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justa2001: "Mostly the guys I attract are shorter than me."

dream66:"It sucks that parents must resort to snooping."

Horseshoe Necklace
Horseshoe Necklace
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Roller Coaster of Love
From shacking up to tying the knot to breaking it up, get tips, true stories and more.
Fix Your Family
Love 'em or hate 'em, you still have to deal with your crazy folks. Find out how.
What's Up With Us?
Hmm... The site looks the same today as it did yesterday. Find out why.

Behaving Badly Which celebs screwed up and embarrassed themselves this year.
The Chick List We talk to our favorite Hollywood celebrities, and you get to listen in.
Steal My Job You've seen these jobs on TV -- see what they're like for real.
  Quiz: Are You Still Cool?
Your friends may think you're hip, but are you?

Quiz: Are You A Drama Queen?
Do you act up during a crisis? Find out, then get tips for playing it cool.

Quiz: What Sport Is Right for You?
Discover what sports work best with your personality.

Quiz: Do You Know Your Boobs?
From breast exams to chest zits, test your wits about your pair.

Quiz: What's Your Spending Style?
Plus, how to curb your impulse spending.

  Get Fit in Six Silly Weeks
Dust off your sneaks, try new sports and get into gear!

Networking Nuggets
Quintessential Careers knows when and how to meet and greet.

Things That Help You Go Ahhhhh!
Can Tai Chi be the cure to your stress? On Bodytalk Magazine.

Free Entertainment
Mighty Big TV's got ecards, wallpaper and screensavers just for you.

Hair 911
Discuss your 'do disaster and get support, on Razzberry.

    Spice Girl
Get in the kitchen with ginger, on Digs Magazine.

Broken Silence [Edited] *

Foxy Brown's back with a sassy new release that will get you groovin.
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