Blacklist of Internet Advertisers

Canter and Siegel acknowledge Blacklist's importance in interview:

                           "On the day
         the anti-advertising vandals can convince customers
               not to buy from Usenet advertisements,
               that is the day advertising will stop."


1. What is this?

This is the Blacklist of Internet Advertisers. It is intended to curb inappropriate advertising on usenet newsgroups and via junk e-mail. It works by describing offenders and their offensive behavior, expecting that people who read it will punish the offenders in one way or another.

The list is posted regularly to several newsgroups, stored on a number of FAQ archives around the world and the most recent version is always available on the WWW as Titus Brown ( is kind enough to operate a temporary mirror of the list in the US. It is updated daily and accessible as

If you read the non-html version and you don't know what to do with all the links given or what the WWW is or how to access it by email, send mail to with the text

  send usenet/news.answers/www/faq/*
in the body of the message.

Whenever you see a link of the form "BL/something" here, you can get a valid WWW address by prepending the string "" for the German version or "" for the US version of the list.

2. Who gets on the list, and for how long?

People and companies who were pointed out to me for sending out unsolicited commercial e-mail or posting inappropriate commercials to usenet newsgroups or mailing lists or who offer to help in doing same. I also monitor the newsgroups and

With "inappropriate commercials" I basically mean ads posted to unrelated newsgroups or mailing lists or to those which traditionally don't tolerate commercial messages. The number of complaints I receive is also a factor.

Everyone added to the blacklist gets notified so that they can correct possibly inaccurate information. As a general rule, people are taken off the list after 3 months unless they repeat their behaviour. Their entries are then moved to the archive at BL/archive.html for educational purposes. Note that the archive is not part of the blacklist as such.

3. What is the philosophy behind it?

In a nutshell: the Internet is probably as close to an anarchy as we can get. This is good. Therefore, punishing of unwelcome behavior should be done by private individuals, following the same grass roots philosophy that governs the rest of the net. Read more about it in BL/blacklist_philosophy.html.

4. Spam, Velveeta, ... what are you talking about?

Spam and Velveeta are two fine food products which, on the Internet, stand for certain unwelcome behaviors.

Spam has its own page on the WWW: featuring a spam contest and many comments. More appropriate for our purposes is the SpamCam, featuring a frequently updated picture of rotting spam at Spam was also the main ingredient in a hilarious Monty Python sketch: is the transcript and has some sound recordings and is the song.
On the Internet, spam stands for the posting of multiple copies of the same (or slightly altered) article to many Usenet newsgroups, without crossposting them. This means that the article will be transmitted to and stored on every Usenet host multiple times: once for every newsgroup involved. EMP (Excessive Multi-Posting) is a different name for the same thing. The word spam is also used for bulk email: sending the same message to many people at once who haven't asked for it. By looking at the above Monty Python sketch, try to figure out why the word "spam" was chosen.

The Velveeta home page is at
On the Internet, Velveeta means the excessive crossposting of an article to many newsgroups, and is also known as ECP. "Crossposting" means that physically only one copy of the article travels round the world, but it will show up in many newsgroups. Most of the time, most of these newsgroups have nothing to do with the topic of the article.

Spam is much worse than Velveeta (try it!). Recently, more and more mixtures of the two appeared: many copies of an article, each of which crossposted to a large number of newsgroups. Some call this "jello".

For the definite source of definitions for these terms (and also for a nice formula measuring the badness of jello), refer to the FAQ "Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines" at

For the purposes of this list, I won't make a distinction between spam, velveeta and jello - if the ad ends up in a wrong newsgroup, then it is by (my) definition inappropriate advertising and will be recorded. The worst of all is of course bulk email.

5. What can I do with the blacklist?

If you judge that one of the described behaviors deserves some punishment, you could for example do one of the following. (Note that some of these might be illegal in some jurisdictions. Check the books first and don't blame me.)

