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01-18-01 10:50 pm PST
FightSport Magazine Hitting Stands on February 5th

FightSport with Stephen Quadros will make its long-awaited debut on February 5, 2002. Stephen Quadros, Pride FC commentator and long-time contributor to Black-Belt magazine, is the chief-editor. This MMA-related magazine will be in Barnes and Nobles and Borders everywhere. More...

01-18-01 10:40 pm PST
Randy Couture's Daughter Competing in Submission Grappling Event

Amy Couture, daughter of UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, will be facing Kai "Kiler" Cook at Desert Brawl 3, in Oregon. More...

01-18-01 10:30 pm PST
Heavyweight Mega Tournament

Promoters T. Jay Thompson and Monte Cox have announced the co-promotion of a 3-part mega event that will conclude with a 2-day, 16-fighter heavyweight
elimination tournament in Honolulu. "Return of the Heavyweights" is the largest Grand Prix Tournament event in U.S. history. The 16-fighter finale is set for April 25-26 at the Blaisdell Arena. More...

01-18-01 10:20 pm PST
Rage in the Cage 33 - The Big Show

If you enjoy Heavyweight action, RITC 33 is the place to be on Super Bowl Weekend. Rage in the Cage will be starting the New Year off in a "Big" way. There will be 12 fights on the card with a majority of these made up of Heavyweights and Super Heavyweights. More...

01-17-01 9:45 pm PST
UFC 36 - Worlds Collide

UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz defends his championship belt against Vitor Belfort, and Welterweight champion Matt Hughes defends his title against Hayoto "Mach" Sakurai at UFC 36 - Worlds Collide. In the undercard, Pete Williams is facing Frank Mir, and Evan Tanner faces Elvis Sinosic. More...

01-17-01 9:30 pm PST
Draculino BJJ Seminar

Draculino, a black belt from Gracie Barra, will be holding a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar in Corpus Christi, TX, on February 2 and 3. The seminar will take place February 2 and 3 at Lumampao Martial Arts. Contact 361-549-3597 or 361-539-4276 or contact Alberto Crane, 505 995-0156,

01-17-01 9:20 pm PST
Bruce Buffer Coming to the UK

The most famous MC in Mixed-Martial Arts history and the proclaimed 'official voice of MMA' - Bruce Buffer will be flying in from Los Angeles to present the UK's Ultimate Combat MMA event on March 10th in Chippenham!!! More...

01-16-01 8:30 pm PST
UFC 36 Corner-Man Contest

Zuffa is holding a UFC 36 contest, the winner gets to be in the corner of the fighter of his choice for UFC 36. More...

01-15-01 12:00 pm PST
UFC 35 Pictures and Review

UFC 35 - Throwdown took place this past Friday in Mohegan Sun, Connecticut. This UFC looked great on paper, and even better in reality. Two title defenses, two Russians, and three TKOs made this UFC one of the best. More...

01-14-01 4:00 pm PST
MFC 3 - Sanctioned in Canada - March 23

Todd Medina, Dennis Hallman, Shannon Ritch, Trevor Machellis and Dan Rizzuto will all be competing in the Maximum Fighting Championships 3, taking place March 23 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. More...

01-14-01 11:45 am PST
Randy Couture Interview in The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times has published an interview/article about Randy Couture online. The article discusses his wrestling career and UFC career, and states his purse for his second bout with Pedro Rizzo at UFC 34. More...

01-12-01 9:00 pm PST
Fabio Gurgel Seminar - London, England

Fabio Gurgel is doing a seminar in London, on Januray 27. He will present a 4.5 hour seminar coving advanced gi and no-gi BJJ and vale-tudo techniques. The seminar will be conducted at Budokwai, 4 Gilston Rd., Chelsea, London. Starts at 3:30pm. Costs £40.

01-12-01 7:55 pm PST
Shooto - Treasure Hunt Results

The first Shooto Show of the year is in the books, as the Treasure Hunt tour kicks off in Tokyo. Lance Gibson lost to Masanori Suda in the main event, and Izuru Takeuchi defeated Ronald Jhun in the undercard. More...

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