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Northwest Province

James Gibney, Fundong 1996-1998

Kimberly Blauth, Fundong/Alim 1997-1999

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GETTING THERE AND AWAY: Fundong is 100 km, or about 2 hours, from the nearest city. It costs about 1200 cfa to get there, mostly with a mini-van called "Petit Papa!!" To get there from Yaoundé Yaounde to Bamenda (4,500) Bamenda to Fundong (1,200). Close villages were Belo, Njinkikom and Bamenda.

CONTACTS: Mr. Windum Solaman -night-watch at Christ the King Comprehensive High School, old man who knows everything and is nice, great to get a beer with and chat Soute (prounounced with an accent on the e)-mid-20's guy who lives in Fujua- very dependable, active,and honest Dr. K Frances - Very dependable, honest guy in his 30ies, he has a store on Fujua Rd. where he sells foodstuff and makes traditional medicines

CONTACTS: Akem Elias at the Divisional delegation of Agriculture is honest, helpful and very friendly.

LODGING OPTIONS: yes, there is a very nice local hotel with a waterfall (about 3,000 cfa a night) sometimes you can watch satellite TV there. The manager is a sedate man named Stanley. He will try to do business dealings with you, but beware!


HEALTH FACILITIES: A local clinic is in Fundong. There is a Baptist run hosptial about 30 minutes away at Mbingo. The village has running water.

HEALTH FACILITIES: Clinic in Fundong ( not rcommmended); catholic Mission hospital in Njinikom (12 km from fundong) (ok in dire emergency); Baptist Mission Hospital in Mbingo (good mission hospital), Fundong has SNEC water which was pretty reliable. Alim has its own community water system that was pretty reliable, though it sometimes went out in the dry season

FESTIVALS: During the rainy season there are death celebrations almost every 2 weeks.

FESTIVALS: Death Celebrations throughout the year; Big 20th May march past with a few performers of JUJU's and singing groups.

POPULATION: about 3,000


RELIGIONS: Traditional, Christian, Muslim

RELIGIONS: anamist, muslim, baptist, presbyterian, catholic, full gospel mission

GROUPS: Kom, (small populations of Hausa, Fulani, and Mbororo in the surrounding mnts.

GROUPS: in fundong itself a mix of alot b/c it is a divisional headquaters;surrounding villages include fulani, mboro and presominantly Kom

CLIMATE AND LANDSCAPE: 70s-80s, wet rainy season, mountains

CLIMATE AND LANDSCAPE: cooler 70-90's, mountainous. Fundong in on a hill. It used to be cloud rainforest but most has been deforested so a lot of grassland and farms.

ELECTRICITY: Yes, it would go out once a week or so for a few hours.

CUISINE: Foo-Foo, Njamma Njamma are the main food. Also liked is beans and puff-puff.

Attention volunteers, past and present: Have you submitted your post information yet?