6. What if I wanted to punish YOU?

You can use some of the measures from question 5 against me. The buddies who love to hear about the progress of my work hide behind

If you want to do it right though, you'll have to start a Blacklist of Blacklist Maintainers.

Also, please keep the threats of legal action coming - you don't do it in vain: the most amusing ones are published as BL/threats.txt while flames go to BL/flames.txt

Moreover, all usenet postings concerning the Blacklist will have the word "Blacklist" somewhere in the subject line. Put it in your kill file and you won't have to hear about it ever again.

7. How about other ways of dealing with commercial junk?

Here are other things you can do, short of having put people on the blacklist:

8. Who doesn't belong on this blacklist?

As you might have guessed, one blacklist is too small for all the assholes of the world. On a completely unrelated matter: the Church of Scientology's war against Usenet has been nicely documented by Ron Newman at

Also, the common Get-Rich-Quick and Make-Money-Fast pyramid schemes don't belong on this list. They usually come from newbies who are scared to death by some 20 well-written flames, and I believe blacklisting them here would be too harsh a treatment. However, if you catch one of these idiots, you can make money fast. For details, read BL/idiots.txt. Legal information about money making pyramid schemes is available at BL/pyramid_legal.txt and also from the very comprehensive Make Money Fast Myth page at

A blacklist of Make-Money-Fast posters can be found at

If you are like me and fed up with real-world junk mail as well, check out the excellent Junkbusters pages at Especially take note of their cool information about 39 U.S.C section 4009 and the subsequent supreme court decision which allows U.S. citizens to issue prohibitory orders against junk mailers. I've tried it, and it works. Junkbusters also ship a free utility to get rid of advertising banners on the web.

9. How to advertise on the Internet?

My advice is: create your own WWW page and announce it to the net. Note that the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce does not accept commercial announcements any more, since it is operated by a volunteer. But you can find a twice-weekly FAQ titled "** FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site (Other Places) **" at This page also gives you information about how to get your page listed in the various WWW libraries, indexes and search engines. You can publish your WWW address in paid ads in the print media as well.

If you must advertise on usenet, then the biz.* and *.marketplace groups are for you (not all at once!). As a general rule, you should read every group for at least a week before you post anything there. This way, you can find out what the group is all about and whether commercials are appreciated there. Note that *.forsale groups were created to accommodate users who want to sell some personal stuff and not for commercial ads. Also: the *.marketplace groups in local hierarchies like ny.* are only for products that have a genuine connection to that area, e.g. New York; it is not sufficient that you hope that someone from New York might want to buy your product. For information about these advertising newsgroups check out the Usenet Marketplace FAQ at

Never send out unsolicited commercial e-mail to individuals or mailing lists. Bad things will happen to you. Some people will tell you otherwise, usually because they intend to make money off you.

Here is a list of documents describing the netiquette and how it relates to advertising:

10. What other blacklists are out there?

The concept originated with the blacklist operated by Pierre Beyssac <> who tries to keep the French usenet hierarchy fr.* clean of all commercials. It is written in French, posted regularly to the groups, and and available on the web as Comes with neat cost estimates for all the ads.

There's now a wonderful Blacklist of Internet Service Providers who are friendly to spammers. It's a realtime Blacklist, which means that an ISP is put on the list as soon as spam is received. What's more, it's easy to join a network of providers which completely ignore and drop all email traffic originating from these assholes. Patches for popular email transport software are available. It's called the Realtime Blackhole List at the Maile Abuse Protection System, This site contains valuable information for honorable ISP's as well. This looks very much like the technical solution to email spam we have been waiting for so desparately.

A very comprehensive Blacklist of current email spammers ready for use in email blocking software is at

The Spam Archive at has a huge list of past spamming email addresses. You can also forward received spam to them and they'll include it in their list.

