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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Standard Demo-Menu File Format Proposal
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 22:46

Huma79 has spotted an interesting topic on our forums that was posted by kRYPT_, it's about having a standard way of packaging DC emus & homebrew apps that will make them easier to use with DemoMenu:

"If you're interested in saving CDR's, and you'd like being able to easily combine the latest homebrew game releases and your emulators, then I'd suggest you read this over, and give me some feedback on what you think of all of it. If I get enough positive feedback, then I'm going to begin implementation and hopefully have a beta out before too long."

You can read kRYPT_'s DMU proposal on the page below:

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Dreamcast Media Player info
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 22:21

There's been confirmation that the Dreamcast Media Player by Thenesis works thanks to the creator of GypPlay, TheGypsy, on the DCDev mail list:

"Wow. Much to my own surprise, the player actually PLAYED one of those videos. Specifically:

...actually decodes and displays on the DC. I guess it isn't a hoax.
Note that the frame counter still keeps going forever -- once the movie is
done, it just continues along decoding nothing forever until you rewind it to
start over.

For those interested, ff8x127.avi information:
Frames: 307
Frames Per Sec: 15.0001 (the DC does about 20 fps with it)
File Size: 1.79MB
Running Time: 20.4665 Secs.
Streams: 2 (1 video and 1 MP3 audio, although it isn't played, of course)
Resolution: 320x224

I'm sure some other ones from there will work. Dunno why my self-encoded
OpenDivX test video didn't work.

Just wanted to pass that along.

LyonHrt, we salute you for providing us with this news!

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Site update
Posted by Syntex At 9:52

Wolfenstein 3d DC, Spear of Destiny DC & Bomberman DC have all been uploaded to the site, you can find them under the new Games 4 DC section.

I would just like to say thanks to crt0 for making these excellent games & for giveing permission to upload these files

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DC Fighting v0.1.6 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 4:14

A new version of the Dreamcast Fighting Game is out & can be downloaded from Jimbo's site. Here's what's new in version 0.1.6:

"i have been wrestling this bug that causes an exception and fatal crash only when ducking. the duck loop uses logic similar to that of the a button, detecting release of the button for hold moves. but when wrapped by the condition of the left trigger, perhaps things are different... maybe thats a stretch. i havent quite isolated the bug yet.

working on some new moves for throws, counters, falling...
this should also require a new classification of attack, namely by range (kicks are longer than punches) and impact height(high,mid,low:an int). consequence logic will also become more complicated, as a low block is no good against a mid attack, but a duck puts you under a high attack... true collision detections might be a little out of this machine's league... or are they? i guess ill have to get to Dan and Marcus on that one.

the idea is to encapsulate all state information about an attack in an int.
1s place: attack range
10s place: attack height
100s and more: attack strength
the logic will take this into account, and we will have slow kicks that reach longer than fast punches, as well as the ability to duck under, jump over, and properly defend against high, middle and low blows.

Thanks to Wraggster for the news.

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More DCGen news
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 2:15

Once again ATani has reported some news in the DCGen topic, here's the latest:

"Ok, here we are only a few days after i announce what is to be done for the next version and already a few things are fixed!!!

1) SMD files now work and do not cause memory leaks
2) Fullscreen Flicker is now gone, but speed suffers drastically. I am working on this one. Expect a full host of new options for the render system when it is released
3) When loading a rom it is now optimized more for speed in loading.
4) Rom load now shows current status when loading a rom.
5) new z80 core, still have a few problems to work out.
6) very minor speedups throughout the source

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

New single game IP.BIN's
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 21:23

Proveaux has updated his site once again with some more single game IP.BIN's:

"New single game Ip.bin files, mr files. There should be one for all games beginning with "C" and with a country code (U) and no other code, when named with GoodNES version 1.00.


Thanks to Wraggster for the news.

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NesterDC 5.0 pre 4 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 20:59

Tekezo has released a new version of NesterDC, the 1ST_READ.BIN (with an updated "package") & source code can be downloaded from his site. Here's what's new:

changes from 5.0-pre3

  • fullscreen support.
  • FDS sound support.

  • speedup.

  • bug fix.

  • change config file name.

  • use "queue based TA driver".

"NesterDC needs pics/vmu_menu.bmp from this release.

queue based TA driver (ta.c) is wait-less. In NesterDC case, this works 200% speed than original TA driver. I think it's useful for all DC programs which use TA.

I'll make some Discjuggler & Nero images & post them in the main forum soon, if they work OK they'll be upped to our NesterDC page.

