All Ads, All The Time, Just Not Right Now

Just Choose It Later. has enjoyed a successful life as a leader in the area of archiving television and radio advertising and related information for both consumers and the advertising industry. Our business, although strong, has been unable to weather the current economic realities besieging the United States today. The short answer: we became so popular so fast that we couldn't stay afloat!

We thank you for your continued support of, and hope that we will be back in full swing someday soon.

Interested in helping out? You could always just send us some money... or send your condolences.

Technically, the economic winds changed for the online world very quickly, and caused us to have to change our business plan to match those changes. The development lead time of those new changes, coupled with a lack of resources to develop our research facilities to their full potential, put us in a position where we simply could not continue our operations without outside funding. We still believe that our business model will work; it will just have to work for someone else, as our timing was not ideal. We'll work on that.

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