The Anti-Spam Project at is specifically targetted at junk email. It has a list of domains that send out junk email and a mail filter program ("BlackMail") that sysadmins can install to refuse all email from those sites, or filter incoming mail based on other criteria. BlackMail can also be used to prohibit outgoing spam from your domain. There's also a mailing list for discussion of spam fighting that you can join.

Adam Frey maintains the FAQ for the australian ads usenet hierarchy at with a Blacklist section at the end.

Eric Bernabe <> maintains a Make-Money-Fast page which contains a blacklist-like section. It is at

Monica Cellio <> has a list of all people who have spammed her at

Sarang Gupta <> keeps a list of spammers and several good suggestions about what to do with them at

The Eddy's keep a list of people or sites that spammed them, and block further emails from them. It's at

Sisyphus6 <> maintains a hilarious "MMF Hall of Humilation" at where spammers are exposed in an hilarious manner. You want your name and address to be visible forever to anyone with access to a search engine? Boy have I news for you! The same site hosts a database of Make-Money-Fast crap at

Neil Schwartzman <> maintains a list of junk mail with a ready-to-use procmail file that filters them out of your mailbox. It's at

Then there is a Lamer List at put together by Michael Red Rain <>. It contains the email addresses of people that posted "ADD ME TOO!!" articles.

The GIGO Game at contains a blacklist of junk emailers. It is put together by Mark Paschal <>.

Robert Braver maintains a cool Telemarketer's Hall of Shame, complete with their home phone numbers :-), at

The "Fight Spam Page" at featured a list of rogue domains and sites that allow spamming (discontinued because of legal threats). It's also a great resource for spam fighting efforts, contains a list of responsible ISPs, and is much more actively maintained than this Blacklist, and you can even sign something and join the campaign!

Last but not least, our warm and heartfelt thanks go out to Mr. Vladimir Fomin for compiling the Blacklist of Net.Nazis and Sandlot Bullies BL/net_nazis.html and to Dr John Grubor for taking the time to assemble the well researched list of Usenet Homosexuals BL/queer_list.html. Two outstanding pieces of research; the large overlap between these lists is evidence of a deep and intriguing and hitherto unnoticed statistical truth. I am particularly honored to be featured on both lists. Please check out the credentials of Dr Grubor at

11. How can I help?

12. How to give feedback?

I have set up some space on the web where you can leave your comments or read and respond to other people's remarks regarding the Blacklist. It's at

Please don't use that site to complain about specific advertisers.

13. The Blacklist in itself

I have formatted it in such a way that automatic processing becomes easy. Every entry can contain some or all of the fields ID, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Entered, Changed, Behavior, Remarks in this order. A line starting with whitespace is a continuation of the preceding line. Several Names, e-mail addresses etc. are separated by commas and optional whitespace. Blank lines separate the entries. Every entry has a unique ID so that your program can decide whether it has processed that entry before when a new list arrives. Furthermore, the original offensive article is accessible as<ID>.txt where the true ID is to be substituted for <ID> (or by just clicking on the ID if you read the HTML version of this document).
===Blacklist start===

