"...a trustworthy envoy brings healing." Proverbs 13:17b (NIV)
Continuity Fund Raising
Integrated Marketing
Ministry Brand Development
Leveraged Publicity Promotions
Integrated Capital Campaigns
Integrated Corporate Sponsorships
Brand Product Development

Like many Christian leaders, you have a vision for your organization. You have sought the Lord, and He has called you to fulfill a great vision. It is a vision founded in serving and glorifying Him.

Now comes the hard part.

It is time to build the vision with discipline, hard work, and perseverance. It is time to bring clarity, expertise and precision to the vision. Time to trust God to provide the people and resources needed to share your vision.

An envoy is an expertly trained courier who brings a special message from a higher source to an audience. It is our privilege and our calling to help deliver your ministry message -- your vision -- to the marketplace.

Your Trust is Our Cornerstone
Our business is built upon the long-term relationships we have
with our clients, our staff and our associates.


The Envoy Group is a new kind of Christian advertising agency. We do things very differently than other agencies. Some might call us radically innovative in our approach. We serve the integrated marketing and fundraising needs of national organizations. We provide a full service, integrated solution for those who seek to yield long-term, advocate-centered donations or sales from the Christian marketplace.

The Envoy Group's experienced professionals have a keen understanding of the importance of developing an organization's brand, helping them to eliminate or jump over the barriers they've experienced in the past that are limiting their potential. The Envoy Group puts a heavy emphasis on strategy, research and account planning to ensure that each communication is integrated with the brand goals and identity of the client and with what will generate the appropriate short and long-term response from its constituents.

Envoy Group executives are Christians who seek to glorify God in all that they do. With a commitment to excellence, these men and women put their training and experience to work to further the goals of their clients and the Kingdom. The Envoy Group stands ready to communicate your ministry or product to the national Christian marketplace.

A New Kind of Christian Agency. A Different Way to Market
The traditional rules of marketing and communication are no longer effective.
An entirely new discipline has taken over.


Worldwide Publications (Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.)
Turning Point (David Jeremiah)
Truth For Life (Alistair Begg)
Christian Film and Television Commission
Leadership Catalyst
Women of Virtue
Tyndale House Publishers
Focus on the Family
Breakaway Magazine
MovieGuide Magazine
World Concern
Leading the Way (Michael Youssef)
Chariot Victor Publishing
Campus Crusade
Family Life Radio
Current, Inc.
National Geographic Society
INJOY (John Maxwell)
Mission Network News (MNN)
African Children's Choir
and many more . . .

We have served many clients, either on a
single project basis or in a full-fledged strategic role.


Continuity Fundraising Development
The Envoy Group provides full service consulting, training and project implementation for its clients, including design, copy, and production. The Envoy Group's professionals fill the gaps in the development departments of their nonprofit clients. We ensure that key fundraising strategies are performed on time and on budget, even when the ministry is understaffed. Our attention is always on the ministry's bottom line, working to decrease fundraising costs and increase donation and sales income for the ministry. One of the agency's distinctive approaches is our development of continuity fundraising? techniques. From acquiring prospects to converting them to donors and increasing their frequency and average gift sizes, we develop well-rounded fundraising programs that lead to expansive growth and a steady flow of monthly income for our clients.

Integrated Marketing Development
The Envoy Group helps its clients introduce, market and expand their product lines on a regional and national level. We are privileged to be called on to launch today's most successful brands in the Christian marketplace, including the best selling children's video series (McGee and Me! by Focus on the Family) and the top selling study Bible (Life Application Bible), as well as to manage the product lines for clients such as The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Turning Point, Tyndale House Publishing and Cook Communications. We specialize in increasing a ministry's ?borders? by including integrated product solutions in addition to fundraising.

Branded Product Development
Part of The Envoy Groups uniqueness is its strength in the area of product development. Whether the client is for-profit or not-for-profit, we help design, write, print and promote books, videos, premiums and other resources that generate maximum response. We also represent our client to publishers, ensuring that the best possible publishing deal can be reached, for the benefit of the writer as well as the organization.

