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First Event Attracts More Than 200 Authors, Consultants, Trainers and Tool and Component Vendors

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- March 24, 2000 -- Inprise/Borland (Nasdaq:INPR) this week hosted more than 200 third-party authors, consultants, trainers and tool and component vendors for the first in a series of worldwide events designed to prepare third party products and services for Kylix. Also participating were leading Linux distributors including MandrakeSoft, TurboLinux, Corel, Caldera and SuSE. Announced in September 1999, Project Kylix will be a high performance Linux rapid application development environment that will support Delphi, C and C++.

"The same way that RAD tools, like Delphi and Visual Basic, set off an explosion of applications for Windows in the mid-90s, Kylix is planned to set off the next wave of mass Linux adoption," said Dale Fuller, interim president and CEO, Inprise/Borland. "There are millions of developers worldwide that are waiting for Kylix. This week's successful event is the beginning of our campaign to build the corporate infrastructure and a mass-market product and support network for Linux application development."
"Application availability is the next step required for the rapid adoption of Linux," said Daniel Morales, CEO of US operations for MandrakeSoft, distributors of the Linux-Mandrakeā„¢ operating system. "From this event, Kylix is clearly generating enthusiasm for Linux in the third party development community. That's exciting!"

About the Kylix project
The Kylix project is planned to be the first high-performance Rapid Application Development (RAD) development tool for the Linux platform. The Kylix project is a component-based development environment for two-way visual development of GUI (graphical user interface), Internet, database and server applications. Kylix will be powered by a new high-speed native Delphi/C/C++ compiler for Linux and will implement a native Linux version of the Borland VCL (Visual Component Library) architecture. The Borland VCL for Linux is designed to radically speed native Linux application development and simplify the porting of Delphi and C++Builder applications between Windows and Linux.

About Inprise/Borland Corporation
Inprise/Borland is a leading provider of Internet access infrastructure and application development tool and services for all major platforms, including Linux, Solaris and Windows. In February, Inprise/Borland agreed to merge with Corel Corporation. This merger, which is subject to the approval of both parties' shareholders and regulatory approval, is expected to be completed in the summer. Founded in 1983, Inprise/Borland is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Inprise/Borland at, the community site at call the company at (800) 632-2864.

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