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Hyannis native still close to NU program
For the Star-Herald
LINCOLN — “Do you get back often?” a man asked, extending his hand.
“Back just last week,” Terry Connealy said with a smile. “You know, I love getting back to Hyannis whenever I have the chance.”
Connealy is remembered for his incredible days as a Husker, helping Tom Osborne to the coach’s first national championship as head coach in 1994. The picture of Connealy standing over Miami quarterback Frank Costa after a late-game sack made national newspapers and magazines.
It’s also made the Hyannis native a part of Husker history. And now that Connealy is a half-decade removed from his Husker glory days, he returned to be a part of the Husker broadcast team for a second time.
He does the pre-game show for Pinnacle from Nebraska’s student union bookstore with host Gary Sharp. As the show went on before the Notre Dame game Saturday, Connealy was ribbed by Sharp about Crawford beating Hyannis Friday night.
“But,” Connealy said as they went to a commercial break, “I heard it was a good game.”
Sharp smiled, appreciative of Connealy’s pride in his rural roots. Later in the Husker press box as Connealy grabbed literally two bits of chicken before heading out for another interview, he talked about how fond he is of both his memories of 8-man football in Hyannis, and his days as a Husker.
“I hope that kids in the small towns maybe see that if I did it (made it as a Husker), they can do it, too,” Connealy said. “But hey, there were a lot of guys from small towns in this state who made it here before me. Look at (Joel) Makovicka, he’s in the NFL. There have been a lot of small town guys who have been a big part of the success here. But yes, of course, I’m proud to be a part of it.”
Connealy moved to Omaha with his wife, Lisa, and their two young daughters, 2-year-old Madison, and 10-month-old Logan. Both are as adorable as can be, and they are clearly the apples of their father’s eye. He is working as a financial planner, but likes staying as a part of the program through his radio work with Pinnacle. And he thinks it’s too early to make a judgment about this year’s Huskers.
“Really, it’s too soon to tell,” Connealy said. “I do think Coach (Frank) Solich has done a good job. He’s followed a legend in Coach Osborne, yet he’s done a great job of making his own mark, yet upholding the tradition.”
He doesn’t plan to go back to Hyannis this weekend. But he does wonder how Chris Kraus and the team are doing, following them through newspaper and online reports.
“I’m so proud of where I’ve come from,” Connealy said. “I wouldn’t trade my upbringing for anything. I go back and everyone knows me — no one fusses all over me or anything like that. It’s just nice to get back home. I like taking my wife and kids back there, too.”