential contender within one term, again like George W. Bush.

    There was no scandal in JFK Jr.'s past and his beautiful, elegant wife was definitely First Lady material. He could have provided a kind of "happy ending" to his father's terribly tragic story, but now it will never be.

    The torch will not be carried. The flame has gone out. I feel like I've known JFK Jr. all my life - my mother worshipped his father and always showed me pictures of "John John" beginning from an early age. He was a little older than I but in a sense we grew up together, in that I have been conscious of his existence for as long as I can remember. Now I feel sadder and more hopeless than I have ever felt. If you are one of the callous, cynical people who don't understand what all the fuss is about, consider yourself lucky. "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

    Good night, sweet prince.

    A gentleman of impeccable  manners, humility and charm

    by Dan Hall, July 20

    I met John Kennedy, Jr. two months ago when he stayed at a friend's home in Vero Beach, Florida while taking flying lessons. I was ready to meet a stuck up spoiled rich boy with too much money and too much free time. Instead I was introduced to a gentleman of impeccable manners, humility and charm. He was genuine and warm to the staff in our community, and VERY respected and well liked.

    Then I had to disturb Mrs. Kennedy one day to have some repairs done in the home they were in. I asked her if I should accompany the
    repairman to be sure that her privacy and safety were respected. Her reply was "don't be silly, I'll just go walk on the beach for an hour and
    come back when he is done".

    I have met dignitaries of state, Princesses from Britian, movie stars, fashion designers, TV personalities, and entertainment executives at our club. None touched me more than Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, they were truly a couple that you would love to have as friends.

    Forever in my mind will be the picture I have of John John, who is the same age as me. He walked ahead of me by about 3 paces, held the door open as we both walked into our restaurant, motioned for me to order first because I was "working", he was heading for a flying lesson. In his black kongol hat (on backwards), blue pants, and a white pilots shirt, he smiled at me from behind some fancy sunglasses  and said "Have a good day SIR!". As I left the restaurant I heard him  say "Suzanne, can you make me a bagel please!"

    Oh, and by the way - he had one killer smile!

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