UPDATE: There's a bug in this version of NesterDC which has been confirmed by tekezo, there's a black bar at the bottom of the screen during games (even in fullscreen mode), so you might want to wait until that's fixed before burning it. The games I've played on it so far do work well though, fans of Mike "Crazy Mutha" Tyson's Punch Out should enjoy this release.

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DCGen news
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 3:40

The ATani starts work on DCGen Again! topic on our forums has been going strong for the past few days & for the most part the reaction to ATani's return has been very positive, but unfortunately there's still some whiners & complainers acting like spoiled brats. Anyhoo, forum regular Van Lardo asked what we can expect to see in the next release of DCGen, here's ATani's answer:

"Here are a few of the things we are working on getting in the next release:

1) speed up graphics rendering by switching to the TA instead of the framebuffer approach.
2) Fix flickering in fullscreen/windowed mode.
3) Remove the 'console' ui which has the text above and below the game screen in windowed mode, which none of the text is hooked up to anything really.
4) Faster rom loading, and fixing SMD files to not leak memory.
5) New GUI

If we get to them here are other things we have planned:

1) fix sound subsystem.
2) state save to VMU.
3) sram support.
4) zipped rom support.
5) rominfo available in gui.
6) netplay of some sort.

As always, you can view the current set of bugs and enhancement requests at the sourceforge page

Click on 'Tracker' and then you can click on either 'Bugs' or 'Feature Requests'.

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DCFactory NesterDC themes
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 3:17

It's that time again, DCFactory news! Here's kRYPT_ with the report:


I've created a little web application to manage nester themes. There are currently 5 up for download, and you may use DCFactory to easily create a Nester disc, with your roms, and your theme of choice."

Three more themes made by Syngori have just been upped to kRYYT's site + a navigation bar which now has a search feature that displays results on more than 1 page.

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DC Stella update
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 3:02

SvOlli has updated the DC Stella site with news that the next release of his Atari 2600 emu should be out before the end of this month:

"Stay tuned, I'm almost through! The next release will be call V0.2. Only parts of the global config remain to be done. And in about one week after that release, I'll be releasing the source code. So if anyone wants to look why paddles won't work, he can do it. I'm writing my diploma thesis right now, during that period (after the release of the source code, of cause) the DCStella project will be put to rest. If anyone sends me patches I'll be including them, but I won't spend any time for "active coding". After my thesis is finished and I got my diploma, I'll be putting it back up with another try porting it to KOS. That will be sometime in summer.

Thanks to LyonHrt for the news.

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New build script
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 2:57

Stalin has updated his site with the following news:

"That's right kiddies. After a very very long time I have actually put something on this page. As of right now it is only yet another build script (yeah I know - like there isn't enough of them already). I was not overly fond of the way others worked so I composed my own. Just put it in a temporary directory and do ./build_script build to download and build the tool chain (you might want to edit the variables that the top of the script first though). Once you are satified with the results you can do ./build_script clean to clean up the mess. The script should also be fairly easy to use to update your tools - just change the version numbers at the top of the script and rerun."

Thanks to CV's, VGN's & hopefully very soon DC Evolution's main man, Wraggster, for the news.

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Monday, January 21, 2002

DC-Fight Selfboot Images
Posted by Syntex At 7:01

Syngori of Syngori's Dreamcast Covers has added a DJ and Nero self boot image for DC-Fight including a custom IP.Bin that can be downloaded and has also a nice cover for it.
If you just want the cover it is in the Game/Emu Covers section.

For the downloads you can visit Syngori's site HERE

Thanks to the beer master Fett for this news .

Comments (8)

New 3D Test Demo
Posted by Syntex At 6:40

Sam Steele has updated his site DreamZZT with news of a new version of his 3D Test Demo.

"Classes start again for me tomorrow, so I wanted to get something released for you all before I have to go back. Introducing the latest version of 3dtest! ( elf / bin / scrambled bin). This version features lighting, a moving character model, and some background music by crt0.
I'd like to thank crt0 for the music and lots of helpful input, and the DoomGL project for the doomguy model and skin. I'm still working on getting a source release ready, so hopefully that will be available soon."

To visit DreamZZT click here.

Thanks to Wraggster for informing me of the site update & c99Koder for telling Wraggster .

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Dreamcast Media Player v0.11 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 0:03

An updated version of Dreamcast Media Player has been released that fixes a bug that happened when trying to play certain DivX files. It can be downloaded from, you'll need a coders cable to be able to play it.

Thanks to Huma for the news.

By the way, for those that weren't sure about it, this DivX player is different from the PocketPC DivX port that is being talked about in this thread over at Project Mayo.

