Installing An AGR Steering System With Extra Tricks

This project was embarked apon due to the fact that my factory pump shaft had about 1/4" Play in it. The seal on the gear box output shaft was leaking so bad that I was losing about a pint of fluid a week. I figured since I only wanted to do this once, I had better to it right. I called AGR Performance Steering. They make the best. I also plan to add a MileMarker hydraulic winch.

The pump puts out 3.4 GPM @1500 PSI. That is about twice as much flow as a factory pump at that pressure. The pump and box both use high temp Viton seals and the best bearings avaliable. The pump is ported out and the impellers are modified. The box containes many mods that allow for tires over 35" tall. I installed a Magnafine filter that goes inline of the return hose. It is a normal filter with a magnet inside. There is also a safety bypass incase the filter clogs up. I topped the whole thing off with a cooler.

Here is the new AGR gear box. The rest of the parts list consists of:

AGR Performance Pump,
Magnafine Inline Filter,
Summit Racing 6 Row Cooler,
Fabricated fitting for Return,
The New AGR Gearbox.
The New AGR Pump Mounted Here is the new AGR Pump mounted on the brackets. The pully has to be pressed off the old pump and used on the new one. It came with the new reservior, but you have to supply a cap and hoses.
The new box mounts easily. I did not install all of the plastic covers back on. There are three bolts that hold it on. The heads are on the outside of the frame rail and thread directly into the box mounting ears. You will need to reuse your Pitman arm. The New AGR Gear Box Mounted
The Fabricated Fitting The fitting for the return line on the box is metric. I couldn't find one and had to make it. I cut the fitting off the origional steel return/cooler line about 1" up the pipe. I then flared the pipe end to make a barb for the new return hose and cleaned it up with a wire brush.
I prepped the core support and mounted the cooler with special zip ties like used with electric fans. I spaced the cooler away from the core support with nuts and ran the hoses under the radiator. I only mounted three of the four corners of the cooler as one hangs out in the radiator hole. The Summit 6 Row Cooler Mounted
The End Result Here, everything is mounted and the hoses are routed. You must use this brand of Fluid. I also rebuilt my steering shaft and that story can be found in the Misc. Section. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the Magnafine filter attached to the core support in front of the pump and at the bottom of the radiator.

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