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    Anthony C. LoBaido
WND Exclusive Commentary
Judgment Day in Mystery Babylon?

© 2001

NEW YORK Is it possible that America and the world will miss the real significance behind the recent terror attacks?

Having spent most of last year traveling through the Muslim world, I can say this: America has killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5 years old with our anti-Saddam sanctions. When asked about this death toll, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said, "Well it was worth it." Yet last night Albright was being toasted by Dan Rather on CBS for her spin on the recent attacks. Where are our tears for the half-million Iraqi children? Or don't they count? A Clinton adviser was quoted in Stephanopolous' book (himself a Clintonite as well) describing the "Clinton Doctrine" as "kill their civilians until their military can't take any more."

Remember the bombings in Serbia and all the civilian casualties? "Oh, it's just collateral damage those dead civilians," we were told by Clinton and company. Keep shopping at the mall. How is your mutual fund doing? Hey, look at Dennis Rodman's new wedding dress! Wow, look at Sharon Stone's crotch! Look, children are eating human waste on South Park how funny and wonderful! Hey, Hillary Clinton just flew to a former Soviet Republic to open up a new abortion clinic I am sure the Muslims are happy about that!

After taking a break from reality in the 1990s, the harsh reality had dawned across America. Massive third-world immigration, over 30 million new faces inside America since 1993, has destroyed the Christian and Western fabric of this nation. The new world order has failed. The Western nations have erred greatly in allowing fundamentalist Islam to enter our borders with massive immigration.

In the West, we most often see Islamic people as crazed and irrational. But have we considered that the Muslims might not be irrational when they consider America to be akin to Satan? Let's look at the Satanic Bible. What are the values of Satan? Lust, greed, gluttony, revenge. Hmm. Sounds like American society.

Is New York the head of the "Great Satan"? All that is evil in the world can be found in New York: MTV, the United Nations, the U.N. abortion programs, the Council on Foreign Relations, New Age Church of St. John the Divine, Wall Street greed, Madison Avenue manipulation and of course more confirmed AIDS cases than the rest of America combined. Let's remember the filthy sodomite gay parade last summer in New York. Let's remember all the New York politicians falling all over themselves to praise this sick spectacle.

And let's not forget that New Yorkers elected by a landslide the openly Marxist, treasonous and abortion-mongering, occultic Hillary to a Senate seat. All while fully knowing what she was all about.

So are we all innocent here in New York? Are we innocent with our porno, drugs, filthy Jay Leno monologues, our idolatry, materialism and consumerism? Innocent when Republican Gov. George Pataki stands next to the blood-stained dictator of Communist China as he rings the opening bell for the stock market on Wall Street?

For God's sake, we are a nation that murders babies at nine months and then sell the body parts for pharmaceutical research. We are a nation that wants to hand over the Boy Scouts to the North American Man Boy Love Association. We buy our Christmas toys from Communist China many of them made by political dissidents and Christians laboring in slave-labor gulags.

Can the remnant in America help but honestly ask themselves: Is this the fulfillment of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 (Mystery Babylon) or has God raised up Shiite Islam as a sword against America?

Other questions must be asked as well. Where is our amazing Echelon network with its listening posts spread to the four corners of the Earth, filtering every e-mail, fax, cell-phone call, telex and whatever else for terrorist plots? In reality, Echelon is about stealing economic data. So much for the National Security Agency and its budget which is eight times larger than the CIA's.

How did highjackers take over four planes using only box cutters that the supermarket check boy uses to unpack groceries from their boxes? Where were the rugged protectors of women and babies?

We don't need Nostradamus to tell us what went wrong with the terror attacks. There is no one thing wrong. Everything is wrong. People in America live in a dream world. We act like children, believing that if we close our eyes and engage in fantasy that we can somehow change reality.

As one Navy fighter pilot RIO, or Radar Intercept Officer a young woman named Aimee told this writer recently, "As tragic as this was, I'm glad it happened. The U.S. needed a wake-up call showing that our intelligence, military forces and CIA are not up to standards. Our security stinks!"

There is the possibility that the attacks yesterday are merely just the beginning of a long and bitter pill. Using the "if" and "when" scenario, if and when the biological and nuclear weapons start going off, America will no longer be able to deny judgment for its idolatry, wickedness, abandonment of the God of the Bible, embrace of abortion, stem-cell research, the sodomite agenda, materialism, the occult and many other sins.

For the suicide bombers who carried out these attacks, they won't be going to paradise with 50 virgins. They will be burning forever in Hell for their evil and wickedness.

For those of us "left behind," let's pray that God still knows how to guide and preserve His remnant, because the talking heads we see on television these days Bush Jr., Powell, Albright, Paula Zahn and Sens. Schumer and Clinton will certainly through their blindness, total lack of leadership and defense of Western and Christian civilization lead us into such destruction that the World Trade Center attack will look like a mere firecracker.

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Anthony C. LoBaido is an international correspondent for WorldNetDaily.

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