January 21, 2002

December 3, 2001 - As we start our 8th year, we are sorry to announce Webnoize/DMN will temporarily stop publishing entertainment industry news and research as we move to restructure (statement). We expect to re-emerge in early 2002 with new and improved events, products and services. We will follow up with additional announcements and information soon, but would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind wishes, support and continued friendship. We wish you all the best of holidays.

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November 30 @ 11:30 AM  ET
BMG Selling Downloads in the Netherlands Via Wireless Messaging
BMG's new service allows consumers to transfer downloadable music files to portable devices. The effort stands in opposition to how subscribers to forthcoming MusicNet-based services will be able to use music from BMG and other major labels...

November 29 @ 04:05 PM  ET
Dutch Judge Orders Kazaa to Shut Down Within 14 Days
A Dutch judge today ordered Amsterdam-based Kazaa to shut down within 14 days if the file-sharing service cannot block users from sharing copyright-protected material...

November 29 @ 09:45 AM  ET
Judge Dismisses Felten Case Against RIAA
A federal district court judge Wednesday dismissed a Princeton University professor's digital copyright lawsuit against the RIAA. The plaintiffs plan to appeal the decision...

November 28 @ 10:20 AM  ET
Schmidt Leaving As Bertelsmann Reorganizes Ecommerce Group
Bertelsmann today said it will reorganize its ecommerce business, and announced the resignation of Andreas Schmidt, who was considered instrumental in aligning Bertelsmann with file-swap technology pioneer Napster...


Lime Wire Redesigning App to Resemble FastTrack

P2P tech developer Lime Wire plans to alter the Gnutella-based architecture of its eponymous file-sharing app to resemble that of the popular FastTrack. Despite the changes, the company doesn't believe it will become the next target for a lawsuit...

Boucher To Introduce DMCA Revision; Leahy's Counsel Criticizes Hollings' Hardware Bill

Intellectual property battles about P2P file-sharing, digital rights management, the scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other issues are poised to re-emerge, said prominent Capitol Hill power brokers during a symposium...

Verance's Patent Defense Against Digimarc Erupts into Antitrust Charges

Watermark developer Verance sued rival firm Digimarc for antitrust violations, transforming a long-standing patent dispute over DVD-audio copy control into a complex scenario that could threaten Hollywood's attempt to watermark DVD movies...


Today's Opine
The Schizophrenic Future of Digital Media

DMCA Double Whammy

IPod, People

EMI Subscribes to Online Video Concept

Opening Xbox Through the Backdoor


November 30    Interactive TV technology developer Liberate Technologies named Cox Communications executive Christopher Bowick to its board of directors. As CTO and senior vice president of engineering for Cox, Bowick oversees the identification, development and deployment of telecommunications services, including wireline telephony, IP telephony, high-speed data and digital video. Cox claims it is the fifth-largest cable TV company in the U.S. Bowick, who previously served a nine-month term on Liberate's board, succeeds Greg Braden, an executive VP with AT&T; Broadband. Liberate maintains a rotating industry board seat previously held by senior executives from AT&T;, Comcast, Cox and MediaOne....


Friday, November 30, 2001

01:04 PM  ET
Sony Music International Marketing Through YesAsia.com
Sony Music International today said it is marketing its Asian releases in the U.S. through a pact with San Francisco-based retailer YesAsia.com. YesAsia will promote Sony artists including CoCo Lee, Leon Lai and Chemistry both online and off-line. The retailer operates three web sites offering multiple language and currency services. YesAsia sells music, video, karaoke, games, electronics and toys, and also has a marketing deal with EMI Music Asia.

12:34 PM  ET
NAB Says It's Opposed to EchoStar-DirecTV Merger
The National Association of Broadcasters Thursday announced its opposition to the proposed merger of satellite broadcasters EchoStar Communications and Hughes Electronics' DirecTV. "This merger would create the world's largest monopoly video delivery system," NAB President and CEO Edward Fritts said in a statement. "The burden is on EchoStar to explain how America will benefit by combining the only two satellite companies that compete with cable," Fritts added. EchoStar won the bidding war for Hughes last month,, agreeing to pay nearly $26 billion to acquire its rival. In announcing the deal, EchoStar Chairman and CEO Charles Ergen said the merged company would be able to compete with cable broadcasters "on all levels." The NAB, which represents television and radio broadcasters, made the announcement following a discussion of the proposed merger this week.

11:04 AM  ET
Industry Group Endorses IBiquity Digital Radio Technology
A joint committee for the radio and consumer electronics industries has endorsed technology developed by IBiquity Digital, saying the system offers FM broadcasters "an excellent opportunity" to make the transition from analog to digital. IBiquity said Thursday that the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) has completed its evaluation of IBiquity's in-band, on-channel (IBOC) FM technology and recommended that the Federal Communications Commission authorize IBOC as an enhancement to the current analog FM broadcasting system. IBOC will enable radio stations to broadcast digital-quality audio signals as well as wireless data for applications including song information, traffic and weather data to radio receivers, according to the company. The NRSC is jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association. NAB President and CEO Edward Fritts said in a statement that the trade group will work with the FCC "in moving the process forward." IBiquity claims to be the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the U.S. The company formed in July 2000 with the merger of Lucent Digital Radio and USA Digital Radio.

09:43 AM  ET
BMG Selling Downloads in the Netherlands Via Wireless Messaging
BMG Entertainment this week began selling downloadable singles in the Netherlands to mobile phone users who order the tracks via short messaging service (SMS). The label group said it is letting listeners to Dutch radio station Radio 538 order five songs by sending a keyword via SMS to 5380. Once 5380 receives the message, the station emails an encrypted download with the key to decrypt the file. Consumers may not only listen to the track on their PC, but also transfer the file to a portable music player, according to BMG. Downloadable tracks from the forthcoming major label-backed services MusicNet and Pressplay will not initially allow users to transfer tracks to portable devices. Consumers for the 538 service are billed for the tracks through their mobile service providers. Artists involved in the service are Alicia Keys, Westlife, Alcazar, Volumia and Kane. Tracks are available at the site through the end of this year.
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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Dutch Judge Orders Kazaa to Shut Down

ABC Plans to Add Wink's Interactive Service to TV Programming

Liberate Shopping Games To Cable Operators

Mondo Media in Syndication Deal with Heavy.com

Digimarc Settles Suit Against SESAC

OpenTV to Bring Interactive TV to Major Japanese Cable Network

Comcast to Debut Games Channel in April

Bankruptcy Court Approves Williams' IBeam Asset Purchase

Court Rejects Corley Appeal in DeCSS Case

Palm Says It Will Cut Staff, Meet Revenue Guidance

Judge Dismisses Felten Case Against RIAA

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

RioPort to Offer Music Subscriptions in Early 2002

Video Tech Developer Diva Secures VOD Patents

Excite May Have to Suspend Service Friday

SONICblue to Ship Controversial DVR This Week

Schmidt Leaving As Bertelsmann Reorganizes Ecommerce Group



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