ID:       CS941211
Name:     L. Canter, M. Siegel
Address:  3333 East Camelback Road, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ 85260, USA
          Cybersell, P.O.Box 13510, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, USA
          Cybersell, 10245 E. Via Linda, Suite 222, Scottsdale,
          AZ 85258, USA
Phone:    (602) 661-3911, (602) 661-5202
Email:    73450.3565@CompuServe.COM
Entered:  1994/12/11
Changed:  1997/01/15
Behavior: The famous greencard lawyers. In 1994, they repeatedly sent
          out a message offering their services in helping to enter
          the US greencard lottery to almost all usenet newsgroups.
          (Note in passing: they charged $100 for their service, while
          participating in the greencard lottery is free and consists
          merely of sending a letter with your personal information at
          the right time to the right place.) When the incoming mail
          bombs forced their access provider to terminate their
          account, they threatened to sue him until he finally agreed
          to forward all responses to them. Read all about it with gopher
 in Authors, Books.../Online Zines.
          They signed an agreement with their access provider, PSI, to
          refrain from sending out junk e-mail or spamming usenet.
          Nevertheless, they have repeatedly spammed usenet again,
          although the postings were quickly found and canceled by
          the cancelbot Cancelmoose[tm]. PSI has cut their USENET
          access.  They have since written a book, "How to Make a
          Fortune on the Information Superhighway" and founded an
          internet advertising company, Cybersell. The book promotes
          several advertising strategies on the internet including
          gathering addresses from usenet and sending out junk e-mail,
          posting commercials to inappropriate newsgroups, advertising
          on irc and even via talk. They basically contend that all
          these behaviors are legal and therefore ok.  They ridicule
          the terms "internet culture" and "netiquette" and claim that
          the internet, once all real-world laws are applied to it,
          will make a great source of income for attorneys.  Canter
          & Siegel were behind the grand Credit Repair Spam 
          and the Virtualmall spam. This finally forced their service
          provider,, to cut them off completely as of 1995/02/12.
          Update: At 1995/03/01, apparently
          acquired a new feed from sprint (800-669-8303). However,
          they can't be reached with ping yet. Sprint apparently has
          decided against providing access to them.
          On 1995/03/22, they spammed usenet again, this time with an
          ad for their book. A couple of interesting things to note
          about this one:
            - They spammed from two accounts, one on netcom and one on
              crl. The accounts have been nuked.
            - They put certain usenet hosts in the path line, so that
              their spam wouldn't reach these hosts, thereby trying
              to avoid the spam cancelers. To no avail, of course.
            - They systematically varied From and Subject headers, again
              hoping to avoid being canceled.
            - They forged Approved-headers, so that their ad appeared
              in several moderated newsgroups.
            - The spam spilled into several mailing lists, prompting
              the following anti-spamming policy from the Debian
              mailing list: BL/debian.txt.
          The Water Spam, also orchestrated by C&S, shows similar
Remarks:  Don't bug the owners of; they were the access
          providers for (and hence victims of) C&S during their
          first spam and acquired the domain name cybersell
          immediately - very much in the spirit of creative punishment
          :-) It appears though that that C&S now (1997/01/15)
          owns after all.

ID:       AD941223
Name:     Jess Guim, Advanz Home Office Companion
Address:  319 East 95th Street, Dept. 2, New York, NY 10128-5761, USA
Entered:  1994/12/23
Changed:  1995/01/21
Behavior: Posted their ads about desktop publishing to several
          Advertises his tool for creating e-mail lists of potential
          customers via unsolicited e-mail. When complaining to him,
          he sends even more information about his program.
Remarks:  He claims to give a 30 days money-back guarantee on his

ID:       TM941223
Name:     TMI
Phone:    voice: 408-429-5400, fax: 408-429-6100
Entered:  1994/12/23
Changed:  1995/01/21
Behavior: Spammed the soc.culture hierarchy with ads for discount
          telephone service. Repeated it even after having been
          They recently tried to find out Cancelmoose[tm]'s spam
          criteria by posting a sequence of low-volume spams, which
          were classified as part of one big spam and hence canceled.
Remarks:  They have now their own domain,, but continue to use
          the newsserver of

ID:       KL950105
Name:     Kevin Jay Lipsitz a.k.a. Krazy Kevin, Magazine Club Inquiry
Address:  350 Richmond Terrace #5-P, Staten Island, NY 10301
          PO Box 990, Staten Island, NY 10312
Phone:    718-967-1234, 718-967-1550 (fax),
          718-967-1144 (fax), 800-433-1357