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Sunday, January 20, 2002

DC Fighting v0.1.5 released
Posted by ShockaDJ At 18:30

Jimbo has released another updated DC Fighting demo.

Here is the full update from Jimbo's web-site.

v0.1.5: relative rotation(dodging)this version introduces the concepts of rotation to the game. Some might call it a hack at this point: three rotations describe the fighting situation: the global rotation of the center line(b/w the 2 fighters), and each fighter's individual rotation about his own center. using this notation, a strafe counter-clockwise(from above) is equivalent to a clockwise rotation of the opponent. This rotation is reduced instantly to 0.0 upon input from the player; maybe that should me more smooth. The effect is that it is possible to sidestep completely around a player who does not turn to face you. Additionally, a float is kept to track the fighting_distance b/w fighters, and a float[2] to keep track of global displacement, which both players can modify by strafing(dpad).
The illusion is pretty good; check it out for yourself.

Lets see all what Jimbo can do to make this the best homebrew game in the future, I wish him all the best for this great demo!

Also he has burnable binary's available on his web-site, 3 screenshots courtesy of LyonHrt, source code, all available at his web-site.

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DivX DC media player demo
Posted by Syntex At 11:27

Today is a great day indeed, Dreamcast media player demo released (DivX only currently).

Here is what the author has to say:

"Originally, this was intended to be a test program for a PC media player. It plays only OpenDivX files with no sound, but the following decoders will be implemented (and optimized) soon:
Mpeg audio layer 123, AC3, OggVorbis, DivX (M****S*** DivX), Mpeg video 1&2. We have used various free source codes (OpenDivX, MpegLib, ...) to understand how each codec works but EACH CODEC HAS BEEN TOTALLY REWRITTEN, so don't ask for sources...
There are still some performance issues. Currently, only some routines have been optimized and the iDCT is not one of them. You can find some ASM routines (under GPL) with this demo, but the other routines are proprietary. Note that we give also the iDCT routine that we have begun to optimize in ASM, hoping that someone will help us to do it (this is the harder routine and we don't have much time to play with it currently)."

To download it go to the Official Site Here thanks once again to the Wraggster for this great news.

Comments (9)

DC Fighting Game v0.1.4 Released
Posted by Syntex At 11:16

Jimbo has released version 0.1.4 of his dreamcast fighting game.

improvements since v0.1.3:
v0.1.4: fighting state
refined the notion of fighting state to be more like a power level... denotes stamina when below 100 (a la hit points) and attack power when above 130; in between lie the parry, counter, block, move, stand states.
Each timestep changes fighting_state by 1 in the direction of their default state, which is set at the anchor time of each move executed. So player will spring back to default. Fighting state is also changed by move logic; i.e.attack/block, etc.

For full details & to download the newest version, check out DC Fighting Game

Thanks to the Wragg'man, Wraggster for the news.

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History of Video Games!
Posted by 007Cheater At 9:50

GameSpot seems to have a niec article on video games and the stories of all the people involved in the commotion. It is a bit hard to follow all the names and name changing and stuff, but once you get it down it all makes sense. Everything from Pong to violent games. Here is a quick sniplet from the article:

"Both Football and Space Invaders break all known sales records with almost equal earnings. However, Football's popularity fades with the end of the pro football season. Space Invaders' popularity continues, causing coin shortages in Japan and school truancy in America."
Check out the entire huge article here.

As for me posting lately, I think everyone workin on dcemu is doing a great job! :) (No this is not a good bye speach) I'd like to give a big thanks to Dr. Z and Syntex for doing such a GREAT JOB!! Thanks guys, and everyone else helping out!

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Saturday, January 19, 2002

ATani Software news
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 18:49

Jagboy has posted news over at the ATani Software site, a new coder is now helping out with DCGen & it's the one, the only, Lilmuckers! Of course, you all know Lilmuckers as a help forum mod here at DC Emu & he is also a mod at Console Vision. He also has his own site, Spider Console, which has a lot of DC emu selfbooting guides, everyone should give it a visit to get the sites hits up.

Congratulations Lilmuckers & we wish you luck with your programming endeavours.

