Einstein was working on a Unified Field Theory. But times are wierd. This doc is a first draft of a Fairly Unified Conspiracy Theory or `FUCT`.

We believe in an Earth that is not only hollow but ALSO flat, AND geocentric. Things seem largely to be controlled by C.A.N.T. - an alliance of CIA, Aliens, Nazis and Templars, who have a concealed base on the Moon. The Apollo projects were clearly fakes designed to divert suspicion - we never went to the Moon (which in fact is artificial) - instead we went inside the Earth. (There was a secret mission to Mars but this was supressed when the `Alien Sphinx` was discovered there.)

Cattle mutilation is a technique CANT use in the Satanic abuse rituals that fuel their subliminal microwave psychic TV remote mind control of the Earth`s population. The peculiarly intense Orgone-like energy released by these horrific bovine sacrifices is probably their main source of power.

As described in the Vatican-supressed Dead Sea Scrolls, the Necronomicon, and also ancient Sumerian writings, the only defence against their mind control techniques is to ingest large quantities of `magic` mushrooms (and/or other psychoactive materials), dance to the music and hope for the best. Jesus was a hed and knew this. Paul was a CANT revisionist agent who sanitised the Gospel and removed any `shroom references. As part of their long-term strategy to take over the world, the CANTs have now wiped out traditional use of psychedelics because they aid resistance to remote mind CANTrol; also dance music is soon to be made illegal: a bogus study will announce that bass frequencies especially when used in series of repetitive beats cause serious brain damage.

The CANTs triumph is nearly complete, needing only the forced global introduction of individual Brussels Electronic Asset System Transfer ID-666 barcode implants containing total data about each person (see Revelations). Once this is achieved, all humans will be rounded up conveniently labeled for use as seed pods by the Aliens, whilst the CIA/Nazis/Templars will clone themselves and repopulate the cleansed Lebensraum of the planet with 100% Aryan vigour. Experiments with these processes on Abductees have clearly been underway for some years and EZCloneŞ technology is now mature.

One thing is certain: this Illuminati of Grey Mason Kennedy Mutilators must be stopped, if possible before the imminent End of the World. What were U doing when they tried to make us all into seedpods...?