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And in the strength of this I rode,
Shattering all evil customs everywhere,
And past through Pagan realms, and made them mine,
And clashed with Pagan hordes, and bore them down,
And broke through all, and in the strength of this
Come victor. But my time is hard at hand,
And hence I go; and one will crown me king
Far in the spiritual city; and come thou, too,
For thou shalt see the vision when I go.

-- "The Idylls Of The King"
   Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Version 1.44 on Pendragon    
from Sanya Thomas    
2002-01-22 16:18:07    

1.44 and 1.43 are existing on Pendragon together, FYI. Check out these goodies:


Concentration Spell Update    
from Matt Firor    
2002-01-21 17:29:27    

We had been planning on releasing a newer system of concentration buffs, but today's Pendragon patch notes reports that we have reverted back to an older version. We are still working on the newer system, but didn't have them working in time for today's patch. We will have the newer system up and running on Pendragon tomorrow, if all goes well. We'll keep you posted on exactly how the concentration buff changes will effect your character.

1.43C on Pendragon    
from Sanya Thomas    
2002-01-21 14:19:07    

Here's some more stuff on Pendragon. Please note! We are returning to the original concentration system. In addition, the way buff spells work has been changed (remember, only on the test server so far). Please read the changes carefully and try them out. We really appreciate the feedback we've been getting on proposed changes, it is very helpful.


Friday Grab Bag    
from Sanya Thomas    
2002-01-18 19:16:33    

All right! Got a lot to cover today, so let's go.


Concentration Spell Update on Pendragon    
from Matt Firor    
2002-01-18 13:41:30    

Thnis is just a quick note to let all you Pendragon testers know that the new concentration costs for buffs were set too high when we did yesterday's update. We've updated Pendragon, so now concentration buff spell values are about half of what they were, and should be much closer to the pre-change costs.

New Patch Goodness on Pendragon    
from Sanya Thomas    
2002-01-17 17:40:59    

By the way - regarding yesterday's Pendragon notes:

The buff system is very, very different on Pendragon. You cannot compare the numbers from the live servers to the numbers on Pendragon. The only test that's comparable would be to run the numbers (damage done, damage taken) on live and then an identical fight on test. As we have. =)

Also, regarding yesterday's Pendragon notes, we did not detail all the changes made, because the system overhaul was so total. The tweaks were all upwards (most noticable at the highest levels of gameplay), with one exception - which was an up AND down thing. Previously, the champion debuff was overly effective against players and hardly effective at all against monsters. Now, on Pendragon, the debuff vs. players has been tweaked down *and* is now working against monsters. Try it out.

Now, on to the new stuff!


Version 1.43 on Pendragon    
from Sanya Thomas    
2002-01-16 17:37:18    

New on Pendragon! Check them out, please.

By the way - there is a display problem with constitution buffs right now. You get the buff, your points go up, you go into battle - and your points display as if they have gone down. We have checked this out. They do not actually go down, they just look as though they have. We are working on a fix, but in the meanwhile, please spread the word that is a display issue, not a points issue.


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