Entered:  1995/01/05
Changed:  1997/01/15
Behavior: Spammed almost the whole usenet repeatedly with anonymous
          ads (Hi, my name is Anne Nelson...") for a long distance
          calling plan. He was warned by the admin of the anon server,
          then lost his account there and did it again with a new
          account.  He told me on the phone that a company called Card
          Call USA, INC.  6232 N. 7th ST. #109 Phoenix, AZ 85014
          Phone: 602-264-7000 Fax: 602-266-0687 uses a pyramid-like
          promotion scheme where every customer gets a commission for
          each new customer they bring and in turn for each new
          customer these new ones bring and so on up to level 7.
          Kevin Lipsitz is a customer of Card Call USA and tries to
          bring new customers to get these commissions.  His using the
          anon server is evidence enough that he knew that he was
          doing something wrong.  Incidentally, he sent me the
          membership application for CC USA. Point #6 of the contract,
          which Kevin most probably signed, reads: "6. I agree to
          operate in a lawful, ethical, and moral manner and to do
          nothing that will adversely reflect upon CCUSAI, its clients
          or its other Independent Sales Representatives. I understand
          that any act deemed by CCUSAI to be detrimental to CCUSAI,
          in any manner, is grounds for the termination of my status
          as Independent Sales Representative and all corresponding
          commissions."  As of 1995/02/20, he uses the new e-mail
          address at  On 1995/02/26, he anon-spammed
          again, this time advertising his magazine club.  It occurred
          again on 1995/03/04.  He is also the source of the
          ubiquitous and persistent "===>> World's *Cheapest*
          Way to get USA Magazine Subscriptions..."  postings and
          email list spams. The return address of these is often a FAX
          server. If you see a line "Hi, my name is <insert favorite
          female>", then it's from him. There have been complaints
          that he doesn't deliver all ordered magazines.
          Still spamming mailing lists as of 1996/04/30. Now uses
          throwaway AOL accounts.
          Has received a court order to stop using AOL addresses in
          summer 96.
Remarks:  I tracked him down by answering to one of his ads using an
          old e-mail address, to which he promptly responded.  The
          second time, I responded again to his anon ad, and he
          apparently recognized me and tried to harass me over the
          phone. Next was a truly pathetic first attempt at
          mailbombing. [Kevin, next time pick an ftpmail service
          without per day traffic limits, jeeez] His account on
 is no more.  An excellent analysis of one of his
          recent postings and lots of personal information about him
          is at BL/kl_info.txt Recently,
          several articles about him, including cancel reports, have
          been canceled from  As of
          1996/05/01, he owns his own domain; internet access
          is provided by and Complaints
          should properly go to, the administrator of
 and, the coordinator of
          connect2. is unresponsive; access is provided by
 Mail to is pointless since this is
          Kevin himself.  His 1-800 number reaches him, even though he
          usually comes up with some bogus denial. Recently, an
          analysis of one of his email list assaults has been posted
          The National Fraud Information Center is collecting
          information about him; read BL/kk_fraud.txt and
          If you feel that
          some of his activities are criminal (involving fraud,
          harassment or theft of services, for example), you might
          wish to send a succinct letter to
              Supervisory Agent Robert E. Schlabach
              1 Center Plaza, Suite 600
              Boston, MA 02108

ID:       KK950105
Name:     Kim Kerns, Applied Information Technologies, Inc.
Address:  POB 2634, Midlothian, VA 23113, USA
Phone:    704-559-5988, 800-576-5146, 804-378-8050
Entered:  1995/01/05
Changed:  1995/01/09
Behavior: Spammed many newsgroups with a long distance calling plan. Varied
          subject lines, posting sites and exact text, apparently to avoid
          The company selling the phone service is Applied Information
          Technologies, Inc., POB 2634, Midlothian, Va. 23113. This company
          employs a promotion scheme offering commission to every customer
          for each call people sponsored by them make.
          After being blacklisted and notified about it, he did it again
Remarks:  Note the 1-800 number. He doesn't seem to own vnet, so you
          can put pressure on his postmaster.

