The Earth Building Foundation, Inc.

T h e   E a r t h   B u i l d i n g   F o u n d a t i o n ,   I n c .

a non-profit corporation, currently applying for tax-exempt status.

Our mission is simple:

Help people learn how to utilize earth building for better, safer, shelter.

Accurate technical information on earthen building (adobe and rammed earth) is needed to show how this material really works. It is not now readily available to the people who need it, but The Earth Building Foundation can fill that need. Architects, engineers, planners, building officials, and owner builders need to have knowledge of this of this forgotten building art to meet the future.
The advantages of Earth Building are:
Available on-site, worldwide
Processed by the sun
Semi-skilled labor
Low energy cost
Ecologically best
A viable solution to low cost housing!
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