Trail Report: LIOR Pine Barrens

by Greg Passannante

We all met at the train bridge at 9:30am. There were a total of ten trucks. Jim lead us across the street to a trail where there were a few mud holes that didn't give us any problems. Then we came to a open field that looked a little muddy with some water. Jim headed in first to show us all how to bury his Dodge in the mud. I entered with everyone following and we all got stuck except for three trucks. Paul hooked onto Jim to winch out, but toasted his ignition module. Eric winched himself out, Keith and myself were strapped out.

Terry, Mike, and Gonzalo

We all were free except the Jim's Dodge, he took a little longer. Mike, John, and Gonzalo were pulling each other out while Paul was doing a trail repair on his electrical system. Eric and Keith decided to go a little crazy and race each other around the field (Keith came back first).

Keith in deep

We were there for an hour or so and we broke for lunch once everyone was on dry land. After lunch, we then headed on the trail again and found a sunken lake. We played here for a while, climbing the eroded hills. This was a nice place to test your skills climbing loose dirt hills. On the way out Eric showed us the undercarriage of the Jeep by trying to climb a steep hill.

Eric and John catch some air

We drove some more till we came to the end of the trail. At the end was a sand mining operation where we got out to look at the man made lake. At this spot Keith, Eric, and John launched there trucks over a small jump. Eric found a bent front driveshaft when he landed.

Greg tosses Terry the strap

Well we headed out to another spot Jim knew about, we backed tracked to the main road to cross over to this huge playground for trucks and motorcylces. We were amazed at how many trucks were there. There were a bunch of mud holes, I think there was one for everyone. We all split up to find what we all like best. I was climbing the dirt with Paul and Mike while everyone else was driving around. Little Gonzy was driving his dads Ford around like a pro. We found a spot where Mike and Paul got this really nice back tire aerial shot. The tire was off the ground on the Jeep about two and a half feet.

Couple of more photos were shot and off to another waterhole. Paul went through and fell to the left side (I think it scared him for a while) and his Bronco took on some water in the cab. He tried to get me to follow his tracks. I criss crossed his tracks to find the water going over my hood. I plowed through and made it also (thank God).

Well it was getting late and we all decided to leave and get some pizza before heading home. LIOR will come back to this spot. Thanks everyone for a great day and thanks Jim for a cool Trail.

The people that attended the trail ride were:

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Feb 19, 1996