ID:       CY950121
Name:     Cybergear
Address:  2770 St. Albans NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720, USA
Entered:  1995/01/21
Changed:  1995/10/30
Behavior: Posted their ad for t-shirts to at least 30 unrelated
          newsgroups, sometimes changing the subject to avoid
          canceling and to make the postings technically on-topic.
          Did it again on 95/02/05. And again in May.

ID:       BO950212
Name:     Stuart Bar-On, Parallel Performance Group, Meridian Marketing
Address:  450 Jordan Rd., Suite E, Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
Phone:    (520) 282-6300 (voice), (520) 774-0896 (fax)

Entered:  1995/02/12
Changed:  1997/03/02
Behavior: Engage in a large-scale ongoing junk e-mail assault.
          Sent out unsolicited e-mail ads to postmasters, who were
          supposed to forward it to their "Marketing Directors". They
          got the addresses from InternNIC's list of registered domain
          In addition, they gathered e-mail addresses from usenet
          postings and sent unsolicited commercial e-mail to those.
          A new junk e-mail wave occurred around 1995/02/28. This time from
 I suspect that they scan usenet postings for
          certain Organization-lines in the header.
          They are still at it as of 1996/06/01.
Remarks:  Their mail-bots and WWW pages are maintained by
 In addition, the domain name is owned
          by Bar-On but is nothing but a bunch of mailboxes on

          The domain, also owned by Bar-On, contains only a
          couple of mail-bots residing on
          Recently, they have been operating from and
 is also owned by Stuart Bar-On for spam
ID:       CL950228
Name:     Cyberlink Inc. and various agents
Address:  5855 Topanga Canyon Blvd., #520, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, USA
Phone:    818-702-0456 (fax), 216-461-1770 (fax), 216-231-2857 (voice)
          800-266-2006 (voice)
Email:    mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu, MRN@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU,
Entered:  1995/02/28
Behavior: Persistent, slow spam of soc.culture.* groups, advertising
          some long distance plan. Apparently, Cyberlink pays 
          commissions to agents who brings new customers, and several
          of their agents spam. It's unclear whether Cyberlink is
          aware of that. They need to change their rules.
Remarks: seems to be an automatic mail-back

ID:       WC950415
Name:     WWCD Inc., Steve Schall
Phone:    (410) 581-1110
Entered:  1995/04/15  
Behavior: Repeatedly posted announcements of their WWW server on a
          large number of sports related newsgroups. Respond to
          complaints with flames. Put at least 41 links to their
          server on The-Mother-of-all BBS at

Remarks:  Access provider is

ID:       JS951030       
Name:     Jeff Allen Slaton, a.k.a. SpAmKiNg
Address:  6808 Truchas Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone:    (505) 821.1945 (fax/data modem)
Entered:  1995/10/30
Behavior: Persistent and large scale email and usenet spam. Sometimes
          wants $5 for taking someone off his mailing list. His
          messages usually contain ads for other businesses, but
          sometimes also illegal money making pyramid schemes. Always
          uses fake From lines, sometimes in order to punish past
          access providers. He announced that he would get a T1
          internet connection through MCI in order to annoy them; MCI
          has publicly stated that they won't give access to him. Some
          articles on criticizing him have
          been canceled by an anonymous party.
Remarks:  A web page containing personal information complete with
          Social Security Number, photo, phone number of his employer,
          and much more is at
          Some more information about where he lives is at
          Please complain to the businesses advertising on his mass
          mailings and boycott them. He is probably connected to the
          net through a SLIP or PPP connection provided by InterRamp;
          they are unresponsive and owned by PSI.
          Contacting the Better Business Bureau about Slaton does not
          make sense since they don't deal with Internet
          cases. However, when it was suggested that the FTC be
          contacted about Slaton's activities, he became *very* pissed
          off. The New Mexico Attorney Genernal is investigating
          Slaton's practices as well.

