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Two Privacy Protection Models
Big Brother on the way, Court upholds DPPA
The Bizarre Megiddo Connections
Ruston High drops SSNs from Student ID
Alabama SSN/Driver License Suit - Aug. 99

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Big Brother, Small Packages - WorldNetDaily -1/9/00
Money withheld for national ID cards - WND - 10/23/98
Big Brother Banks? - WND - 11/23/99
Government use of Biometrics - Government Technology - 6/1/98

Visit Larry Becraft's " Dixieland Law Journal " web site
See also C.A.S.P.I.A.N. , the grocery store loyalty card program site

Banks propose Know Your Customer program
Secret Service Aided Driver's License Photo Database
GAO Report on uses and misuses of social security numbers

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The New "National ID" Standards!
To a Cashless Society!
Smart Cards, Electronic Monitoring, Limitations on Cash Withdrawals...
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