Leveraged Publicity Promotion
Publicity and promotion are an increasingly important factor in both the fundraising and marketing mix. The Envoy Group understands the media that impacts the Christian marketplace and puts its experience and connections with the media to work for its clients. The Envoy Group has strong ties and influence with Christian booksellers, Christian radio and television stations, the news media and churches around the country.

Ministry Brand Development
The Envoy Group provides consulting and seminars in ministry and product branding, which helps leaders discover and communicate their unique vision, rally the troops behind it and better build on that brand.

Integrated Web Development
The Envoy Group provides web site development and maintenance, e-commerce programming and planning for our clients. We help bring synergy to the overall communications efforts to ensure they are matched and complemented in the on-line environment.

Integrated Corporate Sponsorships & Capital Campaigns
Perhaps the most underutilized form of support for mass media and event ministries is the use of corporate funding through sponsorships. Our sponsorship team handles all aspects of developing sponsorship levels for our clients, including developing a sponsorship case, finding sponsors, presenting the opportunity, negotiating sponsorship contracts and maintaining the sponsorship relationship.

Inspired Strategy. Creative Service.
We are called and gifted by God for the supreme
honor of serving Christian ministries.?


David Bolthouse, President/Partner
David served as the Development Director of a major nonprofit Christian radio network and later took a position with a leading Christian agency in Seattle, where he managed fundraising and marketing for such national accounts as Focus on the Family, Tyndale House Publishing, World Concern, and David C. Cook Publishing. In 1993, he founded The Envoy Group, Inc. (previously named DirectMedia Communications). David specializes in the areas of fundraising, strategic planning, and radio broadcasting.

Karl Schaller, Senior Vice President/Partner
Karl has spent over twenty years in executive marketing roles in organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Xerox Corporation and Tyndale House Publishing. Most recently, Karl was Vice President of Marketing & Product Development with Cook Communications Trade Division. In 1999, he joined The Envoy Group. Karl earned a Masters Degree from Wheaton College in Marketing Communications and went to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business focusing on Marketing & Strategic Planning. Karl specializes in integrated marketing, strategic planning, brand development, and product development issues for our clients.

Randy Cantrell, Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships & Capital Campaigns
Randy has over 3 decades of experience in fundraising, sales, television broadcasting and advertising. Randy was formerly Executive Consultant for the worlds largest church capital fundraising firm. He has also managed 3 different network television stations and is a former president of the Arizona Broadcasters Association. Randy heads up the firms Corporate Sponsorship division. Randy also provides television production and placement counsel to our clients.

Lisa Chastain, Vice President, Promotions and Publicity
For over 15 years, Lisa has served the promotion and publicity needs of many ministries and performing artists including Carman, The Power Team, Tim Miner, Al Green, Wayne Watson, Kim Boyce, Vickie Winans, and many more. Lisa handles the various promotion and publicity needs for our clients.

Jeff Lane, Art Director
Jeff was formerly with Smith/Lane Associates, a graphics firm he owned. Jeff is located in Colorado Springs and serves such clients as the American Heart Association, National Geographic Society, USA Cycling, Group Publishing, and Focus on the Family.

Meagan Gillan, Copy Editor and Manager.
Meagan is a Wheaton College graduate and is near completion of a degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. She is also pastors wife with teenage children. Meagan formerly worked for the aggressive Denver office of Youth For Christ. For Touchpoint, Meagan manages a host of freelance writers and is our chief editor and proofreader.

Deborah Coult, Project Manager
Deborah was formerly the executive assistant to the president of Samaritans Purse-Canada and help manage their donor services department and the hugely successful Operation Christmas Child Program. Deborah has been involved in several national ministries in the U.S. and Canada and excels in the area of project management.

God-Honoring Work. Always Fair Prices
We will never hinder God's work due to finances