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                     Rikki; Alexandria Dombrowski and her mom Claudine.                       The child-sized Coffin coffee table to show HE's in charge.

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Please contact the new Court contacts and well as the prosecuting attorney.

Please read the following initial newspaper article for Rikki's horrifying story.

Picture of Rikki and Claudine the day after Rikki was born. Mom has a black eye!

Picture of Battery of Mom (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) dated 12/14/2000

Picture of Battery of Rikki (Not as graphic but does show recently healed split lip and bruised nose) dated 12/10/00

Who is Claudine? During correspondance with Rep. Kent Glasscock the following letter was written.


8/25/01 - Added an interested CNN contact - Greta Van Susteren
8/25/01 - Related Petition added to Links section
8/25/01 - Updated Contact Information and reorganized a bit.
8/23/01 - Letter from supporter asking about Claudine's 'secret's ... is there more to the story you're not telling us?

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