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Lane - possible new Tip on operating M1/M1A rear sight

Posted By: Brent <iballen@mindspring.com>
Date: Saturday, 17 July 1999, at 11:15 a.m.

Lane, I copied this from Shooter's Gun Talk Highpower page, so I can't take credit for being the author. I'm not sure who the author is but he goes under the handle "gasgun". To some, this is old hat but I found it to be very informative. Here it is: Here are the basics of the M1-M14 rear sight operation. The elevation knob is actually a slipping scale. The M1 sight is in yards and generaly scaled to the M2 ball ammo. The M14 knob is divided in meters and also for ball ammo. Hence the M stamped on the scale. Under the best of conditions, idealy what you would do is to sight the gun in at a given distance--in meters. However we as target shooters deal in English distances; we'll sight in at a yard line. The three hundred yard line is the best one to use as it will give you a zero in the middle of where the gun is to be used. So what we do is to sight in the rifle at three hundred yards from the prone supported position. When you have satisfactorily accomplished this, you count the clicks down-to bottom out the sight. Then loosen the screw on the elevation knob. Roll the knob forward until the pointed hash mark (above the one marked 2-) is aligned with the hash mark on your receiver sight ear. Now roll the scale forward the number of clicks that you counted up for your zero. Hold the knob tightly and tighten the screw without letting it slip. You now can elevate your rear sight the required number of clicks and the 300m mark should correspond with the mark on the receiver sight ear. If not--make it so. Now if you click it down 3 clicks, the 2- line will match. Down 3 clicks more and the hash mark under the 2- (the 100 meter mark) will correspond. Now roll it up to the 3 and count up 11 clicks and you will notice that you are not quite to the 6- mark. Again we are using meter marks. This actually takes more time to describe, than to do it. What you now have accomplished is that by in large you can dial it on and shoot it. You can look at your sight and see that it is set for you to shoot the yard line that you are on. There have been several people who are reading this right now who have clicked on extra come-up clicks, or not come up when they changed yard lines. This is always done in a leg match for some strange reason. This procedure was taught in the military during the time that the M1 and M14 were used as SOP. It has been lost with the newer generations and doesn't seem to get passed on so I hope that the information helps {;-) If you put all of your bullets in the middle of the target--They give you more points.

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