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SCO OpenServer from Caldera
OpenServer ™ is your powerful choice for small and medium business, departmental servers, and replicated site installations. Take advantage of OpenServer's proven stability, reliability, and compatibility.

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Caldera Volution Messaging Server is a secure, robust, and easy-to-use messaging server delivering superior application compatibility for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Caldera Volution Manager is a secure, web-based, systems management solution that reduces the cost of deploying and managing established versions of Linux and Caldera UNIX.

Volution Shows Promise -, Jan. 14, 2002

Caldera Open Sources AIM Benchmark under the GPL - NewsForge, Dec. 21, 2001

Caldera Showcases Volution Manager 1.1 Making Preview Publicly Available - Dec. 03, 2001

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