ID:       PD951030       
Name:     Prime Data WorldNet E!Mail, Computer Enterprises, Vernon Hale
Address:  1132 Richards Rd, Bowling Green, Ky 42104, USA
Phone:    (502)529-9106 (fax), (502)529-9304 (voice)

Entered:  1995/10/30
Changed:  1996/2/27
Behavior: Send out junk email newsletters with third party ads on
          them. Some people received the newsletter again even after
          having asked to be removed. 
Remarks:  Please complain also to the individual advertisers listed.
          They have already lost an account on because of
          complaints. In the past, they have used to inject
          the messages.  They also maintain accounts on
 The admins of both and
          don't see anything wrong with junk email and won't remove his
          account. Has recently (2/96) changed his business strategy
          to selling email spamming software by spamming usenet. 

ID:       IS960227       
Name:     Sunset Direct, Doug Monahan
Address:  9390 Research Blvd.  Kaleido 2 Suite 350, Austin, TX 78759
Phone:    (512) 464-8500

Entered:  1996/02/28
Behavior: Large scale, repeated, world-wide email spam advertising
          their web site. Email addresses were obtained from usenet
          postings. Mailing lists and usenet groups were hit as
          well. Some of their messages contained fake return
Remarks:  Please inform the companies working with Sunset Direct (as
          featured on their site about
          Sunset Direct's marketing attempts. If they refuse to stop
          sponsoring Sunset Direct, they should be boycotted as
          well. Network connection is provided by A
          publicly posted statement from Dough Monahan is available as
          BL/monahan.txt and an emailed threat is at BL/monahan_threat.txt.
          Apparently, he sends out lots of those. 

ID:       PE960301
Name:     Promo Enterprises a.k.a. Cyber Promotions, Sanford Wallace
Address:  8001 Castor Ave., Suite #127, Philadelphia, PA 19152
          1255 Passmore St, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Phone:    800-650-9110 (phone),  (215) 289-4610 (phone), 800-650-9230 (fax),
          215-288-9230 (fax), 215-743-3750 (fax), 215-288-9110 (phone),
          215-628-9780 (phone)
Entered:  1996/03/01
Changed:  1997/09/23
Behavior: Repeatedly sent out unsolicited junk email containing an
          amazing number of scams. Preferably targets online services;
          sometimes uses fake return addresses. The domains
,, are also owned by Wallace.
          The matter brought against them by ReplyNet was settled out
          of court.
          Have registered a large number of internet domains
          Sometimes they spam by directly telneting to other ISP's
          smtp ports. In the case of, they have been
          sued and lost.
          They try to use different servers for different services
          (email, usenet, www, nameserver) so as to make it harder to
          cut them off.
Remarks:  Mr Wallace has made his philosophy clear in a couple of
          articles; read BL/wallace.txt. He
          claims to only send his junk to people who have posted
          commercial ads on the WWW or usenet, which is patently
          false.  A major war is going on between Wallace and AOL; AOL
          blocked all junk from Wallace and Wallace sued. A judge
          ordered the blocking to stop but was overturned. They
          reached an agreement where AOL is allowed to block junk from
          all users who don't specifically request it.
          An Ohio judge in the Compuserve suit against Wallace called
          his junk mailing "trespassing on private property" and
          prohibited it. Updates about this case are at

          Prodigy won a suit against a Wallace banning him from using
          Prodigy to spam.
          The likely main feed provider for Cyberpromo is,
          which has been unresponsive to complaints and condones email
          spamming. For more information about Cyberpromo and Agis,
          you can visit
          Cyberpromo was kicked off as of 20-Sep-1997.
          In March 1998, Wallace lost a 2 Million Dollar lawsuit and
          decided to leave the spamming business for good.
          Wallace was previously in the junk fax business, until that
          was outlawed.

===Blacklist end===

Last changed: 10-Jan-2002
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You can do with it whatever you want, unless you are blacklisted here.