John Merle Stoll (1918- )


Father: John Daniel Stoll  (1875-1950)
Mother: Stella Gertrude Hammond  (1879-1959)


Sister: Dorothy Augusta Stoll  (1903-????)
Sister: Elizabeth M. Stoll  (1912-????)
Brother: Robert L. Stoll  (1920-????)


Wife: Dorothy Alberta Weidenhoeft  (1919- ) married 1946-06-17.


Daughter: Linda Jeannette Stoll  (1947- )
Daughter: Jane Carole Stoll  (1952- )

Basic Data

Born: 1918-03-15


E-mail: Jane (Stoll) Meleady
Record: Compiled by Stella S. Ivey.
Book: The Shipleys of Maryland 1968, Dorothy Shipley Granger.

Newsline, May 1983 - text provided by his daughter, Jane (Stoll) Meleady.

John M. Stoll was born in his great-grandfathers house, the same spot where the Amoco terminal's tank farm now sits.

"My great-grandfather owned this land since 1830," said John, surveying the section of land now covered with huge storage tanks. "Certain parcels were sold to the B & O railroad around 1917, then it was sold to Amoco and they started building on it in 1922."

John still remembers watching the steam shovels and horse drawn dump wagons build the terminal's fire dikes, and the crews rivet the tanks together when he was a boy. "We were all glad to see industrialization come to this area because it meant jobs." he said.

Stoll admits that looking for a job during the 30's was an effort in futility. But living next to the Amoco terminal definitely helped. "I used to cut through the terminal on my way to some of the odd jobs I managed to find back then," he said. "One day I saw a leaking flange and reported it to the superintendent and assistant terminal manager at the main gate."

Stoll's quick response paid off. To thank him for his efforts, Amoco was able to offer Stoll a job at the terminal a month later. "I was especially glad to come to work with Amoco since it meant steady employment after so many temporary jobs," he noted.

Stoll, 65 years old, attributes his good health and never calling in a day sick in 44 years to working outdoors in all kinds of weather. His retirement plans include keeping active one way or another. "I'm a bus trip enthusiast," he says. "I've always wanted to travel out west and see the Rocky Mountains. My wife, Dorothy, and I will probably do a lot of traveling now."

Retirement and 65th birthday. 44 years of work without one sick day. (1983)

"The Priceless Gift of Life is Love."

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