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Welcome to all about ER6. This site includes details on Symbian EPOC Release 6 plaform, it includes details of Symbian's Communicators (Crystal), Media-Phones (Quartz) and Smartphones (Pearl). Comprehensive information with details of hadware and software and much more.



Translated by Google from English Original.

Reviews of SmallBase vs. Power Data and SkiFlying
Arild Bergh has been hard at work reviwing some of the best program for the Nokia 9210. First up is a comparitive review between SmallBase and PowerData which compares the two leading database applications. Secondly is a review of the eye popping SkiFlying.

Posted by Rafe on 20/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

New: RMR Fruit from RMR for 9210
RMR have released a shareware OPL game for the 9210 called RMR fruit. The game is a one armed bandit or fruit machine emulation. It allows you all the fun of the real thing without losing loadds of money. The game can be downloaded from the RMR website.

Posted by Rafe on 20/01/2002   |   Comments (2)

Updated: SmallBase goes to 2.7
SmallBase, a database application for the Nokia 9210, has been updated to version 2.7. New in the version is the Report feature, the ability to create links between tables and general increase in speed. All About ER6 also has a comparitive review of SmallBase and PowerData available now.

Posted by Rafe on 20/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

Updates to EuroConverter and Four in a Row
Euro Converter and Four in a Row for the 9210 have both been updated. Euro Converter now supports more currencies has a better UI and has had some bugs fixed. Four in a Row has also had bug fixes, and a Polish localistion and better AI have been added.

Posted by Rafe on 20/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

Updated: Extended Extras from PsiNT for the Nokia 9200
PsiNT, a leading 9210 developer, have released (another) much wanted program. Extended Extras allows you to have folder in your aplications groups allowing for better sorting and organisation of these groups. No longer will your Extras group be filled with 100's of icons. The final release version is now available.

Posted by Rafe on 16/01/2002   |   Comments (3)

Four in a Row Freeware for 9210
Four in a row is a small 9210 game written while getting to grips with the Crystal development SDK. Source code will be available soon, as will language translations. Four in a Row is also known as Connect 4. The AI of the program is very impressive.

Posted by Rafe on 16/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

Meltdown from WildPalm extend 9210 Gaming
Wildpam authors of Doom and other 9210 games has released Meltdown for the Nokia 9210. The game is a full colour 3D action one person game. Infiltrate the enemy power stations, steal the fuel, blow the reactor then get out before MeltDown!

Posted by Rafe on 16/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

Finance Software: new Euro Calculator and Updated Monnaie
Kylom has announced an update to their popular currency conversion program Monnaie to version 6.2. The new version improves support for internet updates. A new program is Euro Converterfrom Thomas Eerola which allows conversion from different currencies into the Euro.

Posted by Rafe on 16/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

Feature: Real World Use of the 9210
Arild Bergh has written an excellent an excellent article on real world use of the Nokia 9210 as a result of his experience on a trip to Norway. Covering entertainment (how do you entertain your child with the 9210 while maintaining its use?) and the more pratical aspects. There are problems, but overall its another thumbs up to the 9210...

Posted by Rafe on 16/01/2002   |   Comments (0)

New PC Suite for 9210 Available from Forum Nokia
Forum Nokia have updated their webpage to show that a new version (1.20) of PC Suite is now available. In addition the Administrator suite (version 1.03), Administrator suite (version 1.03), Upgrade software (version 1.03) and AT commands have been updated.

Posted by Rafe on 11/01/2002   |   Comments (2)

Ximplify Software

What type of PDA device did you have before your 9210?
PPC (Windows)
EPOC (Psion)
GEOS (9110)
1st PDA
Do not have 9210

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Welcome to All About ER6 - if your are new to the site visit the about site page to learn how this site is layed out or found out about the team.

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