than those who got conventional cancer therapy Excerpts below quote a speech by Dr. Hardin Jones, a prominent cancer researcher and former professor at the Donner Lab of Medical Physics at the University of California (at both Berkeley and Davis.)

Dr. Hardin Jones published these statistics in his article tin Transactions, New York Academy of Science, series 2, v. 18, n.3, p.322. Write us for others who collected their own cancer survival statistics, and who accuse official studies of being "doctored" or skewed by drug sponsors, to show some benefits for chemotherapy.

"My studies have proved conclusively that cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation actually live up to FOUR TIMES LONGER THAN TREATED CASES."

Dr. Jones, formerly a physiologist with the University of California Department of Medical Physics, has been studying cancer for more than 23 years. He has traveled the world collecting data on the dreaded disease and presented his findings to the American Cancer Society and medical schools.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt, radical surgery on cancer does more harm than good. "As for radiation treatment -- most of the time it makes not the slightest difference whether the machine is turned on or not."

Dr. Jones noted that "unfortunately, it seems to be only a question of time, usually, before the disease pops up again all over the body."

"Every cancer patient who keeps in excellent physical shape may have many good years left. The alternative is to squander those years as an invalid through radical medical intervention, which has zero chance of extending life."

Dr. Jones continued, "Itís utter nonsense to claim that catching cancer symptoms early enough will increase the patientís chances of survival."

"Furthermore, untreated breast cancer cases show a life expectancy four times longer than treated ones. ~ "My wife and I have discussed what she would do if breast cancer was diagnosed in her," Dr. Jones continued. "And we both agreed that she would do nothing as regards to treatment, except to keep as healthy as possible. I guarantee she would live longer!"