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Memorial Beach / The Selections

Memorial Beach (14.06.93)

This 10-track album was written by Pål Waaktaar, except "Move To Memphis" by Pål and Magne Furuholmen and "Lamb To The Slaughter" by Magne. The album was produced by David Z and a-ha and mixed by Rod Hui with Pål Waaktaar. It features Morten on vocals, Magne on keyboards, Pål on guitar, J.B. Bøgeberg on bass, Per Hillestad on drums and JD Steele, Jevetta Steele and Kathy Wilson on backing vocals on "Lie Down In Darkness" and "Move To Memphis". This German made album was available in many European countries.

The cover of the LP features a large red and orange a-ha-logo which appears to be glowing through the undergrowth. Underneath there is a colour-shot by Just Loomis of a-ha standing on a beach (Pål, Morten and Magne). The title is written in small white letters at the top. The reverse of the LP has a picture of a-ha similar to that on the single "The Blood That Moves The Body '92". It comes with an inner sheet with a large black and white a-ha picture and the lyrics on the back. The LP version of the album was not available in the UK but could be imported from Germany.

The CD edition has similar cover to the LP. It comes with an 8-page booklet. The pages of this booklet have a grey and black patterned background design. Inside the cover there is a photograph of a woman lying on a bed and the track listing is written in white on the facing page. In the centre there is a large black and white band-shot (Magne, Morten and Pål). The other pages feature the lyrics in white text and other black and white group shots. Memorial Beach
Early pressings of the CD booklet have the lyrics for "Memorial Beach" missing, although they are present in later pressings. The reverse of the booklet has a a picture of a red and orange locust `glowing' through the undergrowth. The back insert has a different colour-shot of a-ha standing on the beach. The tracks are written in white on a black background underneath and "Produced by David Z and a-ha" printed in red. The CD is grey with a picture of a locust in white at the bottom and other text in white. Memorial Beach CD
The German made cassette has a similar cover to the LP and CD. The sleeve folds out with the song lyrics printed in black over the top of a very pale undergrowth shot on one side. The other side features the black and white group shot found in the centre of the CD booklet, a glowing red and yellow locust with text in white printed over the top plus the black and white picture of the woman lying on the bed with track listing in white above. The spine of the cassette sleeve is blcak with white text. The actual cassette is transparent / grey with white titles. Memorial Beach Cassette


    Memorial Beach Promo Case
  • Germany: There was a unique promo only item available in Germany. It consists of the album "Headlines And Deadlines", the "Dark Is The Night" single plus special paper inserts in all of the pockets with a-ha information and advertising. These are contained in a black CD carry case. The a-ha logo is printed in white letters on the front of the case with "Case Logic" in white embroided letters at the bottom. Memorial Beach Japanese CD obi strip
  • Japan: The CD comes with a Japanese lyric sheet plus a white and red obi strip with red, blue, white and yellow text. As with the early pressings of the European release, the lyrics for the title track are also missing from the booklet. The album title is printed in English on one of the spines and in Japanese on the other. On the promo copy of the CD album, the text "sample not for sale" is etched in around the centre of the disc and a white and red promo-sticker is on the back insert.

    Tracks: Dark Is The Night For All (3:46) / Move To Memphis (4:22) / Cold As Stone (8:19) / Angel In The Snow (4:13) / Locust (5:09) // Lie Down In Darkness (4:32) / How Sweet It Was (6:00) / Lamb To The Slaughter (4:20) / Between Your Mama And Yourself (4:16) / Memorial Beach (4:36).

    Memorial Beach Korean LP with promo sticker
  • Korea: The front sleeve of the LP is printed with more red tones than the European release. It comes with a picture insert.


Brazil Memorial Beach 670.8309
Germany Memorial Beach 9362-45229-1
Korea Memorial Beach 9362-45229-1
USA Memorial Beach 45229-1


Australia   Memorial Beach 936245229-2
European   Memorial Beach 9362-45229-2 (WE 833)
Japan   Memorial Beach WPCP-5333
Japan promo Memorial Beach WPCP-5333
USA   Memorial Beach 9 45229-2


UK / Germany Memorial Beach 9362-45229-4
USA Memorial Beach 9362-45229-4

The Selections '85-'93 (1993)

This compilation `best of' CD was released in Japan as a radio promo only CD. The cover features the black and white band shot (Magne, Morten and Pål) which can be found on the centre pages of the "Memorial Beach" CD booklet. The `glowing' a-ha logo is placed above this picture and the title is printed on a white background at the bottom of the sleeve.

The Selections Promo CD - Front and reverse of sleeve

The reverse of the sleeve is black with the track listing printed in white text. The title, in white letters, is printed across the top of the sleeve.

This CD does not come with an obi strip.

The Selections Promo CD - front insert opened out

The Selections Promo CD - reverse of front insert

Tracks: Dark Is The Night / Move To Memphis / Cold As Stone / How Sweet It Was / Take On Me / Train Of Thought / Hunting High And Low / The Sun Always Shines On TV / I've Been Losing You / Manhattan Skyline / Cry Wolf / Stay On These Roads / Touchy! / The Living Daylights / Crying In The Rain.


Japan promo The Selections '85-'93 PCS-116

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