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DCFactory v0.9.3 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 18:04

The new version of DCFactory has been released by kRYPT_ as promised, here are the changes that have been made to the program since 0.9.1:


- frnes selfboot v1.1g: thanks GreenTea
- mamed selfboot v0.5a: thanks Warmtoe
- news_atani v1.0: thanks Cyber Plague
- news_boob v1.0: thanks Cyber Plague
- dcmp3 selfboot v0.1: thanks Goatherder
- system: changed default 'hide installed scripts' to True
- gui: you can scroll through the news with keyboard now
- gui: closing the console unpushes the buttons
- system: dll loading better error handling
- system: hopefully got rid of that damned Continue/End dialog forever
- scripting: DCFactory.DownloadURL(Url, Localname, *Result) added
* Result will be: outerror (cant write to localname), dlerror (url is bad),
busy (something else in progress), done
- dcgen v1.1h: removed old version compatibility (< 0.4)
- dcgen v1.1h: more verbose about what it's doing when copying/unpacking roms


- smeg selfboot v1: thanks BoBo
- smeg selfboot v1.1: SMC? no, SMS! (thanks xemulate420x)
- gypplay selfboot v1: thanks BoBo
- gypplay selfboot v1.1: bugfix (thanks BoBo)
- nester v1.2: FDS support
- nester v1.2: themes support
- nester v1.2: numerous fixes and enhancements
- dcmp3 v0.2: added JPG support (thanks Goatherder)
- gui: specifying 'console' on the command line will cause console to pop-up before loading starts
- gui: when clicking on scripts, utils comes up instead of tools
- gui: can now use arrow keys to scroll through Tasks
- gui: scripts selection listbox now behaves just like news
- system: fixed script upgrading not working at all (ooops...)
- scripting: DCFactory.UnRar(FileName, TargetDir, *Result) added
* Result will either be 10 (success), or something else. Read the unrar.dll docs for more info.
- installer: now adds a DCF (Console) icon, for developers

You can grab yourself a copy of DCFactory v0.9.3 from

Comments (3)

DC Fighting v0.1.3 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 15:10

There's been a few more releases of this game since the last news post, it's now up to version 0.1.3.

Downloads can be found at the DCF homepage.

Comments (2)

Dreamcast Fighting Game v0.1.0 released
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 5:06

Dreamcast Fighting Game v0.1.0 has been released, more information about the game + downloads of the source & the bin/elf are available here. There are no selfbooting images of the game yet.

Thanks to CyRUS64 for the news.

Comments (3)

Friday, January 18, 2002

DCGen lives!
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 19:05

ATani has answered the prayers of all Megadrive/Genesis fans by restarting work on DCGen. Forum mod ShadowofBob has posted in this topic news of how ATani announced DCGen's resurrection over in Console Vision's IRC channel & ATani himself has also posted some news about it in the same topic & at his site:

"Yes you read that right.... After nearly 3 months of inactivity (read as punishment for the scene for some people pissing me off) DCgen is now back in development... If you have done any work on DCGen source and want to have it integrated into the central repository please email me with details....
As for bugs reports, please do not email me... Please instead file them on sourceforge:

Click on 'Bugs' and then read the bugs that are there now and if you dont see one then file a new bug there.. Please do not email about bugs and when they will get fixed... they will be fixed when they are fixed...

This is awesome news! Welcome back ATani!

Comments (15)

Thursday, January 17, 2002

DivX on Dreamcast update
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 16:39

gottahavit has again posted some info on the very promising DivX on Dreamcast project:

"Well, I have a decent reader now, which is capable of relatively smooth reading from the cd-rom over extended period of time so now I have two major steps left. The first is to at least attempt a port to KOS and evaluate performance there. The second is to then start to optimize the code whether in KOS or CE and see just how far I can take performance. currently I can sustain a pretty nice playback of 320X240 30fps 300kbps with 22khz audio played in fullscreen mode. At 400kbps it starts getting a bit jerky but is still watchable, however the disply routines are still unuptomized aside from the use of the YUV overlay.

beyond that of course is the need to be able to make bootable disks and hopefully the ability to do disk swapping.

He also made this request to someone with a good knowledge of KOS:

"if someone with a good background in KOS especially the video display routines, has the patience and is interested in helping me do the port this weekend please e-mail me, bare in mind I HATE the gcc toolset so I will probably not be a great student, but I will make the effort if you will."

Good luck to everyone involved with this project, it's sounding great already.

Comments (26)

DCFactory news...AGAIN!
Posted by Dr Zoidberg At 16:28

Yes, it's a hat trick of DCFactory posts! This time the Smeg script has been fixed, it now looks for .SMS roms instead of .SMC & a DreamPac script will hopefully be added once this problem that kRYPT_ described is fixed:

"I got sent a DreamPac script today, but I was forced to turn it down because it automatically downloaded the ROMs from somewhere. Hopefully, it will be re-written shortly to ask for individual ZIPs, and then it can be put up."

As long as no new problems arise, DCFactory 0.9.3 should be released this weekend, so if you have had problems with other selfboot programs in the past but would like to have your emus & roms on the same CD you might want to give the new version a try. As always, you can download it from

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