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NEW - AC Propulsion Project to Demonstrate EV-Based Grid Ancillary Service

With a grant from the California Air Resources Board, AC Propulsion is pushing ahead to evaluate the potential for grid-connected electric vehicles to provide valued ancillary services. The value created by such a system offers the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of personal transporation. Read more in this press release.

Electric Transportation Industry Conference, Sacramento, Dec. 2001


AC Propulsion showed off several vehicles and our vehicle-to-grid system with the Gen-2 AC150 drivetrain at the Electric Transportation Industry conference. In our expo display we demonstrated a Beetle EV performing a grid ancillary service dispatched remotely via wireless internet. At the ride and drive, we gave test drives in the Beetle as well as a Golf EV fitted with the first generation AC150 drivetrain.

"AC Propulsion's all-electric VW Golf, ... goes like the proverbial "bat-out-of-hell."

Bill Moore, EVWorld


We drove the Beetle and a RAV4 EV to the conference with the aid of our Long Ranger hybrid trailers. The photo at left shows the RAV cresting Tejon Pass on Interstate 5.

More on AC Propulsion hybrid trailers

There was a full breakout session devoted to V2G : Vehicle to Grid: A new Vision for Electric Transportation

The session speakers are listed below, along with links to their presentations.

Steve Gehl, EPRI. Evolving Energy Delivery Systems Using Distributed Resources (pdf, 874Kb)

David Hawkins, California ISO: Vehicle to Grid -A Control Area Operators Perspective (pdf, 1.5 Mb)

Tim Lipman, UC Berkeley: FCVs as DistributedGeneration Resources (powerpoint, 2.6 Mb)

Alec Brooks, AC Propulsion: Electric Drive Vehicles: A Huge New Distributed Energy Resource, (pdf, 2.8 Mb)

January 11, 2002

EVS18 Paper About Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) now available for download

Integration of Electric Drive Vehicles with the Electric Power Grid -- a New Value Stream (pdf, 1.8 Mb)

January 10, 2002

Second Generation AC150 Drivetrain Now Available

The new second-generation version of AC Propulsion's core product, the AC150 electric drivetrain, is now available. The new gen-2 system offers numerous improvements and upgraded capabilities, including:

  • Bidirectional grid power connection to enable vehicle-to-grid functions
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Waterproof control connectors
  • Digital interface
  • Integrated DC interface for hybrid, fuel cell, or accessories

Click here for more details

What's New With Vehicle to Grid?

The prostpect of integration of vehicles with the electric power grid continues to gain attention and momentum. Below are some recent developments in what we call V2G:

EPRI Press Release: Electrified transportation will soon be a necessity rather than an option

Wired Cover Story (July 2001): The Energy Web. Excerpt:"EPRI's Brent Barker paints a scenario in which cars become the roaming palmtops of the Energy Web, plugging into the grid when they need to recharge - or selling power back, at a profit, when the grid needs it."

CARB cites vehicle-to-grid as a factor in selecting conductive charging as the standard. (news release).

Research Report: Vehicle-to-Grid Power: Battery, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles as Resources for Distributed Electric Power in California (full report, pdf), (executive summary, pdf)

Video demonstration of bi-directional grid power functions of our new Gen-2 AC150. (quicktime, 3.8 MB)

University of Delaware V2G site

AC Propulsion presentation at The Engineering Society Environmental Vehicles Conference, June 2001. The Vehicle-to-Grid Concept ­ How Electric Drive Vehicles Can Generate Value Through Connection to the Power Grid
Presented at the ESD Environmental Vehicles Conference
June 11, 2001, Southfield, Michigan

EV World interviews:

EV Charge Stations - Portals to Power Generation for the Grid?

Electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles offer the potential of delivering and/or generating electric power for the grid. Integration of vehicle-based energy storage and power generation capabilities with the power grid could be a triple-win: we can realize the air quality benefits of electric vehicles, improve operation of the power grid, and create value and motivation for EV ownership.

We testified about this concept at the CARB board meeting on January 25. For further information, see:

CARB testimony charts
Press Release
Electric Vehicles: A Win-Win-Win for California

Electric Drive Vehicles as a Power Resource to the Grid

Electric drive vehicles represent a vast new source of electric power that potentially could be coupled with the overtaxed electric power grid to provide electric power and other services when and where they are needed. See here for more details.

Only AC Propulsion offers electric drive systems equipped with the bidirectional power interface that is required for vehicle-to-grid power flow.

Nov 21, 2000

EVS17 Technical Papers Available for Download

At the recent Electric Vehicle Symposium in Montreal, we presented a detailed technical paper about the tzero (Download now 1.1 Mb, pdf) and the proposed Level 2+ high-power AC charging standard (Download now, 95K, pdf)

Nov 21, 2000

Vehicle-to-Grid Power: EVs as Distributed Generation Assets

Electric power brown-outs, outages, and astronomical rate increases have been in the news this summer as hot weather, deregulation, and growth in demand have strained the capacity of the electric power grid. Some observers have suggested that electric vehicles will just make this situation worse. The fact of the matter is that in the quantities required by the mandate, EVs will not have a significant effect on electricity demand, and that since most EVs will charge during off-peak periods, they will actually improve infrastructure utilization.

AC Propulsion is participating in a study funded by CARB and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to evaluate the possibility that EVs can actually REDUCE load on the grid during peak periods. AC Propulsion's new Gen-2 drive system can feed power from the vehicle's batteries to the grid while the vehicle is parked and plugged in. AC Propulsion has demonstrated the feasibility, efficiency, and safety of this capability already. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the potential economics of vehicle-to-grid power flow. If favorable economics can be established, a growing fleet of EVs will provide additional power and distribution capacity to power providers at costs lower than other alternatives. The power providers will, in turn, absorb some of the cost of ownership of battey and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Link to Presentation on the vehicle-to-grid power concept

Sept 18, 2000

Drag Racing in the Rain!

In this short video produced by the Babilonia-Wilner Foundation, David Wilner, who is first in line for a production tzero, pits his all-wheel drive Porsche Carrera 4 against the tzero in a drag race in the pouring rain at Calstart's Alameda test track.

AC Propulsion's traction control system effectively eliminates wheelspin and loss of traction while braking - even when suddenly transitioning between full accleration and full regenerative braking at 90 mph on a rain-slick runway. 1.3 Mb (get QuickTime)

AC Propulsion Introduces a New Low-Cost Fast-Charging System.

AC Propulsion has developed a new means of connnecting high-current AC power to electric vehicles for recharging. The new system, called "Level 2+" is an extension of the SAE J1772 conductive charging standard, and features backward compatibility for existing vehicles configured with level 2 systems. Charge power levels of up to 75 kW are possible. The system will be demonstrated in a new tzero at the NAEVI conference in Atlanta (Nov. 17-19).

The details of the Level 2+ system are in the press release and the technical description document.

Journalists: AC Propulsion put together this handy guide called "Questions that Should be Frequently Asked" to provide a framework for discovering the real story behind the sometimes exuberant public relations hype surrounding electric vehicles, hybrids, fuel cells, and low emissions vehicles.

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