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Rating: G
Length: 44kb
Synopsis: Ben and young Adam forced by an unexpected snow storm, must halt their journey west. Only then does Ben realize he almost missed Christmas.

Touched By An Angel
Rating: G
Length: 29kb
Synopsis: Little Joe has disappeared once again. Desperate, Ben calls for help, it comes in a form he never expects.

The Last Dance
Rating: G
Length: 11kb
Synopsis: A short story, only four pages, that deals with a last request, the four Cartwrights, and to use the phrase out of context, "Going gently into the good night."

A Problem With Engineering
Rating: G
Length: 79kb
Synopsis: Winter in the high Sierras can be harsh, one of the most difficult aspects being the removal of deep snows that come often and heavy. The constant need to clear the area around the house, barn and other out buildings was exhausting and very time consuming. Thus, a teenage Adam with the unintentional inspiration of his new, young, enthusiastic, if unaware teacher, devised what he envisioned as the perfect method for quick removal of all the snow, alleviating the need for shoveling every few days. The story chronicles the result from a recent history lesson gone awry.

Harbor Lights
Rating: G
Length: 108kb
Synopsis: On a Business trip to San Francisco Ben finds himself haunted by the harbor lights-until a turn of events brings them into focus, and in doing so remind him how much of himself there is in his sons.

A Hot Summer Night
Rating: G
Length: 22kb
Synopsis: While on their journey west, an innocent and delightful distraction leads to a night of terror for Ben and danger for three and a half year old Adam.

Rating: G
Length: 63kb
Synopsis: Adam opts to stay home with his baby brother and finds time to reflect on his feelings for his family while sharing the magic of summer.

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