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The Arctic Studies Center is dedicated to the study of Arctic peoples, cultures and environments.


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Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga VIKINGS: The North Atlantic Saga
Wander through this new exhibit and examine artifacts to learn how new research has brought better understanding of the Viking Age. View a Viking ship in vivid 3D, or watch a movie of Viking ships at sea; like the exhibit, the website's content entertains while it educates, challenging a visitor's stereotypes about the Vikings both in Europe and North America.
Yup'ik mask Agayuliyararput: Our Way of Making Prayer is the first exhibit of Yup'ik material presented by a collaboration of native Alaskan people, researchers and museum professionals. View this special slide show presentation of Yup'ik Masks with commentary, video and audio, online.
Crossroads of ContinentsExplore Crossroads of Continents. This virtual exhibit highlights the fascinating cultures of the North Pacific Rim. Travel through the Hall of the Peoples, into the exhibit of Siberian and Alaskan Masking Traditions, and on into our newest room, the 2000 year old Tomb of a Siberian Shaman.
Alutiiq Dance Wearing masks and beautiful ceremonial dress, men and women danced their parts in the rituals, accompanied by the beat of skin drums, bird beak rattles, and piercing whistles that called the spirits to the dance house for the Alutiiq Dance. Learn about the dance and look at the traditional objects in the Fisher Collection.
Vikings The year 2000 brings with it the millennial anniversary of the Viking Crossing into the New World. Keep up with our research updates as the Arctic Studies Center, the Museum of Natural History and other institutions celebrate the Viking Journeys with many events, exhibitions and publications.
skull A 9,000 year old skeleton found near Kennewick, Washington may radically change our theories about the peopling of the New World. Northern Clans, Northern Traces chronicles these new developments in Paleo Archeology and brings the ancient circumpolar world into focus.
Polar Bear Play Polar Pairs! A new Java game tests your memory and gives fun facts about Arctic animals. Then learn about these cold weather friends in the Arctic Wildlife Portfolio. Walrus, Puffin, Reindeer, Bald Eagle, Beluga Whale and more.

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