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     WHAT IS IT?

There´s another Internet out there...
it´s the cable-powered Internet.

Imagine the Internet with...
  • A constant connection
  • No phone lines
  • No busy signals
  • and blazing speed to surf the web!

On the Internet, speed is freedom and the Comcast High-Speed cable-powered Internet service gives you plenty of both. With the Comcast High-Speed cable-powered Internet service you can enjoy the Internet the way you´ve always imagined.

More Email, More Content, More Webspace
  • Unlimited Use for a Flat Monthly Fee
  • Up to 7 Email Addresses
  • 25 MB of Personal Webspace
  • Exciting, new homepage - all of your favorites: news, weather, stocks, etc. Plus, exclusive broadband content featuring streaming video and high-quality sound
  • Remote access to your account and your email - pick up messages from anywhere (NEW feature!)
  • "My File Locker" Web storage space for files like MP3s, digital photos and more (NEW feature!)
  • Ability to publish personal web pages
  • Round-the-clock Customer Service - dedicated Internet specialists available online or by phone
  • Member Services - account management, FAQs, and trouble-shooting information are just a click away
  • Additional fees may apply

Lightning download speeds-many times faster than dial up...
and up to twice as fast as DSL 640K. So you´ll spend less time waiting and more time exploring the Internet. Watch streaming video, enjoy CD-Quality sound,and sail from web page to web page at lightning speed.

*Product may vary by market. Check zip codes for details.
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Comcast High-Speed Internet allows you to experience the Internet the way you´ve always imagined!

Important Information About Comcast High-Speed Internet Service

Comcast is currently converting the network that supports its cable-modem Internet service.

Until approximately late January, 2002, new customers will be able to sign up for Comcast High-Speed Internet prior to the full launch of the service. This will provide a high-speed, always-on connection--the primary reason to choose cable modem service.

"@Home" installation CDs and software enclosed with Comcast @Home self-installation kits (sold at retail locations up to and including January, 2002) will NOT connect you to the Internet. However, the kits DO contain hardware necessary to connect you to the high-speed Internet service.

Customers that self install MUST call 877.637.3126 to commence the activation process. The call is toll-free and a representative will inform you how to complete your installation*.

Between late January and early February, when network conversion is complete, all new and existing customers using Comcast High Speed Internet service will experience the full features of our improved service, to include:
  • Up to seven email addresses

  • Remote access to their e-mail from virtually anywhere via webmail

  • ´My File Locker´- personal web space for storing personal files [like photos, MP3s, etc]

  • Enhanced online member services for account management, FAQs and trouble-shooting

* As a result of our network transition, you may experience an activation delay of between one and two weeks from the time of the call.