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Moo... I present to you a bi-project that I am working on. I did this today mostly.. Using the limey 3ds file that was located with the zip containing pakrat and all that malarkey. I converted it into c2 and have been working at getting it all ingame. It actually looks better than I expected (I know its still wank but hey) :) I have it all modelled out (needing a few 'touchy up' bits to cover holes) and half of it skinned fully. Some of the skin bits need a little work (such as the bonnet) Its all looking pretty nifty at the minute. Here's le picture of it so far:

So thats somethin' which you should be lookin out for the release of...
All for me, back to uni for a day or two tomorrow, all so I can hand in an assignment. Bah!

Posted 2:11 AM, Wednesday, January 16, 2002 by random_monkey

Nyub Nyub

BIG update....
more on the taxi that is :) I have been working quite a bit today on this. It is coming along quite nicely. Shame all of my reference pictures are from the front, it means that whenever one goes past me i strain to look at the back of it. Although it is coming on :) heres a pic:

And just to prove that although buzz isn't posting, he really is alive. here is a little preview of something he is working on.


Aswell as the taxi, I have also been working on a TDR -> C2 conversion. Its one of the original cars, (I've pretty much told you which one it is) So expect to see that sometime. No pippin' me at the post anyone :P.

On another note, The Spray Shop is back! Although it is currently manually being updated by lumberjack. He is trying to get the scripts working so everything can be up and running as normal. Deep_Blue has uploaded some goodies there for you, So get on over there now!


Posted 2:44 AM, Monday, January 14, 2002 by random_monkey
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