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Sunday, October 26, 2001

Paul Darrow's Inside Story: Special Ghostwatch Edition

"The Tale of Two Sagas"

Terry Nation's "BLAKE'S SEVEN"... The new and eagerly anticipated TV Movie and possible series. The Saga goes on and on, and on, and on.

Do not despair. Everything comes to he/she who waits. (cf. John Milton, poet.) To travel hopefully is better than to arrive. (cf. R L Stevenson, novelist.) Almost there. (cf. Andy Williams, vocalist.) Seriously though, folks ... (cf. Hughie Green. Hughie Green?) Everything in on track - (I've been told to say this) - for the realization of our dreams. The nightmare of procedures regarding the 'setting up' of the project are at an end. We are on red alert. Well ... amber. All that remains is to 'make the deal' with
one of a number of interested investors and all of a sudden we'll gallop apace.

Question is ... with whom shall we climb into bed? I'll rephrase that. With which TV distribution company will the interests of the new... newish ... 'Blake's Seven' be best served? That's the stage we're at. It's now up to the sharp traders. What do 'they' want from 'us'? What will we get from them? We'll find out sooner rather than later and we'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, Andrew Mark Sewell - all three of him - slaves away on your behalf. (And mine - I need the money.) Simon Moorhead has joined our production team in place of Brian Lighthill. (Brian is now 'a consultant'. Nice one, Brian.) And for me ... I struggle on in the hope that Avon will not be on his death bed when the cameras start rolling.

Meanwhile, Sewell, Moorhead and Darrow are involved with "Ghostwatch 2001" brought to you by BBC Worldwide on UK Horizons, BBC Prime, the Web, the Net, BBC America... anything that isn't terrestrial. Which is apt in a way because ... the programmes deal with the 'Unknown' - ghosts, spectres, ectoplasm, hallucination and just maybe, an experience of a lifetime. Or dead time - depending on your point of view. Kind of like setting up "Blake's Seven" the TV Movie/Series. All around Halloween, the BBC and Net stations referred to will be broadcasting a series of programmes about the paranormal. Not least among these "Ghostwatch 2001". There are vignettes concerning certain ghosts to be found, perhaps, in a place that is world famous for entertaining them. If torturing and beheading can be called
entertainment. I mean... The Tower of London ... where we have been privileged to film, in the dead - (sorry) - of night. Not just any night(s), but... Halloween.

Trick or treat? Find out by watching with us on Ghostwatch 2001. You'll definitely see me - "Watch the Avon you're likely to see in the new, Blake's Seven. Watch him age before your eyes if a real ghost appears. What am I talking about? Watch him run. In addition - "Feast your eyes on Ms Claudia Christian, star of 'Babylon Five'. If a real ghost appears watch him run." (In which direction, I leave to your imagination.) Whatever happens, and something might, you'll want to be there.

You don't really believe there are ghosts? Neither do I. On Ghostwatch 2001 we'll be proved to be right. Want a bet? Just remember ... you might not see a ghost, but how can you be sure that a ghost isn't seeing you?

You can see what actually happened over the two nights on the UK Horizons website at
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