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About the Site
The site is run from home on a AMD K6-2 450Mhz machine running Windows 2000 on a 256K DSL connection.

There are currently 14 users online.

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About the Webmaster
Richard and I in Merrillville, IN on 7/27/2001
Online, I go by Jobarr, my real name is Jeremy Williams. I live in University Place, Washington, USA and was born April 6, 1983. I am attending Tacoma Community College, working on a Computer Science degree.

My musical tastes are quite diverse, I like: Rammstein, Tool, Megaherz, Pig, KMFDM, Slick Idiot, Knorkator, OOMPH!, Joachim Witt, A Perfect Circle, Poe, Tanzwut, Schweisser, Sneaker Pimps, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan / Tubeway Army, Vast, Radiohead, Subway to Sally...etc.

A lot of my time is spent with my two favorite things: Music and Computers. It's great when I can combine the two for things such as this site.

I am anti-religion. Think for yourself, don't let some one think for you.

You may ask, "what is Jobarr?" and "how do you pronounce it?". So here you go. If you ever have seen the movie The Crow then you might know that it was originally a series of comic books. The creator of those comics was J. O'Barr. I am and have been a huge fan of The Crow (both the movie and the comics) and decided that I wanted to be named after J. O'Barr online. But since not many things allow punctuation it just became Jobarr. There really is no way to pronounce it seeing as how it is not even a word but I say "Joe Bar" so if you are going to say it, say it that way.

I am a very busy person. Please do not contact me if you are just looking for a person to chat with about nothing.

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